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Hire Linux System Administrator Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


A significant share of mobile phones, supercomputers, personal computers, cloud servers, and web servers are powered by Linux. Linux is an operating system like Windows or Mac OS. With many Linux developers available online for hire, we find the best qualified aspirants that match the abilities your team wants. Find permanent hires for the Linux tools that influence your business. Thus, many projects globally look forward to hiring Linux system administrator developers.

Linux plays a significant role in the server part by giving developers an atmosphere to work in. Linux developers who relish resolving difficulties in the Linux background, and in managing it, are frequently appropriate for a Linux developer role.

Tools & Developing Technology of Linux System Administrator Developers

Network scanners are an essential group of tools in the store of an organization administrator developer to screen the network action of the enterprise. A Linux System Administrator developer manages Linux file systems, file system hierarchy, manages root users, super users, bash commands, handles files, users, and directories, etc. The key tools and developing technologies for Linux System Administrator developers include:

  • Web server technologies like Apache, NGINX, DNS, etc.
  • Linux or Unix operating systems like Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

We at Skuad help you hire Linux system administrator developers with good knowledge of the given tools and development technologies.


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Roles and Responsibilities of a Linux System Administrator Developer

The roles and responsibilities of a Linux System Administrator Developer revolve around installation, configuration, and maintenance of Linux-operating systems for multiple clients. Many projects may require previous working experience as a Linux System Administrator. While the detailed responsibilities of a Linux system administrator developer can differ based on their industry, the overall duties of this part are moderately reliable. Based on schedules that we analyzed, these responsibilities consist of the following: 

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Required Expertise

Hard skills

The mandatory skills to become a professional Linux System Administrator developer include:

  • Should have hands-on experience with MariaDB or MySQL
  • Should have an in-depth working knowledge of Linux concepts like Debian, CentOS, RedHat, etc.
  • Should be an expert in Perl, Shell, Python scripting, etc.
  • Should be familiar with SAN management and concepts and VMWare
  • Must possess solid knowledge of protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, DNS, SNMP, and LDAP
  • To engineer the system administration-related solutions for assigned project and operational requirements
  • To proactively maintain and develop all Linux infrastructure technology with an aim to maintain a 24x7x365 uptime service without fail
  • To search analysis and logging information, fault finding, etc., for reporting the possible performance exceptions in Linux environments
  • To maintain best practices on managing systems and services across all Linux environments
  • To proactive monitor entire capacity planning and system performance
  • To modify and create different scripts or applications to complete the assigned task or project
  • To coordinate, implement, and manage hotfixes on servers, software upgrades, patches, network hardware, and workstations
  • To develop automation strategies and deployment processes by collaborating with different team members
  • To improve the stability, security, efficiency, and scalability of the Linux environment with detailed insights
  • Any Linux certifications (RHCT, RHCE, and LPIC) works as an added advantage

Soft skills

The key responsibilities of Linux System Administrator developer are not limited to the good understanding of the technology and domain but to the following:

  • To achieve a comfort level in skills that best supports the database and Linux systems
  • To participate actively in various cross-training activities
  • To ensure that a proper backup is provided for the network equipment configurations
  • To train the subordinate team members in software deployment responsibilities and Linux system administration
  • To do updating and up-gradation of the network hardware and software, if required
  • To maintain proper documentation of all the programs, configurations, procedures, etc.
  • To provide dedicated customer support through telephone, e-mail, knowledge-based programs, etc.
  • To provide technical expertise and deliver high-quality services to every single client
  • To expand the current offerings related to Linux services and conduct security audits daily


A Linux System Administrator developer is not just another software developer. He/ she handles the most important part of any crucial IT establishment that is their Linux-based systems. An experienced Linux System Administrator developer is required to solve the prominent problems in Linux systems and then administer them on the client’s behalf. Thus, Linux System Administrator developers design the overall production system architecture and thus automate the workflow for any organization or project.

Salary Structure of Linux System Administrator Developers

Like other software developers or IT engineers, the salary structure for Linux System Administrator developers depends on the type, duration, and the required skills involved in the project. The other factors affecting the salary structure of any Linux System Administrator developer include years of experience in the technology and tools. The additional benefits in the Linux administration based on the experience further add a feather in the salary cap of the developers. The average salary of a Linux System Administrator developer is around USD 79,700. The average annual salary of a Linux System Administrator developer ranges between USD 73,000 and USD 70,000.

Linux System Administrator Developer Certification

The most acceptable option in selecting the right Linux System Administrator developer is to go for the one with valid certification in this technology. There are multiple certifications in Linux System Administration according to the experience level of different developers. Thus, many developers go for upgrading their skills using Linux System administration. The entire IT projects and industry revolves around Linux systems. Thus, different options in several IT projects make it necessary for the Linux System Administrator developer to go for the right certification course.

The entry-level Linux System Administrator developer certification course can be Linux and CompTIA. This certification provides training on all major Linux distributors for new bees and an insight into the advanced features. The typical start-up Linux System Administrator developer course includes networking, basic maintenance of Linux servers, configuring and installing workstations, Linux command line, etc.

The other option in Linux System Administrator developer certification is to go for Red Hat certifications. A Red Hat Certified System Engineer certification helps developers learn core Linux administration skills. This certification is the surest way to work as a Red Hat Certified Linux System Administrator developer in any organization. Similarly, other certifications include Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator, Enterprise Linux certification, Oracle Linux certification, etc.

How Can Certification in Linux System Administrator Help You?

Linux System Administrator developer certification helps any developer get a place in the highly competitive Linux environments. These certifications are perfect to have the combination of the skill set and working knowledge of Linux environments. Thus, for any Linux System Administrator developer who wants to shine in the crowd, it is best for him/her to invest time and money in the Linux System Administrator developer certification courses. The different options in the certification ensure that newbees and highly experienced Linux System Administrator developers can get the jobs of their dreams. It helps multiple developers to be associated with the best projects globally that work as a notable accreditation in their resumes. Thus, certification ensures smooth entry to the top Linux System Administrator developer jobs globally.

Skuad has the best team of Linux System Administrator developers. We understand the power of selecting highly talented and certified Linux System Administrator developers for your projects. Thus, Skuad is your first choice when it comes to hiring Linux System Administrator developers. Skuad services come as a package of services for overall HR management that ranges from onboarding to single invoicing. Skuad helps skilled talent and different companies to shine in the global markets with exemplary online reputation.

Linux System Administrator- Key Takeaways

  • Linux is a kernel or an operating system created by Linus Torvalds and was released in September 1991.
  • Developers can use the Linux kernel to design customized operating systems as it is an open-source license.
  • The majority of Linux code is written using the C# programming language.
  •  The top operating systems using Linux kernel include Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, etc.
  • Linux system administrator manages all systems working on Linux operating systems.
  • Linux system administrator manages the end-to-end computer system operations.
  • Linux system administrator covers major features like file restores, the new system builds, automation, file system housekeeping, system security management, backups, etc., for any organization.
  • The other important features are hardware maintenance, user maintenance, application configuration, installations, disaster recovery, storage management, etc.
  • Linux system administrator thus offers end-to-end Linux server management in any heterogeneous environment.

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Industry Expertise

Skuad is the global HR platform that helps different companies across the globe to manage their international teams. We help different companies hire exemplary talent globally and manage the difficult work of managing taxation, compliance, and global payroll. Our clients can hire multiple employees across the continents without worrying about team management. Many start-ups and established companies are working with Skuad to get the best revenues at minimal operational costs. On the other hand, skilled employees can get employed in any corner of the world without worrying about the company’s credibility. Skuad is helping thousands of skilled workforce to enjoy the power of remote locations and different time zones.

The end-to-end HR and accounts-related management by Skuad are unbeatable. Not to miss is the straightforward yet highly effective “hire, pay, and manage” strategy of Skuad in helping different businesses attract the best talent. We offer many services that include onboarding, contracts management in more than 15 countries, payroll management, regional compliance management, single invoicing, etc. All these features act as a catalyst to boost the business of any organization. Thus, the search of many professionals and established organizations to hire the best Linux system administrator developers ends at Skuad.

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