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OSS Developers

Hire OSS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire OSS developers

OSS is open-source software, more specifically a computer software, the license of which the copyright user holds. The speciality of OSS is that the copyright holder can grant others access to use, change, and even share the software and its code with multiple other users. This software is an example of open collaboration and is mostly developed so that many people can collaboratively modify and personalize it depending on their use.

This model is a great cost saver. Many companies can now use this system for various purposes and modify and customize it according to their requirements. According to a report released in 2008 by a Standish group, open-source software could save a total of around US $60 million per year for its consumers. Some of the world's largest OSS contributors are Drupal Association, Linux Foundation, FreeBSD Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, OpenSUSE Foundation, and Mozilla Foundation, to name some.

When authors write a code for OSS, they do so under two licensing conditions. One is the explicit license, and the other one is the implicit license. A few examples of free software licenses are BSD License, MIT License, Mozilla Public License, Eclipse Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License. An open-source software developer has the flexibility of working in several companies and has a great scope of career opportunities. From retail to finance - OSS is used everywhere. The authorities of the companies and marketers do not understand these systems. For this, they need developers and technicians who can properly understand these systems, work on them, and modify them according to the requirements of the businesses.

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OSS is software with code sources distributed and made available to multiple users with its original rights intact. One can use it, modify it and distribute it accordingly. Source codes in OSS are functions used by programmers to modify and manipulate the applications as per their requirements. Programmers with access to these codes can change the codes and fix them if they are not working properly. The OSS system allows many users to write codes and modify them according to any accepted license involving an open-source coding license. Many well-known companies make use of the OSS systems because of their dynamic and user-friendly nature. Using this system is cost-effective and very popularly known for low chances of the prevalence of flaws and bugs. Beginners can very easily access these systems and use them under any of the accepted OSS licenses.

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Important features of OSS

This system is an everlasting part of modern technology and is used by many fortune companies under various licenses recognized by the market. Some of the important factors which make the system popular amongst the programmers are: -

  • Price: This system is not at all costly. It is available to multiple users, and many do not have to pay a penny. They can begin writing codes on this software service without having to pay anything in the beginning. Yet, there are some advanced features that users will have to pay charges accordingly if users wish to access them.
  • Freedom of customization: The users can customize this software and write codes according to their needs. But this depends upon the license they have access to. This requires in house expertise.
  • User friendly: This system is user-friendly. Beginners can easily work with this system. Small and basic goals can be achieved without any hindrance. But if the project is complex, then expertise is required accordingly.
  • After-sales support: Many OSS systems provide after-sales support for example, OSS by Red Hat and SUSE. Those who cannot find post-sales support can also take help from mailing lists and forums.
  • Security: Since this system is open for many, the presence of reviewers can prevent the prevalence of bugs. But that does not mean that the system is free of flaws. There can still be a number of complications.
  • Stability: Good user basis, good management, and a good technical team working on the system can ensure stability. The system can work for an exceptionally good number of years if it is looked after properly.
  • Popularity: Many of these open-source software systems are popular. Examples of some of the OSS are Linux, Apache etc.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: TCO for these systems is low. This is because of minimal usage costs. The cost is lower when maintained well.
  • Community participation: Many communities can collectively work on the software, develop them, review them, and work collaboratively on enhancing its features.
  • Interoperability with other OSS systems: The developers and users can operate between multiple OSS systems at a time. This task is not possible for normal users and is mostly carried out by more experienced experts.

Roles and responsibilities of OSS developers

The basic responsibilities of the OSS developers include designing and developing tools that can automate and operate these systems well on the web. A degree in programming is not necessary if the developer knows the job well. There are few things can a developer needs to do, and they are: -

  • OSS developers must understand the market's needs and must know how to work in a team of IT experts, marketers, and project managers. 
  • OSS developers should be able to design functions according to the requirements and needs of the company.
  • OSS developers must know how to incorporate new features into the existing system.
  • OSS developers must know how to write and update software.
  • OSS developers must know how to work in a team and assist new users.
  • OSS developers must know how to document the work.

Skills Required

  • Creativity and analytical skills are especially important to be an OSS developer.
  • The developer must have the mindset to critically analyze the systems and provide feedback accordingly.
  • Using Linux outside the browser.
  • Knowledge of running and using terminal applications on Linux.
  • Familiarity with programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, Ruby etc.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Professional-level analytical skills.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced OSS Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of OSS developers

Compared to many other programming professions, the salary of OSS developers is not high. In India, an experienced OSS developer gets paid around US $28,000. This varies with the developer's experience, position, company, and location. The remuneration for OSS developers in the USA is comparatively higher. Any developer at an entry position gets paid around US$75,000 per year. At the same time, the median salary is US$113,500 per year. The highest salary reported for the OSS developers is around US$171,000 per year.

Freelancing and contractual basis work

Unlike many other programming systems out there, OSS developers have wider chances of working as freelancers and on a contract basis with companies. OSS is especially useful for emerging IT companies. Companies that do not wish to hire permanent employees can hire freelance developers and ensure the timely completion of their projects. As a freelancer or contractor, you have the freedom to work on as many projects as you desire, and that toon according to your preferences. The remuneration offered is related to the skill sets and experience you have as an OSS developer.

OSS Certification

A developer does not need to have a specific degree in programming. Basic knowledge of coding and programming is enough. There are many courses and beginner's guides present at certified online platforms that can help them learn how to write these codes and work as OSS developers for interested candidates. Many leading companies use these OSS systems. Such as Adobe, Automattic, Canonical, Black Duck Software and Huawei Technologies, to mention some. These companies and many others require skilled developers, especially those who can work collaboratively in a team and have a hacker mindset that enables them to fix issues immediately and in less time. If you wish to work in this domain as your preferred career choice, then getting an OSS certification is an essential step in the right direction.

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