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Hire Laravel 4 Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


The popularity of the PHP web framework is well-known in software development. Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework that was created by Taylor Otwell. Laravel 4 was released in May 2013 and is codenamed as illuminate. Many businesses and projects look to hire Laravel 4 developers to deliver high-performing mobile apps.

Laravel 4 comes as a complete rewrite of the Laravel framework and migrates the layout to a set of separate packages that are distributed using Composer. The composer is hence the application-level package manager. 

The official regular release of Laravel 4 came after minor point releases. The best features of Laravel 4 included message queue support and database seeding for the initial database population. The other widely popular features of Laravel 4 are soft deletion, i.e., the support for delayed database deletion, and offers built-in support for sending different types of emails. 

Laravel 4 is followed by Laravel 4.1 that was released in December 2013, and Laravel 4.2, released in June 2014. Laravel development comes with Laracon, which is the official Laravel conference covering development, advantages, and general software development topics related to the Laravel framework.

Tools & Developing Technology of Laravel 4 Developers

Laravel 4 developers may select different tools and technologies to develop and design different products and services using Laravel. Some of the top and best-trusted technologies for Laravel 4 development include:


It is useful for small applications development using Laravel 4. It is a flexible tool that can be used as a private repository. You can further avoid sharing the codes with a limited number of collaborators. Bitbucket and GitHub both offer diversified git services.


It is a secured process to add role-based permissions. Entrust has four new tables, including permission role, permission, role user, and role. These roles can be set up at different levels under different categories.


The best tool to debug Laravel 4 applications is Laravel-Debugger. It is available with regular updates for all Laravel versions. It shows you debug information quickly at the bottom of the browser. Developers can add messages using Laravel-Debugbar as it shows the route, and the template of parameters provides detailed debug information.


Laravel Socialite makes OAuth authentication quick and effective without any obstructions. Developers can log in using the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Bitbucket, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. Due to its feasibility, many Laravel 4 developers use Socialite.

Google Nocaptcha

If your Laravel application requires Google’s reCaptcha projection and validation, Google Nocaptcha is the best tool that helps you to keep spammers away. It is easy to obtain Google No Captcha using an API key from the reCaptcha.


It is one of the highly preferred Smart IDEs used by Laravel 4 developers. It comes with smart code navigation, easy debugging, fast and secure refactoring, efficient code formatter, testing, etc. It ensures the consistent performance of the Laravel 4 developers.

User Verification

The Laravel user verification offers conventional methods to send and verify user identity details. It shares verification links to the clients using the registered email address. To ensure the utmost levels of security in your application, it is mandatory to introduce user verification.


It is a controlled version of the database that allows modifications and sharing of the database schema. The Laravel schema builder helps the entire development process and eliminates the issues of adding a column to the local database. It is easy to share the complete SQL coding with migration.

Laravel Backup

If you require safe backups of all your Laravel 4 development applications, Laravel Backup is the best tool for your requirements. It is easy to store the backup on any file system that is contained in zip files.


Tinker allows accessing all objects and events in the development project. Any interaction with the command line using any version of Laravel is made possible using the Laravel Tinker. All Laravel versions allow manual installation of the Tinker.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Laravel 4 Developers

The roles and responsibilities of Laravel 4 developers include developing Laravel web applications with PHP programming. Any person who is passionate about software development may enter the field of Laravel development. 

It is all about developing, recording, and maintaining different software applications using PHP language and the Laravel framework. The experienced Laravel 4 developers further manage the team of young and inspiring Laravel 4 developers and guide them throughout the project completion. 

Like any other software developer, a Laravel 4 developer is responsible for testing and debugging different software applications. Laravel 4 developers should have a background in IT with academics in computer sciences or other qualifications involving the basics of computer programming.

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Required Expertise

Hard Skills

  • Efficient to build Laravel websites and other platforms with proven experience in software development using PHP (Laravel).
  • Should be proficient in Laravel database development and maintenance.
  • Proficient in converting PSDs into Laravel that are pixel-perfect and can be used on customized PHP sites.
  • Should write clean, structured, and well-documented codes with experience in the popular third-party APIs like Facebook, eBay, Google, etc.
  • Should be able to integrate all project data with Salesforce, WordPress, Quickbooks, and Sage. 
  • Should have a working knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOPS) and model view controller (MVC).
  • Should have a detailed and strong understanding of Worker/Queue concepts with proven expertise in caching technologies.
  • Should be comfortable working in the LAMP development environment and GIT/SVN versions.

Soft Skills

  • The ability to think critically is an essential skill for Laravel 5 Developers
  • The capacity to make quick and efficient decisions and stick by them.
  • IT is a changing sector; therefore, adapting to the latest changes and learning when required is an essential soft skill.
  • A can-to-do mentality in the workplace always works well.
  • Excellent communication skills to carry out the conversation in the workplace is a must-have skill.
  • Ability to listen and understand other perspectives is essential yet rare.
  • Laravel 5 developers need to be patient as developing a web application is a process that tests your patience in every possible step.
  • Time management is a practical skill that developers should possess to improve performance.
  • Learn to prioritize things to avoid confusion and chaos.
  • A problem-solving attitude towards most things truly helps.
  • Ability to collaborate with other team members to enhance the company’s performance.
  • Capable of overcoming day-to-day chaos in the organization.


A Laravel 4 developer interfaces with the clients for mutual benefits. The expertise in handling different clients and the developers’ team are regular activities for any Laravel 4 developer. However, it is not only about development but is an overall leadership role that includes additional responsibilities like:

  • A Laravel 4 developer should be passionate about best design and coding practices that are backed by out-of-the-box ideas and technical expertise in Laravel development.
  • A Laravel 4 developer should have excellent English communication and grammar skills to support project documentation and effective client handling.
  • A Laravel 4 developer should be able to articulate professionally with a great contributor to the project’s profits.
  • A Laravel 4 developer should monitor his/her team of developers and testers. 
  • A Laravel 4 developer should be able to adapt to a diverse and multicultural environment.

Salary Structure of Laravel 4 Developers

The salary structure for Laravel 4 developers depends on the type of project and the project’s location. The difference in the specific skill sets, duration of the project, and the client project further decides the salary of the Laravel 4 developers. Additionally, different certifications in the Laravel 4 development can increase the salary structure of the Laravel 4 developers. The average salary of the Laravel 4 developer can be considered around 92,285 US dollars. The highest range for the salary of the Laravel 4 developer is around 128,500 US dollars, and the lowest range is around 73,000 US dollars. 

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Laravel 4 Developers Certification

Many projects and companies prefer to hire a Laravel 4 developer that has a valid certification in the technology. Thus, many PHP developers looking to move to Laravel development adopt the path of certification to establish themselves in the market. It improves the development skills of the programmer and hence helps land in a perfect job. 

How can Certification in Laravel 4 help you?

Laravel 4 certification is essential for many top-grossing projects and high-end development assignments as it is a modern framework. Going for a Laravel 4 certification confirms that the developer is well-versed with the Laravel technology and its best applications. Thus, many companies don’t have to face the issues like hiring Laravel 4 developers with the least or no practical knowledge, lack of basic development skills, etc. The different options to choose from the beginners or professional course further help Laravel developers to select the best certification programs according to their skills and expertise. 

Skuad has the best team of Laravel 4 developers. Thus, Skuad is your first choice when it comes to hiring Laravel 4 developers for your long-term or short-term projects. It is not only about hiring the best talent for IT development as Skuad is one of the keys to managing your global teams effectively. The company handles all about the onboarding, compensation, invoicing, and team management on behalf of different clients. Thus, you can focus on the real work while Skuad is a dedicated source in finding the best Laravel 4 developers for your full-time or part-time requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Laravel was created as an improvement to the Code igniter framework.
  • It is easy to learn about Laravel development using the detailed informative materials on its official website.
  • Laravel framework improves the speed of development and empowers different developers for error-free coding.
  • Laravel offers a clear, simple, and effective framework to write clean and understandable codes.
  • It is a quick application development framework that focuses on convention over configuration.

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Industry Expertise

Skuad is a renowned platform that facilitates remote working in different domains. Thus whenever you’re looking to hire Laravel 4 developers, all you need to do is to reach Skuad at the earliest. It has a vast database of different IT professionals that are open to working on different full-time, part-time, or contractual bases.

We cater to various sectors - Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics & Transport, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Banking, Media, and more. From selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation, we act as your local HR to manage the day-to-day operations related to your overseas employees.

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