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Hire Odoo Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Odoo Developers

Odoo represents a vast suite of business applications or Enterprise Resource Planning systems meant to help you run your business efficiently. So, from sales to accounting management to manufacturing, etc. Odoo is the one-stop solution for everything related to precise and proactive business management. The work of an Odoo developer revolves around creating, managing, and improving the products used by businesses from the suite of Odoo applications and customizing them according to the requirements. 

Odoo has 40 different applications within the suite to help your business perform better. However, an Odoo developer will have the knowledge and understanding of each of these applications. They are required to know this because every business has different needs. So depending on which application is right for your business and how best to customize it is why you need to hire Odoo developer. 

Odoo is a ready-to-use suite of applications. But an Odoo developer needs to learn how to work with Python, XML, and JavaScript if they want to work on the platform for the clients. Besides the programming part, the developers can also customize or create Odoo themes with Less and Sass (SCSS), which is imperative for theme development. 

In the ERP software and application development market, Odoo holds a 0.23% share. There are over 20,000 developers and experts in the Odoo community working together to help businesses manage their operations. To hire Odoo developers, you need to look in the right places because the platform is still at its nascent stage. 

However, instead of spending resources on finding the right developers for the job, you can ask us to help you with it. Skuad’s employee management solutions will help you build global remote teams and manage them efficiently. We will help you onboard the chosen candidate while assisting with contract making and executions. We offer expert help at par with a company’s CTO to help you identify the right developer and person for the job. While assessing the candidates, it is important for you to know about the Odoo technologies an expert developer must have experience in.

Odoo Developer Development Technologies


Odoo is written in Python, and it is natural for every Odoo developer to know the ins and outs of the programming language. An Odoo developer will leverage their knowledge base of Python to work on the server-side elements of Odoo applications. As a result, they can effectively curate the right back-end environment to customize and improve the functionality of Odoo effectively. 

Odoo has a wide gamut of applications and plugins built within the suite to enhance management abilities. The programming language has proven to be an effective tool for developers, project managers, and business professionals to increase sales, work efficiency, tracking, and operational capabilities. 

Similarly, there are some Python packages that are utilized in the development aspects of Odoo. These include Python-psycopg2, Python-dateutil, Python-jinja2, Python-simplejson, and Python-docutils. 


JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used in Odoo mostly because of its lightweight, object-oriented, and cross-platform development possibilities. With JavaScript’s knowledge and experience, an Odoo developer can create immersive interfaces for the users of the ERP suite and its applications. 

The JavaScript framework in Odoo can be leveraged in three use cases; web client, website, and point of sale. With the Web Client, the developers can view and edit the business logic. A single-page application in the form of a web client is modified to fetch data from the server when needed. 

The website is the public interface of the ERP solution. The developers can use the routes, controllers, and JavaScript editing functions to modify the client-side systems for better performance and results. 


PostgreSQL is the database management system used in Odoo. Hence, the Odoo developers who you will hire must have experience in using PostgreSQL to manage and manage the Odoo database systems for the business. This like creating entry points for data access, defining Driver class, creating foreign tables, user mapping, etc. 

Odoo uses PostgreSQL as object-relational database server management in an open-source environment. Due to its large community and Developers tools plus the GUI, PostgreSQL creates a reliable and stable database management system. When you hire Odoo developer for your business management and customization, the person will leverage PostgreSQL to tailor data types and index types, giving it more extensibility.

There are several other core technologies used in Odoo and knowing them is imperative for the Odoo developer you may want to onboard. Apart from the developer roles, there are integration experts, theme builders, migration professionals, Odoo Testers, etc. These professionals have deep-set knowledge about the systems and understand how to curate the perfect Odoo platform for your business. 

Finding and hiring Odoo developers requires an understanding of the technologies associated with the platform and the platform itself. Skuad can enable your organization to hire the best Odoo developers and onboard them for you according to the country of operation.


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Odoo Developer Development Industries

At its core, Odoo is a CRM and an ERP solutions suite with customizable interfaces and backend systems. Besides being customizable, Odoo is also easy to scale and helps you take the business operations to the next level. Even though the market share of Odoo is developing, there are some big names that have taken to its capabilities and are using Odoo to build a better business management system. 

Consumer Products

One of the biggest examples here is Kohler, an international brand that designs and manufactures bathroom fittings and other household products. Kohler and other companies in this category have migrated to Odoo for its ability to bring together almost every business operation under one roof. i


Businesses that deal in luxury products need to project the luxurious emotions with their digital interfaces and not miss on the backend functionality. Brian Gavin Diamonds is currently using Odoo for CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, and Quality operations. 


Marketing organizations are data-driven, and they need the right tools to understand and leverage the data. Scale Media is one of the prime examples of a marketing company using Odoo to manage its business and create new digital experiences for its clients. 

Odoo is still growing and crossing barriers as it is used by several businesses to create an effective management system. When you hire Odoo developers, choosing the one who has previous experience in your industry works in your benefit as they know the customers, can relate better to the products, and stimulate the platform accordingly. 

It is things like these we look at Skuad before choosing the right person for your company. With us, you will get the best-fit employees for your business as we help you handle the global payroll management of the potential employees. Skuad’s purpose is to help you build high-impact teams of professionals who love their work and possess an innovative mindset along with a passion for growing and helping you move forward

Hard Skills Requirements for Odoo Developer

  • Design, development, and testing of Odoo modules related to its different applications. 
  • Customizing the existing Odoo modules according to business requirements. 
  • Understanding of configuring the Odoo databases and maintaining them to conform with different environments. 
  • Has experience with Python and JavaScript to modify the code for improving the structure. 
  • Can keep updated with the project and version control tasks with SVN or GIT. 
  • Has experience with diagnosing the existing platform and making changes accordingly. 
  • Can support and manage the migration functions and upgrade tasks. 
  • Has the experience and knowledge to understand the new developments in Odoo software packages and make the necessary changes to the client’s platforms. 
  • Can design the Odoo database for effective functioning. 
  • Is able to troubleshoot and debug the Odoo application used by the business. 
  • Has experience with API integration. 
  • Good understanding of OOPS and related programming aspects. 
  • Has demonstrable experience with PostgreSQL. 
  • Can identify and analyze the customer’s needs and preferences to customize the Odoo application accordingly.

Soft Skills Requirements to Hire Odoo Developer

  • Has good communication skills. 
  • Can help the team understand the working systems of Odoo. 
  • Knows how to manage things, especially when there are performance or other issues. 
  • Can efficiently work with the team and build better relationships. 
  • Is able to adapt to the changing work dynamics. 
  • Has the will, knowledge, and a knack for finding solutions. 
  • Has ideas to share with other development teams 
  • Works with a detail-oriented approach and problem-solving mindset. 

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