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Hire PLC Programming Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire PLC Programming Developers

Introduction: About PLC Programming Development

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an industrial computer specifically designed to operate in harsh conditions. It is used for controlling manufacturing processes, such as machines, robotic devices, assembly lines, and other activities, which require higher reliability and easy programming.

PLC programming is a crucial task that involves designing and implementing control applications, depending on the clients’ needs. A set of defined instructions in the graphical form or textual form is already recorded in the PLC program. These instructions talk about the logic that must be implemented for the applications. A special PLC software was launched for PLC hardware, which permits the entry and development of user application code. With the rise in demand for PLC programmers, IT companies are always looking to hire PLC programming developers for their organizations.

PLC programming developers are generally from the IT sector and often work in the electrical engineering field. IT companies are mainly responsible for maintaining the industrial computers that work on programmable logic controllers. Before going any further, let us understand everything about PLC programming developers.

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Tools and PLC Programming Development Technologies

1. Software Programs for PLC Programming

The software programs used by PLC programming developers are listed below.

  • Connected component workbench
  • Machine expert basic
  • TwinCAT 3
  • Productivity
  • Do-more
  • CoDeSys
  • Open PLC
  • Sysmac Studio

2. Tools for PLC Programming

The tools used by PLC programmers are,

  • PLC programming languages, such as the Ladder Logic, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Charts, Structured Test, and Instruction Lists
  • Automation software, including Sysmac Studio and Omron CX-Programmer
  • Automation equipment by Allen-Bradley

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Roles and Responsibilities of a PLC Programming Developer

No matter what they specialize in, PLC programming developers work on a wide variety of projects undertaken by IT companies. A PLC programming developer may have to fulfill the following responsibilities.

  • Create and interpret schematics that showcase how electrical panels and components work together to complete a process
  • Examine the drawings for readability and manufacturing
  • Write and document programs using automation software, such as Omron CX-Programmer
  • Outline test criteria and test the new program for safety purposes
  • Test programs by third-party developers
  • Guide technicians throughout the installation process
  • Ensure the successful installation of the software
  • Provide technical support to their teammates and people within the company
  • Troubleshoot technical glitches
  • Create practical solutions on time
  • Brainstorm and develop solid backups if anything goes wrong
  • Work on multiple projects at a time

PLC programming developers should love to play around with computers and machines and have logical thinking abilities. PLC programming development is a full-time opportunity that includes a little traveling and supervision in the workplace.

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Expertise Required for PLC Programming Development Industries

Hard Skills

  • A solid understanding of electrical, mechanical, and engineering principles to create and automate devices
  • Proficient designing skills to draft blueprints and 3D drawings in various designing software
  • A strong understanding of architectural principles to design various new processes
  • Great analytical thinking and foresight to resolve issues
  • Ability to put everything together in the right way
  • Deep knowledge of the technical part of the installation
  • Proper understanding of maintaining software and hardware in an organization
  • Complete understanding of PLC programming languages such as Ladder Logic
  • Knowledge of engineering ethics
  • Ability to understand computers in detail
  • Great logical reasoning skills to overcome complex situations
  • Excellent management skills to manage time and work effectively
  • Ability to detect problem areas and find the best solutions to resolve them
  • A basic understanding of different computer languages such as MS Office, Autocad, and MS Project

Soft Skills/Others

  • Capability to work under pressure and come up with practical solutions
  • Ability to lead and supervise multiple projects simultaneously
  • Interpersonal skills and empathy to understand people in the workplace
  • Ability to understand the problem areas and find troubleshooting solutions
  • Multitasking skills to help to cope up with things
  • Ability to work closely in a team on various projects
  • Strong communication skills to meet global standards and interact with people
  • Ability to understand their clients’ perspectives and translate them to other team members
  • Patience and dedication when working with software or hardware, as designing and developing can take time
  • Willingness to prioritize the company’s growth
  • Ability to handle constant failures, as working with technologies can be challenging
  • Ability to adapt to changing technologies and learn to work with them rapidly
  • Strong work ethic

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Salary Structure of a PLC Programming Developer

The salary of a PLC programming developer varies according to various factors, such as location, experience, position, and certification.

  • According to the latest market research, the average salary runs around USD 75,565 per year or USD 38,75 per hour. 
  • As an entry-level developer, one can expect the annual payment to be around USD 61,425. 
  • An experienced PLC developer can take home USD 97,500 per annum.

With the rise in demand for PLC programming developers, it is estimated that there will be a boom in employment opportunities for PLC programming developers. To learn about managing PLC programming developers’ payroll and salaries, partner with Skuad experts.

Certification for PLC Programming Development

There are many successful paths to becoming a PLC programming developer, and certification is one of the best options to advance your career. Certification as a PLC programming developer may help you develop the skills required to develop professionally. Every minor mistake in the IT or engineering sectors can have disastrous results, and companies are always on the lookout to hire skilled PLC programming developers due to inherent hurdles.

All the certification courses are backed by rich training, curriculum, and self-study material that may advance developers’ careers. These programs will not only provide technical superiority but also make it easy to get employment in this competitive environment.

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Key Takeaways

  • PLC is an industrial computer that has been specifically designed to operate in harsh conditions.
  • PLC programming is a crucial task that involves designing and implementing control applications.
  • The major advantages of PLC are that it is swift and easy to maintain.
  • The primary responsibility of a PLC programming developer is to troubleshoot technical glitches if there are any.
  • Developers are responsible for designing schematics, documents, and tests and installing programs.
  • PLC programming developers provide technical support to everyone within and outside the organization.
  • PLC programming developers are logical thinkers with a basic understanding of programming languages. They can think outside the box, and they earn well when skilled or certified.

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Industry Expertise

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  • Edu-tech
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  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Media

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