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Hire Powershell Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire PowerShell Developers

PowerShell is Microsoft’s management framework and a powerful administrative tool that allows you to automate tasks for your network and computer. Since the platform contains elements of Command Prompt and is built on the .NET framework, it has become the go-to tool for IT administrators to manage large networks.

PowerShell combines a command-line shell, a configuration management framework (open source of .NET or .NET Core), and scripting language that can provide you the cross-platform automation capabilities on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The powerful tool can automate practically every aspect of the Microsoft Windows Server and desktop infrastructure and function as a zealous scripting language for Microsoft- and non-Microsoft-based software. The tool’s commands are known as cmdlets, which is the driving force behind its robust functioning capabilities.

PowerShell was mainly designed to address the drawbacks of its DOS-based CLI (Command Line Interface), specifically when managing objects using complex scripting languages. The tool is a major timesaver and can help you make your network run efficiently and improve business productivity. You can hire PowerShell Developers to run your business operations and functions efficiently.

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Tools and Developing Technology of PowerShell

PowerShell is a free technology that allows you to integrate, automate, and develop any functions using script language and commands, additionally helping every enterprise relying on the Microsoft, Linux, and Apple services to empower their business functions.

1) PowerShell Console:

The console is installed default with the Windows OS (Windows 7 and higher). It allows the user to write codes on the PowerShell debug console itself and comes in handy while writing short codes.

2) PowerShell ISE:

The PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) is the default tool that comes with the supported Windows Servers, Windows OS, and PowerShell 2.0 installed on the desktop. The tool constitutes the debug console and PowerShell script editor that auto-suggest commands and parameters when you start typing, enabling developers to not remember and search for help. It also provides provisions for multiline script editing that will allow you to open multiple windows to write different scripts and let you execute them in the same console.

3) Visual Code Studio:

The Visual Code Studio is the most popular tool among PowerShell scripters and a Microsoft product, available for free in OS types like Windows, Apple, and Linux. The tool supports portable installations (installed in removable devices) and syntax highlighting for PowerShell script writing. The Visual Code Studio also supports multiple extensions for various languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, Yaml, XML, PowerShell, ESLint, and JSHint. When you hire PowerShell developers, primarily check for these skills.

4) Notepad++:

The Notepad++ is another free option for writing PowerShell Scripts for both developers and non-developers. The tool is specifically designed for development tasks supporting tabbed editing, multiple open files in a single window, and syntax highlighting for PowerShell.

5) PowerGUI:

The PowerGUI is a free IDE for PowerShell scripting provided by DELL Inc. The tool records all the scripts executed through the menu that will help you view the precise commands that were executed and modify them accordingly. The PowerGUI also offers features such as debugging and reporting capabilities, multi-layer script editors, IntelliSense, and syntax highlighting. Make sure you hire PowerShell developers with solid PowerGUI work experience.

6) PowerShell Plus:

The PowerShell Plus is also a free tool provided by Idera Inc. with many premium features like Powerful IDE, Pre-loaded Scripts, debugger, and Advanced Script Editor. The tool also provides an interactive learning center and online community to discuss the PowerShell Script’s troubleshooting issues and development progress.

7) PowerShell Studio 2019:

The PowerShell Studio 2019 is a paid software that will provide you with a variety of features with an advanced level of functionalities. The tool can quickly create MSI tool and PowerGUI tool, perform local and remote debugging, code formatting, and convert scripts into executable files. If you are planning to hire PowerShell developers, make sure they have a solid knowledge of PowerShell Studio 2019.

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Roles and Responsibilities of PowerShell Developers

PowerShell is the popular choice of the market and practically runs every business function associated with Microsoft, Apple, and Linux software. So, PowerShell is here to stay. The following is the list of responsibilities to consider when looking to hire PowerShell developers for the best user experience.

  • Should work as a part of the automation or engineering team and take responsibility for designing and implementing mechanical infrastructure components.
  • Should have a strong initiative to learn and enhance automation processes.
  • Should create a clear and concise technical documentation of their work.
  • Able to identify the root cause of any technical problem or failure.
  • Able to create proper role, configuration, and profile syncing between all the interaction centers and online communities.
  • Should develop, test, and deploy PowerShell scripts and commands based on the ongoing business requirements.
  • Able to interact with other team members and departments for joint projects.

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Requirements- Hard skills

Some hard skills to look for while hiring a Powershell developer are,

  • Robust PowerShell programming and development skills are necessary.
  • Carry experience in Microsoft Exchange and SQL server management.
  • Knowing Power BI or any other BI is desirable.
  • Hold Network Certification, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), or other approved certifications.
  • Hold Windows Server certification, MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)/ MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert), or other relevant verified certifications.
  • Have strong knowledge of tools such as Jenkins, GIT, and Gerrit.
  • Able to tackle challenging problems and find creative solutions to solve them.
  • Able to identify areas of continuous improvement for enhancing business productivity.
  • Passionate about developing processes for more innovative working operations on PowerShell scripting.
  • Have experience in applying complex problems solving techniques to reverse engineer applications.
  • A strong foundation on Powershell scripting (i.e., installing device drivers, removing software), task automation, and configuration and API interaction.
  • Able to automate and execute Office 365 administrative tasks via Powershell, including user account licensing and statistic reporting.
  • Should create Powershell scripts for daily operations, including monitoring servers as well as databases.
  • Work with automation, positive and solution-oriented mindset.
  • Should have proven expertise in using and creating Powershell scripts.
  • Capabilities to meet the expected deadlines and quick thinker.
  • Should properly document weekly reports and failure analysis.

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Requirements- Soft Skills

  • Have proper communication skills and fluency in the English language.
  • Work as a dedicated team player in any department or group assigned by the company.
  • Capability to take full ownership of scripting, from designing to execution.
  • Work efficiently and closely with the product, development operations, BI, automation teams, and business.
  • Update skills and knowledge on the latest technologies or versions in PowerShell.
  • Able to build new products or enhance the previous version’s performance and directly impact the future of our service or product.
  • Should have the experience to work in a high-pressure environment and deliver the work promptly.
  • Learn to manage people and work around them seamlessly to gain more leadership qualities.
  • Should have considerable time management skills and attention to detail.
  • Unique qualities like attention to detail, critical thinking, and a quick problem-solving approach are required.

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  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in PowerShell scripting.
  • Hands-on experience with PowerShell and all its associated tools.
  • Significant work on current software tools and technologies.
  • Capability to learn and adapt to recent technologies and software in no time.
  • Able to write PowerShell scripts or automation modules for business systems utilizing PowerShell 4.0 or higher.
  • Ability to work in any environment and highly interested in working with developer’s tools.
  • Able to resolve different tasks and daily monitoring the status of each task is necessary.
  • Hands-on experience in business automation scripts and development commands.

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Salary Structure

The Salary of PowerShell developers varies depending on several factors, such as the job profile, experience, location, business objectives and country regulations. According to market research, an average salary of a PowerShell developer is INR 1,930,000 per year, mostly varying between INR 1,000,000 to 4,150,000.

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PowerShell Certifications

There is no particular certificate for PowerShell, but there are few Microsoft certificates that require significant knowledge in PowerShell to acquire them. The MCSA (Microsoft’s entry-level Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) for Windows Server 2016, the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) for Productivity and Mobility, Azure Administrator Certificate (Microsoft), and Microsoft 365 Certificate will prove that a developer has the PowerShell scripting, automation and maintaining skills (server maintenance. So, if you are looking to hire PowerShell developers, these are the certifications to consider.

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Key Takeaways

  • PowerShell is a powerful tool that can automate any task in the Windows, Linux, and Apple ecosystem.
  • PowerShell can help you write any programming coding with relative ease.
  • The tool can handle large batches of files and manage massive IT infrastructures and networks.
  • PowerShell can invent or design new machines with the help of its cross-platform automation solution and management framework.
  • PowerShell scripts allow anyone to manage their server services, regardless of Microsoft, Apple, and Linux products.
  • The primary objective of PowerShell is to automate a range of tedious and time-consuming tasks on a computer and export it to the network or server.

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