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Hire Microsoft office developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Microsoft Office Developers

Microsoft is one of the earliest giants in the computers and software industry. Microsoft is a household name for almost everyday use in the world we are living in today. Microsoft Office is the product of Microsoft, launched by Bill Gates in 1988. Written in C++, Microsoft office is a back-end framework. The original suite of Microsoft Office comprised three major components, MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. As technological revolutions happened rapidly with each passing year, Office has substantially grown and expanded its components and reach. MS Office has a wide variety of targets and flexibility with different environments. It is almost written in 30+ languages all over the world. MS Office is a complete hit because it helps simplify office tasks and enhances productivity significantly.

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The conception of Office lies in designing and developing office use software and services from complex to daily use. It is available on the desktop version, Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems. Android applications have also been developed, including every Microsoft suite component. Microsoft Office essentially comprises Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, One Note, Outlook, and Publisher applications. Microsoft Office was made to digitalize manual office work with an assortment of efficient and reliable software services and products. Microsoft Office is available for use online or from the cloud via Office Web Apps and the complete Office 365 version.

Each application designed in Microsoft Word serves the user's needs differently. The application variety fits all requirements of Office or even personal use. Each application is created to accomplish maximum speed and efficiency with specific tasks, such as word processing, data management, making presentations and organizing emails. Microsoft Word assists users in creating text documents with a variety of features. MS Word serves personal, professional, or academic writing. Microsoft Excel creates simple to complex spreadsheets derived from data and numerals. It has an in-built set of formulas and provides users with a variety of customizable options. Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation creation hub of MS Office with numerous themes and layouts to serve various industries. Microsoft Access manages the user database. Microsoft Publisher is an application for creating and publishing marketing materials. Microsoft OneNote is a digital paper notebook. OneNote enables users to write and organize notes.


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Important features of Microsoft Office

In today's time, Microsoft Office subscriptions have become unavoidable. It is simply a must-have for any user in academics, offices, technology, science, etc. MS Office has become the technology language humans of the 21st century extensively use.

MS Office has many features and applications that justify its popularity and demand, from a layperson to a tech geek. The MS Office applications are essential to have on any modern-day device, from computers, laptops, tablets, iPad to a range of smartphones. Microsoft Office has a lot of features that expand its flexibility, durability and efficiency in work cultures. These features include:

  • Collaboration - This component permits teams to work together continuously with partners and staff and is accessible through Microsoft Office Apps. Synchronous Collaboration flawlessly shows what each colleague is doing on the app document or page. MS PowerPoint does not have this feature yet.
  • Smooth Sharing - Microsoft Office extra features offer better sharing. This catch is in the ribbon in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So, colleagues can rapidly share archives, spreadsheets and content files. Extensive and heavy-load files can also be shared using private URL features.
  • Versioning - As documents are constantly edited, shared and presented, it is natural for mistakes to happen. MS Office provides versioned documents that take the user back to previously saved edits of the document. Drafts are visible, and the document history can be easily traced.
  • Smart Look-up - While working on files, users work on content building. Since the tasks require many writing and dictionary lookups, MS Word has solved this problem by providing users with in-built dictionaries to aid in word search and meaning.
  • One-click Forecasting - This feature in MS Excel provides data analysts and scientists or any user with forecasting formulas for quick predictions. MS Excel achieves this via its smooth exponential algorithm.
  • Compatibility with Devices - MS Office provides easy linking with all devices logged in from one account to ensure all updates are synced and available on all devices with similar edits.

Roles and Responsibility of a MS Office Developer

A Microsoft Office developer is a computer programmer or software engineer who has earned certification through Microsoft and specializes in MS Office. Computer programmers use the software developed by software engineers and write the code applications. They may also add specifications to the applications. After composing codes, developers run tests to ensure that the applications, the changes and the updates included run smoothly. MS Office developer acts like a technical contact channel and delivers troubleshooting assistance and problem resolution for customers. To understand the role systematically they can be listed as:

  • Designing and building applications to match business processes
  • Identifying reported bugs in Microsoft products. Troubleshooting technical issues. This includes identifying and fixing the reported issues.
  • Writing samples like "how to" for users to understand the developed technology or product.
  • Providing effective alternate implementations and techniques to assist developers in bug identification and resolution in Microsoft's products
  • Identifying issues to create a knowledge base for resolution.
  • Technical writing of configurations and customizations and reporting on time.

Skills Required

An MS office developer needs to have an experienced understanding of Office 365 and related tools that integrate with it. A thorough understanding of Office is a major requirement for developers to have. Other skills and requirements include:

  • Proficient knowledge and demonstrable experience in Office 365 integration with SharePoint, Teams and Power Automate Flows.
  • Expert knowledge in tools such as.NET Fundamentals, VB.NET or C#, Windows, or Web applications development.
  • Firm hold on OOPs concepts
  • Understanding of basic OS concepts that include processes, threads, scheduling, memory management
  • Expert knowledge and analysis in reading and analyzing code in C/C++, NET, etc
  • Hands-On C#, ASP .NET design & development capabilities and experience with K2 Server-side API
  • Demonstrable Experience in JavaScript, jQuery
  • Understanding of Restful services design & integration tools with K2 APIs
  • Effort estimation basics through delivery teams
  • Estimation tools/testing of Broad base of systems and technology delivery experience
  • Experience with structured software development life cycle methods

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced MS Office Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for an MS Office Developer

Microsoft Office has an everyday use application and is used by almost every person who uses a device. The wide variety of features and overall demand for developers promise a high-end salary. According to Ziprecruiter.com, Microsoft developers in various operations/products earn about US $166,000 a year by top earners in the United States. The average income is reported to be US $108,650 in the US. Indeed.com reported a salary of US $110,979 per year for developers in Microsoft. Glassdoor.com states a base pay of US $122,403 per year for developers in Microsoft working with various products. The salary increases or decreases according to the developer's role and expertise. However, careers at Microsoft and companies that require Microsoft Office or any other product developers are promising and futuristic.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

If you are looking for freelancing opportunities in MS Office Development, then this is the right time for you to foray out on your own. Many companies are outsourcing their MS Office Development work to contractors and freelancers. With a steady stream of projects readily available, you can enjoy the freedom of working as per your own free will and still make a decent amount of money. The remuneration you can expect is aligned with your experience and skills.

MS Office Certifications

Different training and courses have been included for training in Microsoft office. Certificates are accredited to those who successfully complete the course. Microsoft office specialist (MOS) is a special training by Microsoft for users to be robust in Microsoft office skills. For developers actively involved in coding and creation of software for Office, certifications like Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Teamwork Administrator Associate and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSA): Enterprise Administrator Expert. All the certifications mentioned above teach Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 in the content structure. Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based platform integrating with Office. A wide variety of online platforms also provide relevant training and skills for Microsoft Developers.

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