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Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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LAMP the famous acronym of the technologies Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python is one of the popular-most solution stacks used in many prominent web- applications. Every letter in the acronym represents its four open-source building blocks. Linux is the Operating system; Apache the HTTP Server: MySQL being the relational database management system and PHP/ Perl/ Python the programming language. These components are included in most of the software repositories of Linux distributions. Today’s LAMP however is a generic software stack model with highly interchangeable components.

LAMP is unarguably one of the most used stack content management systems, however, it is not the only one. LAMP has been the populist of all the CMS. Along with being cost advantageous, being open source, it also comes with a robust assortment of low-cost hosting and a pre-existing pool of developers. The entry barriers are low, making it an attractive choice for hobbyists, small to medium-sized enterprises, and developers in general. It is however the choice for small to medium-sized deployments. For the robust applications and higher-level functionality, and for enterprise-level clients JAVA based and .NET based content management systems are more lucrative.

LAMP is often described as simple, stable and powerful, making a worthwhile addition to a developer’s resume. It can be used for building both front ends as well as back end applications and web services. It incidentally is the mainstream programming language preferred by over 240 million websites. LAMP is the ideal choice for businesses interested in

  • Fast time to market
  • Low maintenance
  • cost Easy access to a pool of software specialists

Many free and open-source software packages can be combined with the LAMP bundle. These are:

  • diagrams by RRDtool
  • monitoring by Cacti, Collected or Nagios
  • netsniff-ng for security testing and hardening
  • Snort the IDS or Intrusion detection system and IPS the Intrusion Prevention System.

Components of LAMP

As we all know LAMP is made of four different software components. Here is a note on the individual components:

Linux: Linux operating system finds its usage in the vast fields of supercomputers, cars, home appliances, enterprise servers, televisions, home desktops, and more. Practically everywhere! The development and distribution of Linux software – the UNIX like computer operating system - is free and open-source. This being only a miniscule part of its popularity. It runs almost the entire internet, all 500 supercomputers, and all of the stock exchanges worldwide. The Big three – Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, three of the most widely distributed open-source web applications run on LAMP. The world’s maximum Linux distributions provide entire LAMP setups along with their packages. The reason LAMP riding on Linux’s back is its reliability, security, and worry-free operating systems

Apache: The traditional web -server of LAMP, Apache, is THE most favoured web server in service on the public internet domain. In June 2014 a study estimated Apache to serve 52.27% of all active websites. Apache is also open-source software. The core functionality of Apache is extended by the implemented compiled modules and a host of features supported by it. The features range from authentication to server-sided programming languages.

MySQL and database alternatives: MySQL was the original relational database management system for LAMP, now replaced by others like MariaDB, PostgreSQL etc. Acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008, and again by Oracle Corporation two years later, MySQL is a SQL database management system that is multi-threaded, and multi-user. Early on MySQL team made its source code publically available under GNU General Public Licence and other propriety agreements.

PHP and alternatives: PHP in being LAMP's application programming language like Perl and Python. PHP plays dual roles as a server-side scripting language used in web development and as a general-purpose programming language. The PHP code is interpreted by a web server via PHP processors. Modules interpret the PHP code through a web server and generate the required web page. For creating a dynamic webpage, developers use PHP open-source scripting language along with Apache. HTML is not an advisable choice for performing dynamic processes like pulling data from a database. PHP codes come in handy in such cases. PHP makes programming easier and also allows you to experiment by writing your codes. The result appears in a flash as you hit refresh.

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Industry Demands

High industry demands ascertain that the LAMP developers are in huge demand. Both the front–end developers as well as the back end developers find job requirements frequently. The job requirements for the LAMP developers have the following Job highlights:

Job Highlights

  • Demonstrated ability to handle robust database design and development
  • Candidate requirements: Proven proficiency with LAMP architecture, Data Structure, and Design Patterns

Job Responsibilities

  • Proven experience working with Lamp Stack/PHP code
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Magento and WordPress is preferred
  • Involvement at the project level in requirement analysis, design and development
  • Deep knowledge of using Ajax calls for sending form data to restful API
  • Experienced in CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, J-query Mobile, Bootstrap
  • Design, population, updating & editing of relational databases and RDBMS like SQL, MySql.
  • Experience in using a server like XAMPP is a highly preferred
  • Knowledge of the usage of web technology like Ajax with PHP
  • Demonstrated experience in building Responsive UI Design with industry-standard frameworks
  • Proven experience in working in a team environment to create and support enterprise-grade applications
  • To be able to help architect in designing new applications and in supporting existing applications

Job description

  • An experienced PHP application programmer with proven ability to lead
  • Ability to assist in the development of robust Web-based apps.
  • 3+ years of experience in developing in PHP and open source languages
  • Extensive knowledge in JQuery, MySQL, Javascript, and other server technologies like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • Deep knowledge of UNIX & Web Hosting is a plus.
  • Ability to work in a team setting and as an individual contributor.
  • Strong architectural and conceptual skills are a plus.
  • Working knowledge in Agile Methodology is desired.
  • Working knowledge on integration of frontend and backend platform over API, web service.
  • Develop new applications using PHP, OOPS, RDBMS, MySQL, NoSQL, Data Structure, Design Patterns.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with LAMP architecture, Design Patterns, Data Structure
  • Worked in Agile Methodologies (SCRUM)
  • Good knowledge of MySQL, OOPS, JavaScript, RDBMS, NoSQL
  • Ability to handle complex database design and development

Educational Qualifications

UG : B.Tech/ B.E. - Computers, BCA - Computers

PG : M.Tech - Computers, MCA - Computers

Industry Expertise

To hire LAMP developers, the organisation has to be doubly sure as the requirements change with the industry you are working in. The organisations looking forward to expanding in multiple off boundary locations or creating branches within the country can approach an EOR company to assist in the job. EORs or Employee-On-Record companies work as your local hand and are well-versed with the local laws and agencies. The EOR companies take complete responsibility for your employee requirements like hiring, onboarding, payments, taxation, compliances, and legalities. This is all in exchange for the single invoice that includes service-charge, and the employee-related pay-outs. Skuad is one such EOR company that has vast experience in being the solution for employee requirements.

Hire and pay dedicated developers in 160+ countries

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Table of Content

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