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Hire Processing Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Processing Developers

Processing is a flexible software sketchbook built to educate non-programmers about the fundamentals of computer programming and teach them how to code within a visual context.

Processing mainly works in the Java language (the most popular language in the IT world) with some additional simplifications for the compilation and execution. First released in 2001, Processing is a full-blown designing and prototyping tool used for complex data visualization and large-scale data installation resulting in rising demand of Processing Developers, hence companies are always on the lookout to hire Processing developers.

As an alternative to Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Processing has a sketchbook for organizing and maintaining various projects as the developers wanted to sketch their ideas in codes. Along with programming in classes, it also allows its users to build their own class, leading to the indulgence of complex data types rather than sticking solely to the standard data type. The hype has opened doors for the youngsters to read and understand more about Processing.

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Developing Technologies of Processing Developers

The following are the tools that are included with the processing software

1) Color selector

A color selector is a graphical simple interface usually found in Processing software for selecting colors as RGS, HSB, and Hex values.

2) Movie Maker

In Processing software, the Movie Maker is a useful tool as it allows to create QuickTime movies from multiple pictures placed in a sequence. Options such as setting the size, dragging the picture, frame rate, compression, and audio file make this tool an interesting one to work with.

3) Archive Sketch

Archive creates a copy of the original sketch in .zip format and places it in the same directory as the sketch.

4) Create Font

This tool helps to convert the font into the processing font format by adding the current sketch. It offers various options for setting the font, size, characters, etc.


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Roles and Responsibilities of Processing Developers:

The role of a Processing developer is in demand at the moment, so it's important to analyze the responsibilities they are supposed to fulfill at the workplace. However, we cannot stick to a certain responsibility. Also, it may vary according to the company, the position, and the years of expertise in the field. To give you a more precise idea, here is the list:

  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining high-volume applications
  • Delivering high availability and performance
  • Playing a major part during the complete development cycle
  • Writing well-designed, testable codes
  • Ensuring complication of designs with simplifications

The responsibilities of processing developers cannot be put in a box as they play various roles at a time some of which are left unnoticed too.

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Required Expertise

Requirements- Hard skills

Being a Processing Developer is not everyone's cup of tea as it asks for various skills that should be present to troubleshoot complex problems. The following skills make one a great developer:

  • As a developer, the skill of organizing complex data and using it to solve some serious problems is on everyone's list of priorities.
  • Knowledge and experience in programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python.
  • Comfortable with version control concepts and tools like Mercurial, etc.
  • To be a productive developer, spend some time learning text editor and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Get friendly with the integrated development environment (IDEs) as it allows one to write, compile, modify, run, and debug your code.
  • While creating software, it's essential to be well-versed in understanding databases to run the operation smoothly.
  • Attain proper knowledge of fundamentals and mechanisms of operating systems to deal with emerging issues like memory usage, blocking problems, etc.
  • Before entering into programming, get the proper knowledge of networking basics.
  • Learn the basics of testing to eliminate the bugs in the application and software, if there are any.
  • One should have proper knowledge of working with cross-platform software to see personal growth in minimum time.
  • Learn to implement a secure and encrypted key to protect the sensitive information of the user.
  • Well aware of the life cycle of software from starting to the end, from requirement analysis to the maintenance of product respectively. It includes seven phases:
  1. Gathering and analysis
  2. Feasibility
  3. Design
  4. Implantation and coding
  5. Testing of software
  6. Deployment
  7. Maintenance
  • Microsoft Excel has nothing to do with developing software or implementing codes, but it comes in handy to track overall progress, data analysis, quality check, maintenance, and project planning.

The list for hard skills is long but that’s what is asked to be a great processing developer. A lot of hard work and skills to shine on!

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Requirements- Soft skills

For any person to be counted as a good developer, just the hard skills won’t work. But a perfect amalgamation of hard and soft skills will make a great combination. So, here we have listed a few major soft skills that need to be present in a processing developer.

  • Feeling of empathy to understand others' state of mind is crucial
  • Communication skills
  • Composed and patient
  • To achieve the best conclusions, think critically.
  • Curious
  • Ability to hit the deadlines right

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The job of a Processing Developer involves innumerable responsibilities and requires various skills to become a master. Along with the best skills and the ability to fulfill all the responsibilities, a certain amount of experience working as a processing developer surely gives an upper hand to an individual in the organization as one is well-versed with the pros and cons of the role. Also, it gives a better perspective to troubleshoot complex situations. Therefore, organizations do Hire Processing Developers who acquire some of our experience so that they can ace the work totally.

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Salary Structure

The salary of Processing developers varies depending on several factors such as their position in the organization, location, and expertise in the field. According to the latest market research, the average salary of processing developers runs between USD 90,106 to USD 122,500 per annum. If one is a top earner, it can even touch USD 146,000 per annum.

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Processing Developer Certification

The Processing Developer certification allows one to practice and demonstrate their skills. When companies Hire Processing Developers, they give preference to one who holds certification.

All the certification exams are backed by multiple test schedules, rich training, and self-study material that gives you an upper hand over your competitors in and outside the organization and the assurance to face all the pros and cons positively. This act provides technological superiority in the person’s mind and boosts up the personal confidence to deal with brainstorming situations.

At Skuad, where we serve your needs with the best talents from all around the world under one roof, you can hire certified and talented Processing Developers with the required experience that will fulfill all your requirements to the best of their abilities and capabilities. So, if you want to have the best people to work within your organization, contact our experts at Skuad now to find the best solutions!

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Key Takeaways

  • First introduced in 2001, Processing teaches the fundamentals of programming language.
  • It is a Java-based programming language.
  • The major role of the processing developer is to design and maintain high-volume applications
  • Since 2001, the tool has taught more than ten thousand students, designers, and artists within a visual context.
  • The Processing Developer should be comfortable with various programming languages such as Java and JavaScript.
  • The development of various soft skills gives an upper hand in the organization.

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