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Oracle Pl SQL Developers

Hire Oracle Pl SQL Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Oracle PL SQL Developers

PQ/SQL or Procedural Language for SQL is a procedural extension for SQL designed by Oracle Corporation for the Oracle database. PQ/SQL is a procedural language that is developed specifically to adopt SQL statements with its syntax. It is a powerful and straightforward programming language. The Oracle Database compiles and stores the program units PL/SQL inside the database. Both SQL and PL/SQL bring optimal efficiency as they run within the same server process. PL/SQL verifies the logical processing of SQL statements by boosting the database's portability, robustness, and security. It instructs the compiler through SQL in a procedural way on 'what to do' and 'how to do'. This database language is like other database languages and gives the programmers more power using conditions, loops, and object-oriented concepts.

The first public version of PL/SQL definition was in 1995 and implemented the ISO SQL/PSM standard. An Oracle PL SQL developer manages and designs the network interface of PL/SQL packages for business-related requirements and core specifications. They should be well versed and should have in-depth knowledge to create databases and optimal infrastructure applications. An Oracle PL SQL developer's career path is not limited to just IT companies; they are also seen in other technical fields like web development and Data Science. Some companies like IBM, IMF, Infosys, and Bank of America hire Oracle PL/SQL developers with a good salary package.

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Oracle SQL is a programming language that allows database users and administrators to carry out database procedures, and in fewer keystrokes, it can undertake the project. It was developed to aid the user to save the operation time and maximize the return on investment (ROI) in the Oracle Database. It is a powerful, portable transaction-processing language and is like other database languages.

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Important Features of Oracle PL/SQL

It is a powerful, portable, high transaction-processing language and easy to learn. It is like other database languages. Without any need to learn the latest APIs, SQL statements can be issued from PL/SQL programs. It can divide complicated tasks into manageable subprograms and can be reused in different applications. PL/SQL has many features which help to save time for design and debugging. Some features of PL/SQL include: -

  • Managing errors: PL/SQL can easily detect and understand the errors. PL/SQL makes an exception when an error is spotted. Like in the C program, regular checking of every operation is not required here.
  • Blocks: Block is the basic program unit of the PL/SQL source program, and it groups related statements and declarations. The keywords such as DECLARE, EXCEPTION, BEGIN and END split the block into various parts. Block is an executable statement and can be nested.
  • Packages: A schema object that groups logically related PL/SQL types, variables, subprograms, cursors, constants, and exceptions is called a package. It is compiled and stored in the database, and its content can be shared with many applications.
  • Triggers: A trigger is a defined unit under PL/SQL which is present in the database. It runs as a response to the events that take place in the database.
  • Portability: PL/SQL applications can be run in any operating system and in the platform where the Oracle database runs.
  • High Productivity: It can query, update, and transform data in a database just like a scripting language can read, write and transform data.
  • Scalability: By centralizing application handling the database server, PL/SQL programs increase scalability.
  • Manageability: The subprograms increase manageability as only one copy of a subprogram can be maintained on the data server. Subprograms can be used by any number of applications, and without affecting these applications, subprograms can be changed.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Oracle PL/SQL Developer

The job of an Oracle PL SQL developer does have a scope in the market at present. There is a demand for people with the required skills for the job. Some of the roles and responsibilities of an Oracle PL/SQL developer include: -

  • An Oracle PL SQL developer is responsible for developing and managing the network interface of PL/SQL as per the requirements related to business and others.
  • Should conduct multiple quality assessments to ensure the stability of the systems before releasing the final outputs, which also includes the development of the manual and so on.
  • He/she should be able to boost the features of the existing packages to resolve possible delays and downtimes.
  • Should be involved in creating and managing DB links, tables, and privileges.
  • To be skillful in financial solutions and Oracle PL, SQL developers should coordinate with the team of Java developers.
  • Should assist in data mapping or testing activities in support of projects.
  • Should have in-depth knowledge of technical solutions to create efficient databases and applications with excellent navigation and infrastructure.
  • Implement a procedure to install and deploy many Linux/Unix users.
  • Should perform data modelling, create, or maintain the complex database triggers and data migration scripts.

Skills Required

  • Should develop load processes and data warehouse integration ETL procedures.
  • Should be able to script queries for the down-drill reports.
  • Should develop SQL statements to improve back-end communications.
  • Develop and optimize a framework for extensible automated production support in PL/SQL.
  • Should be well versed with UNIX commands.
  • Should be strong in UNIX shell programming to perform any automation.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Oracle PL SQL Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of Oracle PL SQL developer

There has been an increase in the pay for an Oracle PL SQL developer. In the United States, the annual average salary of an Oracle PL SQL developer is around US $107,016. In India, the salary of an Oracle PL SQL developer is around US $6,733 to US $8,079 per annum. This may vary depending upon the years of experience and the knowledge in the field.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

IT expertise is required by most of the companies at their beginning phase. Oracle PL SQL developers work remotely too. A freelance Oracle PL SQL developer has got the flexibility to work according to their convenience. A lot of companies hire Oracle PL SQL developers on a contractual basis. A lot of work is available in the job market on a contractual basis, and developers can work with multiple companies.

Oracle PL/SQL Certifications

The IT field is a fast-paced field and always requires updates for improving the skills. Hence getting a certification is always a plus point in this field as it helps to stay updated and has other benefits.

Getting a PL/SQL certification can be beneficial for the career. It is a highly regarded certification and provides the skills that are in high demand. It helps in learning the advanced features of this programming language. By taking a certification, you will be able to take on any database project. It helps you to guide the organization at a more strategic level. It also gives knowledge of PL/SQL language, architecture, features, programming constructs and data types. It also aids in manifesting their expertise in performance-related features like parallel execution and profiling.

The demand for an Oracle PL/SQL developer is high at present, and certification can boost your career opportunities. It can open a wide array of opportunities for you.

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