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Hire Node JS Express JS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Node JS Express JS Developers

Introduction: About Node JS Express JS Development

Node JS is an open-source platform. It runs on a V8 engine. In Node JS, the JavaScript code is executed outside a web browser. The developers use JavaScript to mention command-line tools and server-side scripting, which produces dynamic web page content. Node JS is neither a framework nor a programming language like many people assume; on the contrary, it is often used for back-end services such as APIs or mobile apps.

Express JS, or simply Express, is a free and open-source software under an MIT license designed to sit on top of the Node JS webserver to simplify its APIs and add exciting new features. It makes the application functionality easier as it adds helpful utilities to HTTP objects in Node JS. Introduced in November 2010, it expressly allows the rendering of HTTP objects. It has a higher level of features than Node JS.

Node JS is a platform to build server-side, input-output, and event-driven applications using JavaScript. It is mainly written in C, C++, and JavaScript. On the other hand, Express JS is a framework used to build web applications using principles and approaches of Node JS. With the rise in the demand to hire Node JS Express JS developers, the top companies are always on the hunt to hire skilled talent.

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Tools and Node JS Development Technologies

A list of some of the most popular, commonly used tools for Node JS has been curated below.

Express JS

Express is an application framework that offers outstanding features for creating mobile and web applications. Using Node JS and Express JS, one can design and create an effective website. To develop powerful applications, Express JS offers several features such as simplified multiple routing, template engines, and integrated databases.


One of the quickest and most reliable engines, Socket.io can facilitate event-based communications. It is most suited for chatting applications and is implemented by the biggest companies and start-ups such as Trello and Microsoft.


Meteor is a Node JS-based framework that includes cross-platform code, including iOS, Android, and the web. This tool is useful to shorten codes and can go from 1000 code lines up to just 10. One can seamlessly work on this Node JS tool.

Koa JS

Koa JS is a next-generation framework specially designed for creating web applications and APIs. With built-in plugins packages, the tools support operations such as routing, compression, and caching.


If you are looking for the easiest and simplest developer tool, PM2 is a great choice. It comes with various features that are perfect for the production environment, including container integration, watch and reload, and monitoring.

Electrode JS

Electrode JS, created by Walmart Lab, is a popular tool widely suitable for React JS and Node JS applications. The tools ensure good performance, and users of any skill can learn and work with Electrode JS.


Babel is a front-end development tool that provides support to the latest version of JavaScript.


Based on the ES6 module, Broccoli supports Node JS and is extremely easy to work with.


Webpack can bundle and serve assets much easier and faster compared to other development tools. It makes the overall development process simpler.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Node JS Express JS Developers

Node JS Express JS developers are IT professionals responsible for various activities in the organization. Major responsibilities expected to be fulfilled by such a developer are as follows.

  • Developing applications and services using flexible development methods
  • Working as a team and contributing to organizational improvements in infrastructure
  • Fulfilling back-end services for management
  • Designing and building customer-facing UI
  • Coding, testing, and debugging codes
  • Possessing a proper understanding of Node JS tools
  • Detecting problems and providing troubleshooting solutions before they are exacerbated

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Expertise Required for Node JS Express JS Development Industries

Hard Skills

Hard skills play an important role as these skills give Node JS Express JS developers technical superiority over others in the organization. The key hard skills are,

  • A solid understanding of front-end technologies and development such as CSS3 and HTML5
  • Deep knowledge of Node JS framework, such as client-side and server-side frameworks
  • Understanding of API and APIs communications
  • Good grasp of asynchronous programming and its related features
  • Good knowledge of database management to build Node JS applications
  • Proper working knowledge of user authentication and authorization
  • Ability to write codes that are easy to read and work on
  • Ability to implement a data protection system in web applications
  • Skills to identify errors and rectify them in minimum time
  • Working knowledge of Gulp and Grunt

Soft Skills

For any developer to make their place in the organization, soft skills are as important as hard skills. The crucial soft skills for Node JS Express JS developers are,

  • Excellent communication skills to carry out a constant dialog with other teammates and clients
  • Strong troubleshooting skills and practical solutions to problems
  • Ability to work in a team, as building and maintaining a web server is a team effort
  • Can-do attitude toward complex tasks and situations
  • Forward-thinking to enhance and simplify the process
  • Ability to give collaborate and give updates to the team about work and progress
  • Capacity to meet challenging deadlines

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Experience Required for Node JS Express JS Development Industries

The following experience is preferred to hire Node JS Express JS developers.

  • Previous work experience related to Node JS Express JS development
  • Bachelor’s and/or master’s in computer science or a similar, relevant field
  • Demonstrated grasp over Node JS
  • Significant experience in working with HTML, CSS, and AJAX
  • Experience in designing and managing object-oriented JavaScript and SVG
  • Hands-on knowledge of web libraries and frameworks such as Polymer, Closure, and Angular JS
  • Experience working with web stack and web server optimization techniques
  • Demonstrated use of problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Keen observation, attention to detail as seen through previous work experience

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Salary Structure of Node JS Express JS Developers

The salary of Node JS Express JS developers depends on various factors, such as the years of experience, location of the job, certifications and educational qualifications, and type of industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that web developers would notice 8% job growth from 2010 to 2029.

As per market research, the average yearly salary of a Node JS Express JS developer is around USD 104,964. If the candidate is employed in one of the top companies, the average salary will be higher than this.

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Node JS Express JS Certification

  • Certification as a Node JS Express JS developer will help you develop professionally and attain a respectable position in the organization.
  • Node JS Express JS certification will help you build applications easily and effectively using JavaScript.
  • Working in the IT sector is a matter of pride and responsibility, as the slightest mistake can cause a plethora of issues for an existing system. The certification programs will help you gain in-depth knowledge of various concepts and provide hands-on experience designing and building applications.
  • It is apparent that the position of a developer requires a lot of expertise; the certification course will provide you with exactly that.

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Key Takeaways

  • Node JS developers work in the IT sector and are responsible for managing activities between servers and users.
  • Express JS is a small framework that is the most important tool of Node JS.
  • Express JS is written in JavaScript, whereas Node JS is in C, C++, and JavaScript.
  • Node JS is responsible for building applications using flexible development methods.
  • A deep understanding of front-end technologies is a must for Node JS Express JS developers.
  • Node JS Express JS developers must have proper communication skills to interact within and outside the organization.
  • The major advantage of Node JS is that it is extremely easy to learn and efficient to work on.

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Conclusion: Why Skuad?

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