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Hire LaTex Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Most companies have their foundations built on valid documents. In a company, there are many departments, and each one of them has specific information to collect and hold. To hold this immense knowledge one must look towards new technologies for answers. 

In today’s world, nothing is impossible, and gaining access to any kind of knowledge is just a matter of time. Whether it is converting a document into a mathematical function or vise versa, all this is possible through an outstanding yet intricate software system. As every organization requires someone to handle this field without involving immense manpower, they like to hire a LaTeX developer.  

LaTeX is an intricate software system that makes document preparation swift. As things are getting digitalized, this system is gaining a lot more importance. It is a Tex distribution that produces output files acceptable for digital distribution and printing. It is widely used in the field of academics so that the publication and communication of different documents are printed with ease. With this, books of various fields such as economics, computer science, mathematics, quantitative psychology, engineering, physics, and other scientific documents can be published using a digital medium. 

How does it do that? It is quite simple. LaTeX is known to use a typesetting program to format its output. The language used for writing it is TeX macro. LaTeX is not only used as a standalone document preparation system but also as an intermediate format. It has a variety of uses.  The typesetting system offers extensive automation facilities and programmable desktop publishing features for cross-referencing and numbering, sections and chapters, and indexing, page layout, bibliographies, etc. 

When it started, LaTeX was just a writing tool for computer science and mathematics, and today it has evolved. It intends to provide descriptive, high-level mark-up language to access the power of TeX, making it easier for writers. Comprising of TeX macros and process LaTeX documents, LaTeX has ready-made commands for layout and formatting requirements. 

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Tools & developing technology 

Features of LaTex

  • Controls large documents that contain cross-reference, figures, sections, and tables. 
  • Typesetting technical reports, articles, slide presentations, journal articles, and books. 
  • Advanced typesetting of mathematical expressions with AMS-LaTeX.
  • Typesetting intricate formulas of maths. 
  • Typesetting of multi-lingual documents.
  • Using Metafont or PostScript fonts.
  • Automatically generating indexes and bibliographies.
  • Inclusion of processes or spot color and artwork. 

Converters & Compatibility 

  • HeVeA is written in Ocami converts LaTeX documents to HTML5. 
  • LaTeX2HTML is a converter in Perl and is used to convert LaTeX documents to HTML. This specifies scientific papers that have been typeset for printing. For online viewing, this converter is placed on the web. Licensed under GNU GPL v2, one can get the latest updates from CTAN.
  • MathJax is a JavaScript library. It is used for converting LaTeX to MathML, HTML, and picture formats. Even the Wikimedia Foundation uses this to build Mathoid.
  • To convert LaTeX to MathML or HTML KaTex is used. It is JavaScript that has been developed by Khan Academy. This is one of the fastest converters. 
  • LaCAST is written in Java. It converts LaTeX semantic dialect to Mathematica and Maple. 
  • TeXZilla is a LaTeX to MathML converter written in JavaScript. If you are looking for the fastest LaTeX to MathML converter then this is the one.

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Roles and responsibilities 

As a document presenting system, the LaTeX developer shoulders great responsibility. This system is required to prepare the document for high-quality typesetting it has unbound use in technical and scientific documents. This simplifies the work of many developers and documenters and so, the roles and responsibilities when companies hire a LaTeX developer cannot be confined to just coding itself. The designation of the LaTeX developer mainly depends on the years of expertise her or she enjoys. This is one of the precise requirements for the projects and other considerations tag along.

Their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with the technical as well as non-technical members of the team.
  • Template maintenance with development.
  • FMT and Fonts handling under TeXLive and MikeTeX environment.
  • Maintain LaTeX central installation and upgrade packages under Linux and Windows environments.

Required Expertise

Hard skills

Some of the preferred skills for the LaTeX developer are as follows:

  • Participate in the solution designing process as per the business requirements.
  • Must have hands-on experience in developing LaTeX, XML, and MathML.
  • Should have first-hand working knowledge in Agile methodology.
  • Know gap analysis and feasibility study.
  • Sound knowledge of embedding XSLT in Perl.
  • Active participation with the QA team in assisting the Quality Assurance Verification process.
  • Relevant grasp of commercial requirements additional to technical information.
  • Potential for troubleshooting any glitches and determine the root cause and fix it.
  • Cohere to code conventions, which include correct design, commenting, security standards, and nomenclature.
  • Ready to meet assured deadlines.
  • Stay with the industry standards for reviews, release, and code creation. 
  • Capability to solve issues swiftly upon going on live. 
  • Active participation in the code review process and see to it that it adheres to design specifications well. 
  • A positive mentality and can-do mindset will be an added advantage. 
  • Ability to conduct proof-of-concept analyses to fairly determine the viability of the automated solution in question.
  • Timely updates on any significant issues are transferred to top technical personnel.

Soft skills/others

  • Tackling Challenging issues associated with the system and finding creative ways to solve them.
  • Work as a team to deliver high-quality products.
  • Provide insights to develop new features that directly have an impact on the future of the products. 
  • With time, improve skills. Ready to learn from your mentors and seniors.
  • Must have the aptitude to work under pressure. Evaluate, implement, and provide feedback.


The duties and functions of the LaTeX developer cannot be confined to one category. Their duties have a broad spectrum that includes all the expertise mentioned above and more. The developer will have to become a part of a more strenuous duty circle which will include:

  • Should have a well-built knowledge of xparse, cathfilebetween, and xstring packages. 
  • Compulsory knowledge about LaTeX 2e and LaTeX3 packages.
  • Ample knowledge about LaTeX macro writing.
  • 2+ years experience in LaTeX software development.
  • Typesetting
  • Diagrams
  • Create valid flowcharts, scientific illustrations, data visualization, vectors, etc.
  • Sound knowledge of correcting an error code
  • Quick fixing of the error code.
  • Collaboration, coordination, and implementation of Business Process Management team (BPM) 
  • Analysis of database and intermediate database tuning. 
  • Formatting is another fundamental requirement.
  • Ability to overcome any challenging hurdles in the LaTex environment.

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Salary structure

The salary structure of the LaTeX developers varies depending upon their position. Following the latest market research, employees having LateX knowledge may earn an average sum of 17LPA. It may range from anywhere between 10LPA to 59LPA. The salary structure is mostly determined by the job title, experience, and location of the employee.


Certification as a LaTeX developer is an added advantage to those who want to witness professional growth and advance in career. As an advanced and sophisticated technology, LaTeX is an intricate domain that requires utmost perfection as even a minor mistake might result in diverse issues in an existing system. 

For this reason, companies come up with vacancies for LaTeX developer personnel who can take care of such hurdles inside the system. A certified LaTeX developer makes a great option for that spot where one requires rigorous accreditation. This is only possible via a certification test. The candidates can then efficiently handle delivery requirements and maintaining smooth business functions.

How certification can help you?

An employee with a LaTeX certification is positioned well within the employment section. It gives one an upper hand in technical advantages and thus, making him or her superior in the field. This also enables them to get employed not in the IT sector but the scope is unlimited.

Skuad is a platform that can help in hiring an experienced as well as certified LaTeX Developer from different parts of the world. Whether it is full-time, contract-based, or even freelancers, you can get your hands on certified personnel based on your hiring requirements.

Key takeaways

  • LaTeX is software for document preparation. 
  • LaTeX is used greatly in academia for the publication and communication of scientific documents in various fields. 
  • It is the typesetting system of this software that provides extensive automation facilities and programmable desktop publishing features for different aspects. 
  • It has a variety of converts, each fulfilling different conversions to make documentation easier and quick. 
  • Hire a LaTeX developer to handle a great deal of documentation work without involving immense manpower. This benefits an institution a lot financially.
  • A certified developer can look forward to professional growth in the future.

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Industry expertise

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