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Quality Assurance Developers

Hire Quality Assurance Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Quality Assurance Developers

If you work in the IT world, or any other sector for that matter, you know how significant it is to have an exceptional quality assurance developer. This type of developer checks the reliability and efficiency of digital products and looks to see if the product meets the set standards or not. The process of detecting errors and finding ways for improvement leads to customer satisfaction and credibility, improving the company's overall performance.

Quality assurance developers yield high-quality products that not only meet business standards but build trust and loyalty in the consumers. In an agile environment, everyone, including developers, testers, and operators, works collaboratively to make the ongoing project a success by finding ways for improvements. Yet, quality assurance developers sometimes struggle to fit well in the working scenarios. Because quality assurance is crucial in the entire development process, there has been a rise in demand for certified and experienced quality assurance developers.

Companies are now looking to hire quality assurance developers who will prove to be an asset for their organization, as these developers not only eliminate bottlenecks but maintain a continuous flow of work that leads to growth and development. The position comes with its own set of complexities that quality assurance developers monitor and tackle for higher improved performance.

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Tools And Development Technologies Of Quality Assurance

To monitor and manage the reliability and efficiency of a digital product, quality assurance developers use the following tools. Each device is different and has its distinct characteristics supporting the situation.

  • Flowchart: A diagram representing a workflow method in an organization or a step-by-step approach indicates a flowchart workflow.
  • Check Sheet: A check sheet or a tally sheet is a structured quality tool used to collect data from different sources for various purposes.
  • Histogram: The histogram is a graphical representation of a bar chart used for frequency distributions.
  • Pareto Chart: A Pareto chart is a bar graph representation that highlights the factors that are the reason for the cause of problems or failure in the digital product.
  • Cause-Effect Diagram: A cause-effect diagram or the fishbone diagram highlights many possible causes of a problem.
  • Control Chart: The capacity ensures the overall process stability, and control charts are taken into consideration.
  • Scatter Diagram: The Scatter diagram establishes a solid relationship between the cause affecting the problem and the overall effect.

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Role And Responsibilities Of Quality Assurance Developers

  • Run a quick review of the digital products to provide timely and meaningful feedback.
  • Create well-structured test plans and test cases to ease out the quality assurance process.
  • The developer should be able to prioritize and plan task testing activities.
  • Coordinate well with everyone, including developers, testers, and operators.
  • Should be able to estimate the testing activities.
  • Design and develop automation scripts using open source tools.
  • Identify bugs thoroughly and suggest ways for improvements.
  • Performa through regression when bugs are entirely resolved.
  • Develop and execute an efficient testing process to meet the client's needs.
  • Collaborate with team members to identify the set requirements.
  • Monitoring the entire debugging process.
  • Investing in the cause of bottlenecks and training users to implement practical solutions.
  • Track quality assurance to meet the set standards.
  • A solid understanding of testing tools and test strategies.

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Required Expertise

Hard Skills

For any developer to develop professionally and personally, hard skills play a significant role in learning and practice. Below, we have listed some primary hard skills that quality assurance developers should possess.

  • Proficient knowledge of automation tools such as UFT/QTP, Ruby, or Watir is a must to code automated tests.
  • A solid understanding of various testing tools and technologies to ease out the quality assurance process.
  • A quick understanding of different types of software applications.
  • Ability to create test plans.
  • Ability to understand and write SQL scripts to work with various databases.
  • Set high standards and procedures to ensure quality checks.
  • Discover bottlenecks within the software and suggest practical ways to debug them.
  • Drive seamless overall testing process.
  • A noticeable experience with the agile development process.
  • Understanding of web-based testing applications.
  • Identify bugs throughout testing and resolving them within the process.
  • Detects potential issues that users may face during an end encounter.
  • Perform the entire testing manually and through automation.
  • Ability to adapt to new testing tools and technologies.
  • Thorough understanding of software development cycles.
  • Analyze final test results.
  • Identify areas for improvement to enhance user experiences.

Soft Skills

A quality assurance developer has a solid hard skill set, but that's not the end. Along with developing hard skills, the following soft skills play an equally important role, if not more.

  • The ability to think critically is an essential soft skill for quality assurance developers.
  • The capacity to make quick and efficient decisions is a must.
  • A can-to-do mentality will lead you a long way.
  • Ability to adapt to the latest changes and learn everything new is a skill that quality assurance developers should develop.
  • Understanding when to ask questions and knowing how to ask should be present to them.
  • Excellent listening skills are a must in the testing environment.
  • The ability to collaborate in a team and work well with other teammates takes you a long way.
  • Time management is a practical skill that developers should possess.
  • Learn to prioritize things and work accordingly.
  • Keeping yourself in other's shoes and learning different perspectives is a unique skill that quality assurance developers should develop with time.

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The responsibilities of quality assurance developers are not limited to one category whereas, they are required to participate in additional duties such as the following:

  • Prior working experience in software development.
  • Hands-on working experience as a quality assurance developer.
  • A proficient understanding of software quality assurance methodologies, processes, tools, and technologies.
  • Should be able to write and develop comprehensive test plans and test cases to carry out the testing process.
  • A quick understanding of black-box and white-box testing.
  • Knowledge of various automation tools.
  • Solid understanding of scripting and SQL.
  • Bachelors or/and master’s degree in computer science or related subjects.
  • Collaborating with other teammates, including developers and testers.
  • Running quick analysis and detecting bugs timely.
  • Suggesting ways to remove bottlenecks.
  • Daily monitoring and resolving challenges in the working environment.
  • Shaping the new talents of the team.
  • Deal with the rapid changes that arise in the technologies.
  • Attending meetings with developers to understand the set standards.
  • Excellent communication skills to carry out conversation well.
  • Great listening power to understand others' perspectives.
  • Capable of overcoming challenges in the working environment.

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Salary Structure

Being a quality assurance developer is a position of pride that comes with significant responsibilities. According to the latest market research, the average salary for a quality assurance developer is $77,593 per annum. However, it may vary depending on the individual job's title, years of experience, and certification.

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Quality Assurance Developer Certification

Acquiring certification as a quality assurance developer indicates a professional level of competence and develops you professionally. As an advanced role, the assurance developer is responsible for managing multiple things that might result in a plethora of issues in the existing system. Therefore, companies always hire quality assurance developers who are certified and experienced in the same field. A certification gives superior technical advantages and allows to explore better employment opportunities in the IT sector.

Skuad is a platform where we can help you hire certified professionals from all over the world under one roof based on your hiring requirements. No matter what your hiring needs are, we've got everything covered for you.

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Key Takeaways

  • Quality assurance developers check the reliability and efficiency of digital products.
  • Analyze the working environments to carry out the activities smoothly.
  • A quality assurance developer detects errors and finds ways for improvements.
  • Collaborate with the teammates to carry out the conversations and meet the set standards.
  • To manage tasks effectively, quality assurance developers use various tools and technologies.
  • Proficient knowledge of tools and developing technologies ease out the testing process.
  • A basic understanding of technologies and software is a must.
  • Fulfills various responsibilities to meet the set standards.
  • Design, build and execute test plans.
  • Along with hard skills, soft skills play an extensive role in the working environment.
  • The significant advantage of quality assurance developers is they enhance user experience and the company's credibility.

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Industry Expertise

Software developers and quality assurance developers are the two pillars of the projects that ensure positive results. However, the process of hiring quality assurance developers can be daunting if you do not have the right resources. Skuad works as your local HR to help you hire quality assurance developers across the world under one roof. We cater to various sectors, including Edutech, Fintech, Travel, Logistics, Retail, Ecommerce, and Transport, where we manage day-to-day activities related to your overseas employees

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