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Hire Microsoft Excel Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Microsoft Excel Developers

Microsoft Excel is a very popular application that is preinstalled on our computers and desktops. It is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft and works on OS like Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. Excel has various features such as graphing tools, calculation tools (basic to advance all sorts of calculations can be performed with the aid of formulas present in the system), macro programming languages such as VBA, and pivot tables. It is an essential tool of Microsoft Office. It is one very powerful and important tool for carrying out data analysis and documentation. An Excel spreadsheet has a good number of columns as well as rows. The insertion of each of these rows and columns is referred to as cells. A few basic features of Microsoft Excel are:

  • Excel interfaces
  • Formatting cells
  • Modifying a worksheet
  • Sorting and filling
  • Formulas and functions
  • Quick Access toolbar
  • Charts
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Small and big businesses and organizations use Excel to organize their financial data, yearly debit, and credit sheets. Students use this application for drawing results to the mathematics problems and constructing graphs and tables. This spreadsheet application is the best model for managing and storing a variety of data. The users can customize the application as per their needs and use it accordingly. Developers who can modify and personalize this application according to the user's needs have several career opportunities. They can work in IT companies, in small and big organizations, in tech companies, in government offices; they can also work as freelancers for brands.

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The popularity of this application is due to the ease of working it provided its users with. Microsoft Excel has several features to mention some:

  • Adding header and footer: The user can add these with the options available on the toolbar in the document.
  • Replacing and Finding command: The users can easily add commands and data to the spreadsheet and remove the existing ones.
  • Password Protection: Another feature of this application is security. Unauthorized users cannot access these files when they are locked with passwords.
  • Data filtering: When there is a vast amount of data present in just one file, the users can access the desired information by using auto filter and advanced filter features available in the application.
  • Built-in formula: It is one of the very applications with various formulas preinstalled in it, such as addition, subtraction, average, minimum, mode, test, and so much more.
  • Charts and graphs: The toolbar has options for creating charts and graphs. This is extremely helpful for visual representation and analysis.
  • Formula Auditing: This feature allows graphical displaying and tracing of the relationship between cells and formulas.
  • Automatic editing of results: Results are changed automatically when the data entered is altered.

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Important features of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an excellent organizational tool with remarkable features. It is one of those few applications that will have a great space in future. Some important tasks that can be performed with Microsoft Excel are: -

  • Performing Arithmetic Calculations: One of the most important uses of this application is to perform arithmetic calculations. The vast number of formulae present in Excel can help perform the most complex calculations in just a fraction of time.
  • Formatting options: There are numerous formatting options in this application that allow users to highlight the information, put it in italics, colour it, and organize it in chronological order. This allows easy comparison and allows users to highlight desired entries in a way that is easy to access.
  • Availability of online access: This application is a part of 360 Productivity Suite, and because of this, the business employees and others can access these files over the cloud network. The users do not need to transfer the file; it is available for use when uploaded on the cloud service.
  • Charts for analysis: Graphs and charts can be easily prepared with Microsoft Excel. The users can create numerous visual representations for display during a meeting or during a presentation.
  • Compiling the data in one place: Around 1,048,576 rows and around 16,384 columns are present in a single file. This enables the users to store a large amount of data in one single file. This is one reason that Excel is frequently used for human resource planning over other applications such as QuickBooks and Oracle. In just one file, the users can summarise and compile all the information.

Roles and Responsibilities of Excel developers

The developer's basic job is to create automation processes by working on macro programming languages and visual basics application of Microsoft Excel. This will aid in speeding up the complex tasks and reduce the tremendous work pressure on the company's employees.

  • The developer should understand and analyze the department's requirements and assist the staff in developing the required programs.
  • The developer must timely review the codes to make sure that best practices have been put in place.
  • The developer must create VBA programs for automating a variety of tasks in Excel.
  • The developer must work on Microsoft Access databases and be familiar with working on different IT operations using VBA in Excel.
  • The developer must also know how to develop documentation for software. Planning a test is immaculately necessary for supporting code development and modification.

Skills Required

  • The developer should have good knowledge of analyzing complex data to develop automated reporting with VBA and excel.
  • The developer must know how to create macros to work with a large amount of data for creating proper reports.
  • The developer must know how to optimize processes using Excel.
  • The skill of being able to debug the existing software is also very vital.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Microsoft Excel Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of Microsoft Excel developers

Despite a good amount of career opportunities in this field, the salaries are not high in India. An average developer works with a yearly package of US $9,000. But companies in the USA pay a very handsome amount to skilled Excel developers. An average Excel developer at the beginners' stage may work with an annual package of around US$62,000. But skilled and experienced developers get paid between US$76,949 to US$176,500 in any company in the US. Apart from this, the developers are eligible for several incentives and health care benefits.

Freelancing and contractual basis work

Excel developers have multiple opportunities of working as freelancers. Many emerging and small companies require Excel developers to work with them on a contract basis and for a certain period. This provides the developers with work flexibility and allows them to set their prices. If you are looking to foray out on your own, then you can expect a steady stream of work, depending on your skills and knowledge.

Microsoft Excel Certification

The developers do not need to have a degree in Excel development; a diploma is enough for working with leading companies. There are a variety of courses available online that enable an individual to become a certified excel developer. Basic communication skills, organization skills and a little experience gained by working internships are required to be a certified excel programmer and fetch a decent job in a good company. Recruiters are looking for individuals who are ready to learn and grow in their work environment. An open mind and a learning mindset are required to be a successful Microsoft Excel developer.

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