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MVC Net Developers

Hire MVC Net Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire MVC Net Developers

Web applications are gaining fame, and there is a hustle in the IT industry to excel in web application development. Every one out of three IT projects has a direct or indirect link to web application development. Thus, the advancement in technology brought many different tools and technologies for creating effective, scalable, highly responsive, manageable, and affordable web applications. Thus, many projects look forward to hiring MVC Net developers.

MVC Net is one such technology that empowers developers across the globe to deliver small, medium, and large web applications. It supports web pages, web forms, and Model View Controller design. It is the best technology for developing complex but lightweight web applications. It is one of the best extensible and pluggable frameworks available to developers.

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Tools & Developing Technology of MVC Net Developers

The best tools for MVC Net developer include:

  • Browser-based development or debug tools: Firefox with Firebug or Chrome with Developer tools
  • Version Control: TortoiseGit for Git type version control or TortoiseSVN for SVN type version control
  • Microsoft Visual Studio: For developing, testing, and debugging web applications; Extensions like Resharper, Web Essentials for Visual Studio, NuGet Package Manager, etc.

The best technologies for MVC Net developer include:

  • ASP.Net MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • Angularjs
  • Underscore.js
  • jQuery
  • Knockout
  • ASP.Net SignalR
  • ASP.Net Web API

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Roles and Responsibilities of MVC Net Developer

The roles and responsibilities of an MVC Net developer demand a sincere understanding of different technologies. An MVC net developer should tightly integrate the business logic and authentication by optimizing the MVC framework. The responsibilities include creating scalable web applications with world-class user interfaces.

The MVC Net developer should be able to understand and work with complex and large codebases. Thus, to hire an efficient MVC Net developer for your requirements, you must have one that satisfies the hard skills and soft skills required to complete the job. If you need experienced MVC net developers then ensure you check the previous relevant experience with us as shared by experts.

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Required Expertise

Requirements - Hard skills

The mandatory skills to become a professional MVC Net developer include:

  • Designing, implementing, testing, and deploying sophisticated MVC Net applications for different clients
  • Expertise in working and using MVC architecture
  • Strong working knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, C#, etc
  • Expertise in working and using object-oriented programming
  • Excellent working knowledge of relational databases and SQL
  • Expertise in working with HTML, AJAX, XML, CSS, etc
  • Understanding of different authentications
  • Expertise in working on cloud technologies
  • Experience in creating scalable and highly secure REST API
  • Excellent knowledge of design patterns and solid principles
  • Excellent logical and analytical skills in the development of web applications
  • Great working exposure in web services and third-party integrations

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Requirements - Soft skills

The key responsibilities of an MVC Net developer are not limited to the good understanding of the technology and domain but to the following:

  • Integrating with front-end developers and with the entire IT team responsible for the project
  • Delivering high-quality web applications using skills and experience in MVC Net
  • Comfortable writing server-side codes that are backed with tests
  • Ensuring a required level of performance and managing the team by delegating responsibilities and generating productivity from them
  • Careful inspection of the requirements before jumping to work on the project
  • End-to-end support and fixing the existing web applications
  • Deciding on the best and effective efficient technologies for the assigned web application development
  • Excellent English, written and verbal skills
  • Should be a great team leader that believes in leading by example

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An MVC Net developer is not just another software developer. He/ She should be able to support the existing web applications while keeping a focus on the development of new applications. An experienced MVC Net developer covers all from the back-end to client-side coding. He/ She must use efficient and highly optimized frameworks, patterns, and technologies.

Salary Structure of MVC Net Developers

Like other software developers or IT engineers, the salary structure for MVC Net developers depends on the type, duration, and the required skills involved in the project. The other factors affecting the salary structure of any MVC Dot Net developer includes years of experience in technology and tools.

The developers with valid certifications in MVC Net are found to get more prestigious projects than the one without these certifications. However, exceptions based on the skill set and best applications of the technology are always there.

The average salary of an MVC Net developer is around USD 95,925 US annually. The lowest average annual salary is USD 83,500 and it goes up to USD 125,000.

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MVC Net Developer Certification

The finest option in selecting the right MVC Net developer is to go for the one with valid certification in this technology. There are multiple certifications in MVC Net according to the experience level of different developers. Thus, the newbees can focus on the basic concepts of MVC Net while the professional developers can look for advanced courses from Microsoft.

The developers that look forward to developing advanced web applications with the best use of the tools and technologies of MVC Net go for these short duration MVC Net certification courses. Apart from Microsoft, there are several organizations, including IT firms that offer dedicated MVC Net certifications for different developers aiming to excel in an HTML rendering.

Any certification course in MVC Net covers the designing of the web applications’ architecture and its optimized implementation. The variety in the organizations providing different MVC Net certifications makes it highly affordable for the developers to invest in these high-end certification programs.

How Can Certification in MVC Net Help You?

MVC Net is one of the most prominent technologies that rules the IT industry. However, prominent resources don’t guarantee a quality skill set as multiple developers are using the same technology. Henceforth, the quality of application of skills lies in the understanding and knowledge level of the developers only.

Selecting an MVC Net developer with proper certification may help you get the most out of your project. This certification enables the developer to learn the real-time issues and problems in creating web applications that are missing in any learning curriculum. The practical approach to the MVC Net certification makes it highly advantageous for companies that have zero tolerance for erroneous coding.

Skuad has the best team of MVC Net developers. We offer skilled employees partnership across the nations to help businesses manage their work without any administrative issues. The one-click payments system emphasizes the power of a single invoice to pay remote teams in local currency only. We adhere to the local taxes and compliances so that companies can concentrate on real businesses without suffering heavy penalties.

Thus, Skuad is your first choice when it comes to hiring MVC Net developers as the benefits are unlimited with dedicated HR management for your project. Skuad takes the lead in becoming your HR partner while you can concentrate on generating exemplary profits with minimal investments. Not to miss is the global reputation in the competitive markets.

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Key Takeaways

  • MVC Net or ASP.Net MVC is software from Microsoft that is open source.
  • MVC Net comes with a web development framework that comes with the features of the existing ASP.Net platform, updated techniques and ideas from Agile development, and high-end features of MVC (Model-View-Controller).
  • MVC Net is used to develop world-class applications that range from small websites to enterprise-level web solutions.
  • MVC decouples the data (model), application logic (controller), and the user interface (view).
  • MVC Net is a trusted and useful technology in creating powerful and dynamic websites with a clear separation of different concerns.
  • MVC Net supports different database engines like MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • MVC Net enables simple routing of the requests to controller actions that are implemented as normal C# methods.
  • MVC Net enables the easy rendering of HTML content in a simple, lightweight, and cleaner way using Razor syntax.

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Industry Expertise

Skuad is the best place to find solutions to all types of global recruitments. Perfect and dedicated HR software that helps different organizations manage their global teams. Not to miss are the additional advantages of selecting Skuad that eliminates the costs of establishing local subsidiaries of your business at different places. Thus, affordable hiring for the best-skilled team is the aim of Skuad.

The team management features like payroll management, global compliances, and end-to-end recruitment management, including onboarding, are some of the glimpses of Skuad’s multidisciplinary advantages. Skuad offers end-to-end contract management in more than 150 countries to ensure the best relationships between employers and contractual employees. Therefore, whenever you’re looking to hire MVC Net developers, all you need to do is to reach Skuad at the earliest to get the best talent globally. The “hire, pay and manage” strategy of Skuad has helped multiple businesses earn notable revenues and global fame.

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