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Hire R Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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Hire and pay dedicated developers in 160+ countries

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R technology has a clever name. An improvised implementation of S technology, not only stands above in alphabetical system but also in nature. It is Free software under GNU’s General Public License project and a language and program for graphing and statistical computing. It is available in source code form. R technology was the baby of Bell technologies, and now Lucent technologies. They took cues from S technology and even took some of the codes are from S tech, however it is majorly known for the differences between them. The R-technology of programming is also called visual programming.

R-technology is not dependent on any operating system or programming language. Following ISO 8631H, this package is applied to computers like mainframes IBM 370, Minis (VAX) or Micros (IBM/PC), and many high-level languages like PASCAL, ASSEMBLER, RTRAN, FORTRAN and more. It is so diverse that it can also be run and compiled on varied platforms like UNIX, and systems including FreeBSD, Linux, Windows and MAC OS. The R advantage is that it provides a great variety of graphical and statistical techniques. Some of the statistical techniques are classical statistical tests, linear and non-linear modelling, clustering, classification, time-series analysis, etcetera. The technology is considered highly extensible and provides full control to the users. The creators of R – Technology, John Chambers and his team deserve a round of applause for the ease of producing well-designed publication-quality plots that R is capable of producing. It also produces formulae and mathematical symbols as needed.  

The R-Technology and S- Technology are used in tandem with each other. When S-technology is used for research in statistical methodology, R-Technology compliments by providing an Open-Source route to support the program. The technology has impeccable defaults for the minutest design choices in graphics. The R-Core Team and R Foundation for Statistical Computing support the R-technology. Major users for the programming language are data miners, and statisticians, to be used for data analysis, statistics-based software.  

As studied by the TIOBE Index, a measure of the popularity of programming language survey, R stands at 12th position as of July 2021. The polls, data mining surveys etc. tools have shown that R has gained substantial popularity. This easily accessible, powerful language for data science is also a tool extensively used in Stock Analysis Market. R is coded on the software RStudio and a few more platforms.

There are many features of the R environment, which is an integrated suite of software facilities with use in data manipulation, graphical display and calculations. The R-Technology includes  

A dependable data handling and facility for storage 

graphical facilities for data analysis and on-screen or on hardcopy display 

An array of operators for calculations on arrays and matrices. 

a robust, intelligible, integrated collection of intermediate tools for data analysis a simple, effective and well-developed, programming language. It includes loops, conditionals, user-defined recursive functions and input and output facilities.

Since the programming language has been developed as a fully planned, and coherent system instead of an upgraded version of S-technology and inheriting its limitations, this is quite an environment. Most of the program is written in the R dialect of S, thus users are well conversant and follow the algorithm quite easily. It also allows the users to define new features and add additional functionality. For intensive computations, the system can work by linking C, C++ and FORTRAN codes at the runtime. If you have enough experience with R and C languages and understand them well, then you can get away with manipulating the R code by writing C Code directly. Due to its heavy use in the statistical system, it is often confused with being a statistics system itself. However, it should be understood as an environment for the implementation of statistical techniques.  

R, as we said is highly extensible, comes with about eight packages and is also available through the CRAN family of internet sites (with a wide range of modern statistics). R can be extended with these packages. Its documentation format is comprehensive and is available both online and as hard copy.

The Open-Source tag attached with R is very beneficial for it. Traditionally it has been used for researches and academics. Being open-source helps the institutes or individuals to save costs. The second advantage is that it helps in heavy calculations. It is a common adage in the R circles that ‘R is meant to get the job done, not to ease your computer. The third advantage is that being open-source latest techniques and versions get released quickly. Fourth is the easy availability of documents on the internet and its cost-effectiveness.

Another striking feature is its active communities. The communities are spread worldwide and actively learns, network, and share ideas. They conduct events, like conferences, meetups, etc. to bring the community closer. R-Ladies group is a ladies’ exclusive group that promotes gender diversity and ease of networking and learning together. These communities help the seasoned developers in getting and implementing ideas in a better way, whereas they work as an incubator for the new entrants in the field. The annual function of the R user is called useR! Started in 2004 and going strong.

Since R s going strong through the years, there are a lot of jobs for R developers. Most of the big organizations preferentially work on R, so do the organizations preferring cost efficiency. As per market speculations about the number of jobs, they see an increase in their numbers in coming years. Some credit to this increase also goes to the growing number of startups who manage to keep their budgets in check by using dependable, open-source programs.

Usually, the requirements for R Developers are looking for the following responsibilities. However, the lists here are not exhaustive as they may vary from one organization to another, depending on the projects.


  • Keen governance and administration of R and Python and Linux on the shared platform. 
  • 3 years plus of experience in R development is mandatory.  
  • Development skills in Python are a plus. 
  • Implementation of new features, 
  • Configuration/customization of existing and new software products 
  • Creation and maintenance of software packages 
  • Troubleshooting and advising the ideas and solutions for enhancements of existing packages.  
  • Excellent communication skills and Relationship Management abilities are mandatory as the role is the candidate will also be facing the customer. Also, ability to understand customer requirements and convert them into solutions.

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  • 3 plus years of experience in development in R is a must 
  • Excellent Verbal and Written communication skills 
  • The candidate would have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science /Information Systems or any other related field 
  • At least 3-5 years of experience in developing R and administering Linux.

Good to have: 

  • Shell and PERL Scripting 
  • Knowledge in data sources and in support and maintenance of databases connectivity 
  • Knowledge of R-Studio and Python

Job description

• Application/ Platform monitoring and support. 

Providing coordination and global support for clients. 

• Bug tracking and debugging in R-Package, and Performance monitoring, 

• Management of users and groups, including using a centralized directory for authentication 

• Administration of access control of R projects and data assets. 

• Chalk out best practices of ‘R’ programming; ability to enforce them internally and with the clients. 

• Use critical thinking for the code walk with the development team (R& Python) and its analysis 

• Planning and executing the resource utilization and future capacity need based on the projects in the pipeline. 

• Preparing and presenting project reports, depicting platform usage, adoption, invoices, capacity planning etc. 

• Red hat Enterprise Linux – good understanding of and usage of essential tools for handling files, command-line environments, documentations and directories. 

• Assist clients with solutions using Rev-R and Cran-R packages

Industry Expertise

Find the right candidate for the right place is still not easy, even if you went through umpteen articles on R Technology. This requires a specialized hand with experience. We at Skuad, have been dealing with hiring and onboarding on different technologies for many years. And that is evident in the clients who are increasingly hiring us for the job. Skuad is an employer-on-record experienced in hiring, onboarding, legal formalities, taxations, payments, compliances, exits and all things to do with employee management. The organization pays our fees and all the payouts in one cheque, and that is all you do to maintain your workforce. You could be on an offsite location, or having branches outside your country of operation, we are your local HR, where ever you are located. We believe that you should be concentrating on your core business, while Skuad can take care of the non-value-added operations. They add value to us.

Hire and pay dedicated developers in 160+ countries

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Table of Content

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