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Hire Puppet Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Puppet Developers

Puppet is a tool used for the automation purpose of configuration management. It can also be used for software deployment. It is an open-source software used for configuration, management, deployment and much more. It uses the DSL domain-specific language for the system configuration.

  • Open source Puppet - This particular version is available on the website and is also known as open-source Puppet.
  • Puppet Enterprise - This particular version comes with various features such as tools for managing the nodes, role-based access control, GUI, reporting, orchestration and API.

Puppet can be used to ensure that all the servers are fully functional. This can be done by writing codes that can be deployed to the servers through automation. This helps to reduce the workload and increases the speed of development. Puppet also allows you to assign configurations for each host.

It can also be used to continuously monitor the servers and make sure that the particular configuration stays the same and does not change. You can also control all the configurations in a centralized manner through the process of automation. It can also deploy software automatically and implement codes. This is the reason why companies choose to hire Puppet developers.

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Tools and technologies of Puppet developer

In Puppet, the agent nodes check the master node within 1800 seconds to check for the required updates. If there is any need for updating, the Puppet implements the codes as required.

The four types of Puppet building blocks are as follows:

  • Puppet Resources: These are the building blocks; they are inbuilt and run continuously on the back end performing various functions.
  • Puppet Classes: A particular group that consists of different resources can be referred to as a class.
  • Puppet Manifest: All the Puppet DSL files are stored in a directory referred to as Manifest. Each of these files contains a .pp extension that represents a Puppet program.
  • Puppet Modules: Similar to manifest the modules consist of various files and directories. They can be shared as well as reused.

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Types of Puppet Resources

Resources contain various files, services, packages, processes, etc.

In general, resources consist of files, users, services, processes, packages, etc. They are used to perform numerous functions and act as the building blocks of a Puppet. These resources can be utilized to perform numerous functions on a platform that supports it. Resources can be used to perform more than one task.

There are three kinds of resources:

  • Puppet core or built-in resource types: The built-in resource types already exist within Puppet software and are written by its team.
  • Puppet-defined resource types: These resource types already exist within Puppet, and they use a combination of various resource types.
  • Puppet custom resource types: These resource types are highly customized and are written inside Ruby.

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Role and Responsibilities of a Puppet Developer

Other than managing the configuration of Unix like Microsoft Windows, there are various responsibilities that a Puppet developer is expected to fulfill in an organization. Some of the responsibilities that are expected of a Puppet developer are as follows:

  • Analyze system specifications and review them regularly.
  • Integrate Puppet enterprise with enterprise metadata to assist with automation, design and development.
  • In order to develop and automate custom applications, the developer must collaborate with automation architects.
  • Must comply with the security standards while designing the infrastructure.
  • Develop scripts utilizing the knowledge of application code.
  • Assist in troubleshooting requirements whenever required.

The list does not end here. Other than these, there are many other responsibilities that one needs to take into consideration while hiring a Puppet developer.

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Hard Skills

Hard skills are the technical abilities that developers need to possess in order to stand out from the crowd. The presence of these skills increases developers’ productivity and efficiency, finally leading to higher client satisfaction.

  • The ability to design and implement next generation automation solutions.
  • Improve Continuous Integration and maintain continuous delivery environments.
  • Keeping automation in mind, drive end-to-end DevOps-based software development.
  • Take ownership in designing and implementing DevOps solutions that consist of reference architecture.
  • Predict the future state of environments on the basis of ROI analyses.
  • Analyze recommendations for profit opportunities and seek profitable ventures.
  • Showcase technical skills and leadership qualities in the development of mobile technology.
  • Suggest solutions for the client’s infrastructure and automation requirements to the business and technology leadership.
  • Make presentations for client workshops for suggested solutions.
  • Showcase authority on the subject of DevOps with cloud formation and configuration management.
  • Analyze the best practices in the field of DevOps, automation and security.
  • Act as a mediator between the clients, engineers and the support team.
  • Plan common development processes and tools implementation for mobile solutions.
  • Analyze existing solutions and system infrastructure.
  • Serve as an authority on automation of systems by sampling white papers.

The above skills are essential for overall growth and success. However, hard skills alone do not lead to an individual's success as developers also need to have a solid grasp over soft skills that contributes a big part to customer satisfaction.

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Soft skills

Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable the developers to make a healthy and fruitful conversation with the clients and maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the workplace. In order to be a renowned developer, the following soft skills play a vital role:

  • Plan strategies to provide solutions and face challenges.
  • Communicate ideas with clarity and confidence.
  • Approach a particular problem from multiple angles.
  • The ability to work in unity with different teams to achieve common goals.
  • The ability to execute the given tasks with responsibility.
  • Improvise and innovate as needed.
  • The ability to come up with unique solutions to any problem.
  • Work to improve the existing skillset and continue to inculcate the latest trends.
  • Show leadership qualities and motivate team members.
  • Action and result-oriented and goal-driven.

The presence of these soft skills helps to develop relationships between the employers and employees and builds solid trust.

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Salary of A Puppet Developer

According to PayScale, the average salary of a Puppet Engineer is $90,000 per year, and it may go up to $115,666 per annum based on their skills and expertise. Some other factors that affect salary include the type of the company, role and responsibilities, skillset, knowledge base, and location. A certified developer is always a preferred choice when compared to non-certified professionals.

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  • Expertise in Puppet development
  • Extensive knowledge of the Linux operating system
  • Proficient in the workings of Ruby and ERB templates
  • Should also have a decent understanding of agile frameworks
  • Should also possess some experience in ball shell scripting
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to find minute errors
  • Ability to organize and lead

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Puppet Developer Certification

Getting certified as a Puppet developer has numerous benefits that help developers excel in their field of expertise. To avoid errors and discrepancies at work, businesses prefer certified professionals only. It gives the confidence and the motivation that companies need to achieve their professional goals. Companies love to hire Puppet developers who have been through the certification process because that showcases their talent and dedication.

We at Skuad provide the necessary support required to find certified individuals in one single place. We understand your different needs, whether hiring a freelancer for a small project or a permanent employee. We make sure that we deliver as per your requirements.

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Key takeaways

  • Puppet is a tool used for the automation purpose of configuration management.
  • Puppet platform can be used to ensure that all the servers are fully functional.
  • Developers integrate Puppet enterprise with enterprise metadata to assist with automation, design and development.
  • It is necessary to comply with the security standards while designing the infrastructure.
  • Developers must have Strong Puppet Development experience.
  • Familiarity with Agile frameworks is a plus.
  • Expertise in Puppet development is an essential skill.

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