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Hire Product Management Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Product Management Developers

From creating a product development strategy to delivering successful software to a client, the entire lifecycle of a development project depends on its management system. A product manager handles from the tiniest details to the breakthrough while marketing the product that makes it essential to hire the right manager with the right skills.

Companies like Google and Microsoft have been delivering exceptional SaaS products because of the innovative management system they hold. With more and more remote hiring in the past few years, finding a skillful product development manager is getting distinct and complex.

Not only the entire product development process, but the feedback, marketing, and future improvement also depend on the management to deliver a successful product in the market.

What Does a Product Manager Do?

Product management developers are solely responsible for the roadmap, designing, execution, sales, and feedback collection of a digital product. Their main task is to regulate activities between the technical team, end-users/clients, and the owner of a specific project. Apart from the development, a product development manager is expected to take initiatives for the profit evaluation, feature description, and increasing product sales to meet client's expectations in the best manner possible.

When a company hires a product management developer, the preferred candidate would possess an extensive development background, knowledge of the relevant platform, programming, and sales activities. By analyzing the market trends, competitions, and user experience, product management developers forecast the future and improvements to deliver maximum results.

Regardless of the blueprint of a particular software product, management includes a vast range of methodologies, leadership abilities, and wisdom to help a team improve overall performance. Most companies look for managers with the potential of leading the product development as a mini-CEO, even if they don't hold vast technical knowledge or experience.

However, technical experience or certification can make the overall hiring process much easier for the organization.


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The Difference Between Product Managers & Developer Managers

If your company is known to work in diverse sectors, you might have multiple management requirements in mind. You will need to distinguish between technical and non-technical candidates as per the provisions. A product manager commands the entire project as a team lead to get the job done. They are also involved in marketing and sales strategies to take the product to its next level in the market.

Soft skills of the managers are usually the same, however, a technical product management developer must have a background in development and programming. A technical manager shares the knowledge and skills with the team and can offer a solution whenever a hurdle appears. For large-scale software development projects, hiring a technical expert as a product manager seems quite beneficial. They can make it easier for the technical team to create a solid digital product within the deadline and budget.

What to Expect from a Reliable Product Management Developer?

Most of the product development managers are promoted internally by the organizations. They are the experienced ones, holding the experience of operating closely with the developers, marketing experts, testers, and managers. However, remote hiring has completely changed the way companies choose their product management developers in the past few years.

Hence, you must know what to expect when hiring someone new as a manager. A successful company always favors management that prioritizes the end-user of a digital product, but there is more to product management that makes your company stand out from the crowd.

While one is looking for a PM job or the right candidate for the position, here are the qualities that make an excellent product management developer for any business.

1) Product Manager is the Bridge Between Product Development and Performance Evaluation

To become a great manager, the candidate needs to be the leader of the development rather than only a developer. Financial success is what a company expects from a specific digital product. No matter how good their technical skills are, they must have a vision, and a unique strategy to fuel the success. They will be responsible for each step with all the small details that make the product better than the competitors. If the outline of the development is great, the performance would automatically be profitable.

2) Always Keeping the Customer in Mind

If the developer is managing user-friendly product development, they should always prioritize customers with specific solutions at every stage of the process. Get into the depth of the product, and its usefulness. If they are not satisfied with ideas or any technical feature, they have the authority to bring innovation to the table by employing their technical abilities.

3) PM-Engineering Collaboration

Collaboration while product designing, engineering, and testing are the key factors that increase the chances of a successful product launch within the deadline. The product manager must know what is happening without telling the developers how to code or how to expand the functionality.

4) Handling Multiple Responsibilities Efficiently

According to Jackie Bavaro, co-author of Cracking the PM Interview, the best-selling book on product management, "Product managers are the core piece of successful product development, and there is no minimum qualification required for the job.”

Customer insights, data insights, team collaboration, and strategic skills like a long-term vision for the product are some main roles a PM needs to play.


Requirements- Hard Skills

  • Analytical skills like gathering data, analyzing it, interpreting the meaning, and presenting it.
  • Knowledge of modern-day marketing, sales, and technical marketing platforms.
  • Experience in events to display safety, connectivity, and recovery software solutions.
  • Experience in the software product marketing activities for HPLC and CE products, encouraging software assistance revenue > 10% CAGR.
  • Experience in gathering detailed stipulations from end-users to produce blueprints for future improvements.
  • The candidate must work with the engineers to identify performance bugs and secure that the product is up to date as per the expectations.
  • Experienced in programming, website maintenance along with basic technical knowledge.
  • Keen understanding of web design, Search Engine Optimization, HTML, and CSS. 
  • Basic knowledge of database management, software release, Cloud/Saas Services.
  • Experienced in software product development projects along with a basic knowledge of programming and coding.
  • Experience in CRM, MOC, HRS, and Quality Control.
  • The ability of technical documentation and content management systems for sales and marketing demonstration.
  • Experience in administering customer interviews and user testing.
  • Experience in running design sprints.
  • Can evaluate performing market estimations.
  • Decoding business-to-technical specifications.
  • Cost and revenue modeling.

Requirements- Soft Skills/Others

  • Understanding the requirements and desires of a new product development idea.
  • Interpersonal skills. 
  • Can encourage the team members by precisely explaining the purpose of the product and why it matters to the consumers.
  • Developing new ideas and demonstrating the roadmap.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Experience in working with the engineering department, marketing, or sales.
  • Have worked as a team member for a successful digital product launch and marketing.
  • Leadership and management skills.
  • Long-sightedness and attention to detail. 
  • Technical and professional writing skills.
  • Collecting feedback from the clients and narrating it to the team and support members in a positive manner.
  • Creating and brainstorming ideas with a problem-solving mindset
  • Time management skills to meet deadlines.
  • Basic technical knowledge to create digital products that deliver the user experience.
  • Collaborative working approach and confidence to lead from the front.
  • Communicate plans and strategies to management and teams.
  • Assessment of project costs, budget recommendations, and reports, and performance monitoring.
  • Developing and managing comprehensive project risk control plans.
  • Promoting qualification, project risk identification, response, and control.
  • Execute timely decisions, resolve and eliminate issues on time to keep up with project schedules and budget.
  • Recognize possibilities in the form of product gaps in the business.
  • Able to set goals and key initiatives to meet the company expectations of the result.

Hire Product Management Developers with The Right Skills

When looking to hire product managers for your company, you must shortlist the skills that are non-negotiable. Whether for sales and marketing purposes, problem-solving skills, or technical requirements, a product manager must ensure credibility and intelligence. Whatever your product requirements are, analyze if they answer your concerns such as,

  • Will they be able to return the investment you are going to make?
  • Are they a part of any successful product launch previously?
  • Are they aware of the business terms like revenues, cost evaluation, sales strategies, and more?
  • Whether or not they have the right attitude for handling a technical team?

To make your hiring easier, Skuad has created a comprehensive HR platform, whether you are looking for a remote, contract-based, or full-time product management developer for your company. We have the most advanced features to simplify your hiring requirements, employment contracts, payroll, and more. Working with the industry leaders, we can find you the best talent to handle your product development.

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