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Hire PHP MySQL Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


In web development, PHP is quite a popular scripting language powered by Zend Engine, a PHP compiler and is written in C programming language. PHP is a fast, rich, and free, open-source server-side language where the code is executed on the server. Whereas MySQL is nothing but a relational database management system that enables using a structured query language that is SQL. MySQL, just like PHP, is open source and free. The combination of MySQL and PHP opens a plethora of options for creating websites. With this, one can create a small contact form for a large corporate portal. This combination at present has resulted in the development of the most powerful web and internet applications. This is a free development tool and has many volunteer developers across the globe that are very frequently contributing good changes to this system. 

Open-source development tools have far more programing resources than those that are not open source and come with a licensing cost. Php MySQL is one of these open-source technologies that have a dedicated community globally contributing to its development. The combination of PHP and MySQL happens to be one of the best development tools. The applications with PHP MySQL are built smoothly, with simple to complex usability. The applications such as the websites built with these tools can carry out multiple difficult operations with high scalability. The best part is that one does not need to have complex knowledge of programming to work as a PHP MySQL developer. Some background knowledge is enough to put together a browser-based website application.

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PHP is that scripted language used to develop dynamic websites capable of interacting with the databases. PHP is quite easy to learn, but it does offer several advanced programming features. PHP is very specifically used for web development, and it can also be embedded within Html. One peculiar feature of PHP is that when the scripting code is executed on the server, it generates HTML sent back to the client. The client receives the results but does not get to know the underlying code. The ability of PHP to interact with databases like Oracle and MySQL has made it popular amongst developers and programmers. PHP and MySQL combined have several important applications. In many places, they are the backbone of the creation of websites, portals, and so much more.

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Important features of PHP MySQL

There are several places where PHP and MySQL are used together, and they are: -

  • PHP script has its application in retrieving a digital banner from a certain database. The random banners from the table records are selected and are sent back to the PHP script. This count of banner views and clicks from the website can also be maintained. 
  • Several internet forums and digital boards use PHP and MySQL to store and retrieve the messages it receives from the users. 
  • Just with a couple of PHP scripts, the design of an entire website can be changed. This saves time taken up in changing and uploading web pages again. All the information required to change the website can be accessed by the PHP script from the MySQL database.

Setting up MySQL database

With the variation in the host system, the procedure involved in the setting up the MySQL database varies too. Further steps included the creation of a database table for strong web information. This process is quite simple, but alternatively, a few scripts can directly be used to create and configure the entire database system. 

Executing the PHP commands

Post connecting and configuring a MySQL database, one can start executing PHP commands on the server. There are two methods to do so. One is the use of MySQL query($query) syntax that can be used to enter commands in PHP. Another is to define the command as the variable. The results from the operation will be assigned accordingly to the variable itself. 

Using PHP and MySQL in combination is greatly beneficial for several reasons. With this scripting language, numerous dynamic and interactive user-friendly websites have been created to date. Besides, many are even customized with required features using the same. The website visitors get the chance to interact with the dynamic and flexible content present on the website. PHP MySQL happens to provide the fastest, in-budget web development solutions for creating dynamic web applications. Apart from this, upgrading, maintaining, and developing the websites is made even easier with PHP MySQL.

Roles and responsibilities of PHP MySQL developers

The PHP and developers have the following roles and responsibilities to handle: -  

  • The PHP developer's prime role is to write web applications with the aid of scripting languages. 
  • Their tasks also include developing and coding back-end components and connecting the said applications to several web services.
  • A developer must conduct an analysis of the website and the application requirements. 
  • They also must work on backend coding and developing efficient PHP modules. 
  • A developer also must develop back-end portals with optimized database systems. 
  • Working on code issues and troubleshooting applications is also the responsibility of the developer. 
  • From the end, developers send the integration requests to PHP MySQL developers. 
  • A developer also must finalize back-end applications and test web applications. 
  • To enhance the performance of the website, the developers also must update and alter the existing applications.

Skills Required

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or even a diploma.
  • Basic knowledge of PHP frameworks.
  • Knowledge of java, CSS3 and HTML5. 
  • Proper understanding of object-oriented PHP programming is also essential. 
  • Some experience in creating scalable applications.
  • Project management abilities and problem-solving skills.

Salary of PHP MySQL developers

The salaries of PHP MySQL in India are not that high, but developers are paid quite a decent wage across the USA. The average annual salary of a PHP MySQL developer is around US $82,733, and the salary range is US $113,500 to US $75,000. There are several companies across the states that hire skilled developers regularly. 

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

There are plenty of freelancing opportunities available for experienced professionals for PHP MySQL development work. An increasing number of companies are outsourcing their development requirements. So, if you wish to leave your job and explore the freelancing or contractual work opportunities, then the time is right. But do not try to venture out by yourself if you do not have adequate experience of handling projects all by yourself.

Certification in PHP MySQL development

A degree in computer science or an equivalent diploma is a must to become a PHP MySQL developer. Apart from this, certain soft skills are important to be a part of a good PHP MySQL team. 

  • Organization skills
  • Ability to handle tasks calmly
  • Good command over communication skills.
  • Creativity
  • Analytical skills

The worldwide web has become a very crucial part of our lives. Previously it was just about accessing information, but today many businesses are handled online. Websites are used for accessing videos, graphics, images, information, interacting with others across the world, buying and selling products online. Millions of websites are present, and all have unique features. With PHP MySQL, these features are optimized and personalized according to the user's needs. Developers who are skilled enough and know how to fulfil their clients' needs have a good career scope in PHP MySQL programming. 

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