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Hire PostgreSQL developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire PostgreSQL developers

PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database meant to enhance the development experience making it more reliable, robust, and performant. When you hire PostgreSQL developers, look for the same qualities in the person as these aspects summarize the overall qualities of the right developer for your organization.

PostgreSQL is a prominent relational DBMS owing to its success to the community and omnipresence. Due to this, hiring the ideal PostgreSQL developer for your organization becomes a daunting task as there is heavy competition. Every PostgreSQL developer is up for grabs, and it depends on your requirements, which kind of engineer you want to work with.

Developers having expertise in this technology work on database modeling to create well-structured data models meant to cover all the business needs. A well-read and pioneering PostgreSQL developer will create future-proof database models. As a result, your organization won’t have to spend resources on updating the database according to the industry dynamics and potential to scale.

PostgreSQL is vital to building a solid and stable project. From here, you can well imagine the importance of hiring the right developer for your task. From running automated PostgreSQL clusters to selecting the best hosting solution, a PostgreSQL developer needs to be aware and experienced in several aspects to build a successful project.

Just as important it is to include PostgreSQL in your project, it is equally important to hire the right developer. This is where Skuad can help you. Our team of recruiters starts by understanding your perspective and requirements, followed by matching them with the developers in our database. If required, we also reach out to our network of global recruiters and find you the best person for the job.

PostgreSQL Developer Development Technologies

Development Languages

PostgreSQL has deep language support. This means that almost all the widely used coding languages like Python, JavaScript, C++, C, Ruby, etc., have full compatibility with PostgreSQL. Not only this, they extend the capabilities of PostgreSQL and make it more proficient. This further expands your circle of opportunities to hire the right PostgreSQL developer. Since the database management system has broader compatibility, you will have less conflicts.


pgAdmin is an incredible and important PostgreSQL tool used by the database management community working with this technology. The purpose of using pgAdmin stems from the fact that it simplifies the creation, maintenance, and utility of the objects in the database. As a result, the developers get an intuitive interface to work with. pgAdmin is a client tool that works with the local or remote PostgreSQL servers.

Point-in-Time Recovery

Point-in-Time recovery allows the PostgreSQL developers to reclaim the database at a certain point in time. Without an addition like PIT, recovering the database can become a daunting task for the developers. With PIT, the developers can restore the database quickly and without losing transaction data.

Stored Procedures

Stored procedures allow a PostgreSQL developer to extend the functionality by adding user-defined functions. The developers can do so by adding procedural languages, which in fact, are referred to as stored procedures. So, this is like creating a library of user-defined functions that can be used at a later stage. The same procedures can be extended to different programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. The development of a user-defined library of predefined functions in PostgreSQL allows the community to use them in different ways.


Among other additions to PostgreSQL that are an important part of development, PostGIS is also one of them. It is a spatial database extender that lends support to add location queries in SQL. Like PostgreSQL, PostGIS is also open-source software that complies with the OGC. Comparing PostGIS with its counterparts like Oracle Spatial or ESRI, it performs better and adds more functionality.

You must hire PostgreSQL developers who have worked with these technologies or know about them. Besides understanding how to work with PostgreSQL, knowing these will make the developer better at working on database development. Hence, these technologies should become a core part of the interview process.

However, when it comes to selecting the candidates for an interview, you may end up spending more time than usual in going through the cover letters and resumes. Skuad helps you hire the top talent from the industry while taking care of their payroll and management solutions.

We have expert recruiters on the team who understand the ins and outs of the development environment. Hence, we find ourselves in a better position to select the perfect candidate for the interview.


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PostgreSQL Developers Development Industries

PostgreSQL has applications in many industries. The features package, stability, and robustness provided by this technology to the digital solution is a must-have today. Due to this, PostgreSQL is everywhere, and its deployment is on a progressive high.

1. Financial Industry

Within the financial sector, the online transaction processing (OLTP) workload is higher. PostgreSQL is an ACID-compliant technology, which makes it a perfect choice for creating databases in this sector. Also, we can integrate PostgreSQL with mathematical software like R or Matlab, which further makes it a perfect choice for financial companies. Some prominent names include Accenture and Revolt.

2. IT and Manufacturing

Apple has been using PostgreSQL since 2010, when it replaced MySQL with PostgreSQL. As a world leader in IT products manufacturing and designing, Apple requires PostgreSQL due to its speed and ability to innovate. The boosting power provided by PostgreSQL further makes the development and management process reliable and stable. Above all, PostgreSQL makes it all post at relatively lower costs than its counterparts.

3. Websites and Social Media

Online websites which handle millions of user requests every day utilize the fast processing speed and data retrieval capabilities of PostgreSQL. Examples include Instagram, IMDB, Reddit, Skype, etc. As these websites generate a huge amount of data, PostgreSQL helps analyze the data with speed and accuracy. Furthermore, it works well with different frameworks like Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, etc., to add scalability to the platform.

4. Streaming and Entertainment

Here again, the developers need to work with a technology that can handle huge amounts of requests and data processing concurrently. PostgreSQL is used by platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal. As online streaming platforms, they require a strong database management system to deliver the best results for every request. Spotify uses PostgreSQL to build the infrastructure on which the entire platform manages the data efficiently.

5. Science and Technology

Research-oriented scientific projects have to record and analyze huge amounts of data on a daily basis. PostgreSQL fits perfectly well in this scenario as it helps manage the data and analyze it with high accuracy. Furthermore, with its integrated technologies and aggregate functions, PostgreSQL can also be extended as and when needed.

PostgreSQL is quickly taking over the world of DBMS creation and development. From creating the skeleton of the database to developing one and then managing PostgreSQL has everything required to work on a modern system.

PostgreSQL as a technology can help your digital solution propel ahead and generate effective results. But you also need the right team of developers who understands the technology and can use it for your benefit. This is where we come in to help you recruit the perfect professionals for the job.

Skuad offers remote team management solutions that include taking care of the payroll of developers you need for the job. While working with you, we stay in touch with your team to share the updates and take them through the process.

Skills Requirements

Hard Skills Requirements to Hire PostgreSQL Developers

  • Experience of working with a mix of technologies for application and database development.
  • Has a strong hand in SQL and PostgreSQL as well as familiarity with their latest versions.
  • Familiarity with UNIX shell scripting.
  • Knows how to design and build the database structure.
  • Expertise in scripting, tuning, performance-enhancing, refactoring, and testing.
  • Can handle complex data modes and database scripts for different object types, tables, views, triggers, functions, etc.
  • Can work together with software developers and engineers to create the best-fit database solution for the project.
  • Knows about Microsoft Team Foundation, Git, Jira, and Agile methodologies for development.
  • Holds experience in one or more than programming languages from the list, including Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C, and C++.

Soft Skills Required for PostgreSQL Developers

  • Can handle multiple tasks related to PostgreSQL development.
  • Is able to communicate with other team members and clients.
  • Interpersonal skills required to become an integral part of the team.
  • Can evaluate the situation and prioritize the tasks accordingly.
  • Can manage and monitor the existing database while recommending changes to make it better.
  • Is able to analyze and solve performance problems.
  • Collaboration skills to work together with the team.

Industry Expertise

Skuad unified employment solution caters to various sectors — Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics & Transport, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Banking, Media, and more. From selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation, we act as your local HR to manage the day-to-day operations related to your overseas employees.

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