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Opencv Developers

Hire Opencv Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire OpenCV developers

OpenCV is one step forward in the realm of development. We are always impressed by the possibilities and capabilities of technology and what it can do. In these modern times, the technologies which have taken center stage are image processing and computer vision applications. Computer vision defines the process whereby we understand images and videos. 

This means that we store, interpret, and retrieve data from the media, transferring the knowledge in a language that humans can understand. This technology is used in Artificial intelligence, robotics, self-driving cars, etc. OpenCV is the open-source library that gives access to the functions and features associated with computer vision, machine learning, and image processing. 

As a result, you can build an advanced and futuristic application and associate it with state-of-the-art machines like AI-enabled robots, Machine learning programs, etc. When you hire OpenCV developers, you are looking for people who can interpret and manipulate the open-source library and its contents, adding them to the application you are building. 

Using OpenCV in an application means that it can process and understand the images, faces, handwriting, etc. To include OpenCV in the development process, a developer needs to integrate it with other libraries and programming languages, including Python. Python has the capabilities to process the array structure of OpenCV and analyze it for further use.

OpenCV Developers Development Technologies

OpenCV is an open-source technology and a library with several components or modules ready to be inserted into the application source code. However, depending on the programming language used in the development process, the existing codebase needs to be refined. 

As a result, you must hire OpenCV developers who know the language and OpenCV to bridge the gap between them, ending with the development of an application.


OpenCV-Python represents the library of Python bindings required to solve computer vision challenges and bring new elements into the picture. An OpenCV developer must have prior knowledge of Python to integrate both technologies. Python is a general-purpose programming language, which has bagged a lot of attention and popularity due to its simplicity and code readability. 

With the use of Python in OpenCV, the developers are moving ahead from C++ implementation in the development part. As a result, OpenCV can read and understand the images as well as other media files written in Python.


Numpy is another library of functions meant for programming with Python and bringing in support for the same. Numpy has multi-dimensional arrays and matrices and an advanced level of mathematical functions to work with the arrays. Numpy is used for numerical operations in the MATLAB-style syntax. 

It is essential to convert the OpenCV array structures to and from Numpy arrays for better readability. Due to this conversion, it also becomes easier to integrate Numpy with other libraries like SciPy and Matplotlib.


One of the core functions or possibilities of OpenCV is image processing, and JavaScript augments a developer’s work requirements to achieve the same. As a result, JavaScript becomes a better part of OpenCV, helping the OpenCV developers to work with this technology. 

OpenCV.js is a JavaScript binding system for some types of OpenCV functions meant to create an advanced digital solution. Developers working with technology should know how to bring the benefit of such advanced solutions like image processing and make it widely available to the audience


OpenCV’s primary source of libraries to add functions and features is C++. It is optimized for real-time image processing and applications that have the feature of computer vision applications. As a result, the primary interface to work on OpenCV is C++, and when you hire developers, they must know the ins and outs of C++/C. 

Other than image processing, the developers can make use of C++ to establish the core functionality of an application built with OpenCV. Along with this, it can be used for video analysis, camera calibration, 2D features, object detection, and high-level GUI. 

Based on Python, OpenCV has helped upgrade the development exercise to include the futuristic benefits into the fold. However, for a technology that helps us converse with futuristic systems, you need developers who can understand the scope and functionalities of that technology. 

To hire OpenCV developers, you need first to identify the potential of your project and the upcoming projects. Since it deals with such advanced features, companies like Amazon and Google are also using OpenCV to build features associated with computer vision. 

When you hire OpenCV developers, the candidates must possess impressive knowledge on data structures, image processing and must be aware of JavaScript, Python, C/C++, Java, etc. Skuad understands the technology and its future implications. 

We take our understanding of the technology to hire the right people for your company so that you can interview the most qualified candidates.

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OpenCV Developers Development Industries

The scope of utilities associated with image processing, object detection, etc., is wide enough to engulf almost every industry. Despite Amazon, Google, and other IT giants that require the services of an image processing technology, many startups are also using OpenCV for building innovative applications. 

From smart monitoring systems to applications like Ikea that need to detect objects in the house for previewing, OpenCV has wide applications. While some industries completely rely on technologies like OpenCV to build smart systems, others are using it to build some of their systems and functions. 

Data Management

Data is ubiquitous, and companies like Hive are building solutions to interpret that data. Hive uses OpenCV to build systems that help with contextual advertising, object detection, face/body detection, data labeling, document parsing, etc. All these aspects are created with OpenCV and related technologies giving the users more power to control their business operations. 

Online Retail

Ocado Technologies builds solutions to improve and power up online relation companies by providing them with solutions that make use of machine learning, big data, IoT, etc. The company uses OpenCV to create better shopping channels, optimize the last-mile delivery, and future-proof its clients with relevant technologies. 

Government Agencies

Government organizations dealing with securitization and vigilance need image processing and object detection systems. For this, they employ OpenCV for their development work to build smarter systems. 

OpenCV is a popular technology used around the world for its ability to build smart and efficient applications. To hire OpenCV developers, you first need to know which future systems you will use for your project. There are several other technologies and frameworks involved in the creation of one application. As a result, the developer you hire should be familiar with all the possible applications of OpenCV and how to build them. 

At Skuad, we are familiar with the development community as we have been at it since years. We have grown with the community while understanding its impact on every organization. You must choose us for your employee management purposes as we can get in touch with the perfect candidate for your company. 

Our recruiters are motivated to find the right person who has technical acumen and is a people’s person. We also adhere to your cultural requirements and assess the potential candidate from all corners before approving the file for interview.

Hard Skills We Check To Hire OpenCV Developers

  • Experience in creating applications or have academic knowledge for computer vision, machine learning, and image processing.
  • Professional working experience in Python, C, C++, and JavaScript. 
  • Ability to work with natural language processing systems. 
  • Can create, improve, and deploy machine learning applications with OpenCV. 
  • Efficient in working with OpenCV to build advanced solutions include image processing, object detection, etc. 
  • Can create other use cases of the technology and bring innovative solutions to the team. 
  • Knows about some object-relational mapper (ORM) libraries. 
  • Can write and test reusable code while improving it to fit with the current solution. 
  • Ability to work on deep learning and classification problems. 
  • Can develop software with Python.

Soft Skills Requirement for OpenCV Developer

  • The candidate should not be afraid to share ideas and bring something new to the table. 
  • Can collaborate with technical teams and non-technical stakeholders. 
  • Is able to appreciate the company values and align with them. 
  • Is ready to give advice, support, and encouragement when needed. 
  • Can handle a team of junior developers and help you learn about the technology. 
  • Can communicate easily with the team and make them understand your perspective. 

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