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Hire OpenGL Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


In simple terms, OpenGL is an application programming interface (API). This cross-programming cross-application language provides the users with various functions that can be used to customize and personalize images and graphics. This application is not an API itself but is developed, specified and maintained by the Khronos Group for developing 2D and 3D graphics. The specifications provided by OpenGL state exactly how each function works and what result/output it will give. Developers play a big role in maintaining the existing functions and providing solutions to new problems. The OpenGL developers are usually the ones that manufacture graphics cards. Each manufactured graphic card supports the specific function of OpenGL that is particularly developed for that graphic card. In the Apple system, OpenGL is supported by Apple itself. But for Linux, there are a few hobbyists' and graphics suppliers' adaptations of these libraries. Thus, it is understood that most of the time, the malfunction in the OpenGL system is due to some error occurring during the manufacturing of graphics cards.

When there is a bug in the implementation, it is often resolved by updating the video card drivers. This is one reason it is advised that the user updates his graphics driver regularly. The OpenGL programmers/developers are individuals experienced in developing this interface for several graphics solutions. OpenGL is a programming field taken up by many interested individuals. A variety of applications are associated with this platform, such as its application in 3D game development. It is used as a graphics library for several AutoCAD applications, for example, AutoCAD and Blender. There is a very wide scope for OpenGL developers. They are recruited by several game developing companies and even get to work in producing movies and videos.

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Each new version of OpenGL specifications is released by the Khronos Group. Each of these specifications is an extended part of the API that supports several new features. The details of the new versions are decided by the group members of general technology companies such as Google and Mozilla. The deciding members include operating system designers, graphics card developers and other chief technicians involved in the overall process. The licenses for OpenGL are:

  • Free software license B modelled closely on Mozilla, X, and BSD.
  • The open licenses for the use of SI.
  • For a new license, a trademark license for OpenGL trademark and claim and logo conformance.

For documentation of OpenGL specifications and versions, a series of manuals are released by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board. Their colors refer to these manuals.

Associated libraries for OpenGL are:

  • GLFW: it is a game-oriented system with cross-platform windowing and keyboard mouse joystick handler.
  • OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT): Since this one is an old window handler, it is no longer maintained.
  • Freeglut: It is a more stable and updated API, a superset of GLUT API.
  • Allegro 5: this is a game focused cross-platform multimedia library with C API.
  • Simple Direct media layer: With C API, it is another cross-platform multimedia library.
  • SFML: With C++ API and bindings to multiple other languages, e.g. C#, Haskell, Go, and Java, this is also another cross-platform multimedia library.
  • FLTK: This is a C++ widget cross-platform library.
  • wxWidgets: It is another C++ widget cross-platform toolkit.

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Important Features of OpenGL

The widespread popularity of OpenGL is due to its applications in various industries, more specifically in the gaming industry and video creating industry. This application programming interface is vital to 2D and 3D programming. The commands provided by the OpenGL system are essential for managing graphics in various applications and on numerous platforms. Same codes can be used with this system to run graphics on PC, Mac, mobile devices. The integrated GPU and video cards are all optimized for OpenGL. All the modern operating devices and hardware support OpenGL. The examples of OpenGL commands are: -

  • Rotating objects
  • Drawing polygons
  • Texture mapping is an application of color textures on these polygons.
  • Assigning a variety of colors to shapes and structures.
  • Shading and shadowing objects and thus providing lighting effects.
  • Creating haze and fog and applying it to a single element or on to an entire scene.

Creating cross-platform games and porting them from one platform to another is made easy by OpenGL. It is a foundation for macOS in core animation, quartz graphics library, and core image in Apple. The architectural review board of OpenGL systems includes Microsoft, DEC, Intel, and IBM. But recently, its maintenance and development were passed onto the Khronos Group. It shows how important this system is for the world where graphics, animation, video, and image creation are the essential part of the most important industries and businesses.

Role and Responsibilities of OpenGL Developers

  • The developers are responsible for designing and creating new versions and systems.
  • Apart from a bachelor's degree or a diploma in programming, an OpenGL developer has to have good mathematics skills.
  • He should know how to develop graphics and must have good background knowledge of graphics card development.
  • Apart from this, they must also know all about computer software and hardware.
  • They are supposed to be creative and should have an analytical mindset.
  • Proficiency in programming and coding is very important.
  • The developer's mindset should be such that it allows him to detect the existing problems in the system and fix them accordingly.

Skills Required

  • Organizational skills
  • Team Management
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Good marketing mindset
  • Good command over their communication skills

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced OpenGL Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for OpenGL developers

Programming in OpenGL is such an in-demand skill. The developers at the entry-level get paid higher than in any other programming and coding field. Quite interestingly, in India, the annual salary for OpenGL developers is around US $12,000. The average annual salary of an OpenGL developer in the USA is around US $120,000, and it only increases with work experience. Many companies across the USA are recruiting OpenGL developers. Apart from this, many companies even provide their developers with health care benefits and bonuses.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

Many OpenGL programmers work on a contract basis with emerging companies. They have the upper hand when it comes to freelance work and contract basis work. They can be a part of teams creating videos and games and can set up their prices and work independently. If you have the essential skills and experience, you can enjoy a steady stream of work and the option to work at your convenience.

OpenGL Certification

The developers are supposed to have a degree or diploma to be hired in reputed companies across the globe. They are expected to have some experience and background knowledge gained during internships available out there. In the era where games, videos, hologram technology etc., are fancied, the careers that allow developing these fancy fields have a lot of demand globally. Many fortune companies across the globe recruit skilled developers. The career is high in demand and is gaining even more popularity with time. Apart from this, the freelance developers also make a good sum and get the opportunity to carve their niche in this field. So, pursuing an OpenGL certification course, online or offline, will be a wise decision that will certainly give your career a boost.

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