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Meteor Developers

Hire Meteor Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Meteor Developers

Meteor developers are tasked with developing modern web and mobile applications. It is a full-stack development technology, which means that both client-side and server-side aspects are covered with the same platform. Meteor helps build connected-client reactive applications with the assistance of a curated set of packages from the Node.js and JavaScript community.

This is a one language platform, JavaScript, which makes hiring Meteor developers quicker and streamlined. As JavaScript is a popular programming language, you will find all levels of programmers who have worked with Meteor. A Meteor developer is tasked with creating mobile and web applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS architectured on the MVC design pattern.

To hire Meteor developers, you need first to identify your requirements to find out who can be the best person for the job. Meteor’s advantages include its association with JavaScript as an extension of this language to the diverse community. As a result, the framework is strong, resilient, and making headway into the mainstream development frameworks list.

In addition, Meteor has cross-platform capabilities. It is possible to create a web application for Android and iOS from a single technology stack, saving time and cost of development. Lastly, Meteor is built into MongoDB, and it also gets support from GraphQL.

Meteor Developer Development Technologies

Isomorphic Javascript

Apps built with Isomorphic JavaScript can run on the client-side and server-side. As a result, these applications are called Client-Server apps. For a developer with the knowledge and experience of full-stack development, this opens up a lot of avenues. Isomorphic JavaScript helps build applications that have better performance, are easy to maintain, injected with SEO capabilities and statefulness.

Isomorphic JavaScript works with the help of Node.JS, which is a stable server-side runtime technology. Developers can create appropriate abstractions and write the application logic enabling the same to run on server and client sides. Meteor is one of the most popular development technologies built on Isomorphic JavaScript, and it is building an entire ecosystem surrounding the package manager and deployment tools.


LiveReload refreshes the application in its entirety when there are changes in the file. In other words, if you have added a link in the scroller and then saved it, the live reload will restart the application, loading it back to the initial sequence. This is different from hot reload, where after refreshing the application, the state of the file does not change or is lost (in technical terms).


Galaxy is the hosting solution used for web applications built with Meteor. It is a Platform as a service that augments Meteor.JS applications and runs on AWS. Working with Galaxy makes the deployment of applications built here easier. As Galaxy is handling all the deployment process of applications built on Meteor, the developers can manage and debug the application while it is in production.

So, when you hire Meteor developers, their ability to work with Meteor and knowledge of the same becomes a core aspect in assessing the candidate. Besides the core deployment aspects, there is Galaxy Hosting, offering Meteor-specific hosting solutions. The development teams can also use Meteor APM for performance monitoring and Meteor Atmosphere to access the public packages meant for Meteor.


When you hire Meteor developers, make sure to test them on their skills for working with MongoDB. Web applications allow the users to view and modify a persistent set of data. The functions and actions change, and along with it, the data layer also changes.

This change in the data layer in Meteor is handled with MongoDB. Accessing MongoDB with Meteor is done via collections, and these then become the persistence mechanism for the application data. In Meteor development, the MongoDB collections also serve as a way to provide an interactive and connected user experience expected by the users.

You can hire Meteor developers from Skuad as we have access to some of the best development communities with a keen understanding of the technologies. As a result, our recruiters can better understand your requirements and needs from the potential candidate.

Skuad makes it easier for companies to create and manage remote and geographically distributed teams. In addition, we help companies expand their operations and manage their overseas operations that include hiring and managing the employees. As a result, we are your one-stop solution to manage Meteor developers on your behalf.

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Meteor Developers Development Industries

Companies that want to provide access to their users via web applications will only look to work with Meteor. As Meteor is a fast and reliable source of developing web applications, many companies are adopting this technology to build their applications.

1. Media and Entertainment

The Walt Disney Company is using Meteor.JS to build their web application that is accessed by a global audience. Media companies need to show a lot of content with speed and without lags. Hence, they use Meteor to develop stable and reliable applications that can handle large numbers of user requests.

2. Automotive

Automotive companies have a huge user base. But more than this, they have a wide range of operating systems that must be connected to each other. It is a complex system and needs to be handled with a reactive framework meant for effective and easy development. For example, Mazda uses Meteor to create fast and reactive applications for its millions of users.

3. Workforce Management

We have another example where Meteor has been used for its capabilities and potential to make an impact. Plutio, which is a business management platform, uses Meteor to create fast-working and secure web applications. Here too, reactivity is the primary requirement for the company, and they are leveraging Meteor’s capabilities to bring that into their web application.

4. Real Estate

Knotel, as we all know, is the Airbnb for commercial real estate, and it needs that kind of flexibility and security. Knotel uses Meteor and Apollo to build web applications for its customers who can view and book commercial real estate properties.

With all these industries and many more adopting Meteor, it is about time that you also join them on a more secure, stable, fast, and reliable journey towards success. One part of this success comes from the developers working on your project. And this is where we come in to help companies like yours find the best talent in the industry in the shortest possible time.

So, working with Skuad means that you can access highly intelligent and qualified systems for taking care of the employees irrespective of the team size and location. We organize the candidates for you according to your requirements and preferences. As you grow and expand, Skuad will stay with you on your journey and assist you with getting the best people in the industry to work for you with minimal work required from your side.

Skills Requirement

Hard Skills Requirement for Meteor Developer

  • Working experience with Meteor and its related technologies that assist in development.
  • Understanding of website development, frameworks, components, and concepts.
  • Good knowledge of analytical and organizational tools like Google Drive, etc.
  • Understands the concepts of front-end development.
  • Knows the principles of client-side and server-side development.
  • Has working experience with HTML and CSS.
  • Knows about the principles of Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Hands down experience of working with JavaScripts and its related technologies.
  • Can utilize and leverage Atmosphere.JS to extend the application functionality.
  • Has knowledge of Node.JS and how it works in association with Meteor.
  • Extensive knowledge of other front-end technologies and identify the best one for the job.
  • Can understand the technical requirements of the project and make the best decision moving forward.
  • Has the ability to solve scaling problems and challenges.
  • Understands Cordova and how it fits with Meteor in web application development.

Soft Skills Requirements for Meteor Developers

  • Can work in an agile working environment.
  • Comes up with new ideas and approaches to solve a development problem.
  • Is ready to work independently when required or adjust with a team.
  • Possesses impressive communication skills.
  • Can talk to the client when required.
  • Can convey the technical details of the project to the team members, project managers, etc.
  • Has the ability to use data and previous experiences to make future decisions.
  • Can successfully lead the project development team and tasks.
  • Is ready to take responsibility and ownership of the work done.
  • Can deliver the work as and when required without delays.
  • Supports and encourages junior team members to learn and grow while upgrading their skills.

Industry Expertise

Skuad unified employment solution caters to various sectors — Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics & Transport, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Banking, Media, and more. From selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation, we act as your local HR to manage the day-to-day operations related to your overseas employees.

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