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Hire React Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire React Developers

React is still one of the topmost web frameworks in the development world tasked with delivering performant front-end aspects. Due to its declarative nature, React is used to ideate and build engaging user interfaces driven by ease of use in terms of flexibility and component rendering.

React developers are tasked with designing and implementing user interface components for mobile and web applications. The developers utilize React’s Open-Source library of modules and components to build adaptive interfaces and ensure the completion of a web application development lifecycle from start to finish.

To hire React developers, you need to choose people who are good at using React and other JavaScript technologies. Beyond their expertise, choosing React developers is also subject to their experience, exposure, and the diversity of companies they have worked with.

As the center point of a user’s interaction with an interface, using React effectively is the difference between creating a successful product. Ergo, you need talented and dynamic professionals who live and breathe React and its development areas. To hire React developers, you can turn to Skuad and source the best candidate for your organization.

React Developer Development Technologies

At its base, React’s technology is driven by JavaScript. React does not make any assumptions about the technology stack, making it an ideal technology to use as ‘View’ in the MVC architecture. Some of the biggest technology-enabled companies across the world are using React, including Uber, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Without a doubt, JavaScript is the most popular programming language and since React is based on JavaScript, selecting the ideal candidate for your business is nothing short of a challenge. Not only do you need people who are fast learners and can adapt to the dynamic development environment, but you also need developers who possess soft and hard skills fine-tuned according to the company’s requirements.

The world around is constantly changing, and the users have new preferences motivated by a need to lead a life of accessibility and flexibility. Moreover, if you have the right people React will certainly give you that competitive edge you were looking for to steam ahead in the market. To hire React developers, you must understand the core tenets of why React is so popular and important for next-gen web and mobile applications front-end development.

Concurrent Mode

React is infused with Concurrent Mode consisting of features allowing the applications built with React to stay responsive and adaptable to the device and network speed. As a result, the applications are fast and user-friendly.

Backward Compatibility

React 16 retains the public APIs that are used in the previous versions of the technology. This retention of the public APIs will certainly remove the need to learn the entire thing from scratch with every new version of React. You can build new API features on top of the existing ones without updating the entire system.

Create a React App Kit

Since it is an open-source technology, React gives you access to a toolchain to create a web or mobile application underlined to ensure the best user experience. The starter kit gives access to scaling the files and components, using 3rd-party libraries, and mistake detection.

Customized Renders

Custom React Renderer allows building custom implementation sequences for the interface. Render props refer to a pattern for sharing the same logic across different application components, giving you the flexibility to decide how the UI will look to the user.

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM in React computes the UI before it renders and takes the real shape as intended, increasing its performance. With this, a virtual representation of the application interface is memorized to synchronize with the real DOM via the library.

In a world without Skuad, it would be obligatory for you to know these aspects if you want to hire React developers who know their game and can change according to the requirements. However, working with Skuad means that you can focus on other aspects of your business, while we provide assistance with managing globally distributed teams bringing them together on the Skuad platform for end-to-end visibility.

From full-time employees to contractors, freelancers, we have the right set of management solutions curated specifically for your company. Irrespective of the place of operation and industry, we are ready to proxy as your HR department, helping you manage daily operations and ensure constant reporting by virtue of being your employer of record.

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React Developer Development Industries

React has been a revolution of sorts in the development world, and its myriad of benefits is helping several industries create user-friendly interfaces meant to enhance customer experience. Let’s see a few industries using React as their primary technology to build front-end components of the applications.


React is built by Facebook, so it was apparent that they will be using it for all the Facebook products, one of which is WhatsApp. As one of the world’s largest messaging services, React’s functionalities and features are utilized to build user-friendly interfaces in WhatsApp.

Print Media

Another one of the world’s largest entities, this time React, is used to improve the interface of the New York Times to make the content look smooth and easy to find. From the old paper-based news to digitizing the news reading experience, the New York Times has invested heavily in implementing React-provided functionalities to their digital newspaper.

Online Streaming

Netflix is also using React to constantly improve its interface, which brings entertainment to its millions of users. Moreover, before React came into the picture, Netflix was marred with performance issues on several devices. But after migrating to React, the performance metrics, modularity, and several other components of the popular platform improved substantially.

Real Estate

It has been more than three years now since Airbnb started using React to expedite the development of its mobile platforms to develop the frontend components. More than 60 engineers are working with React and React Native technologies to help Airbnb users enjoy a better experience.


If you are working in the education sector and thinking of hiring React developers, stop thinking and start hiring because your competitors are not hesitating to work with this technology. Khan Academy, the popular online classes repository, uses React and everything that comes with it to create a responsive and performant interface for its users.

Several other industries and entities are leveraging the circle of potentialities and possibilities created by React to build their brands, audiences and create a new kind of experience. When you hire React developers, everything has to be considered with a primary focus on the hard and soft skills of an ideal React developer.

Requirements - Hard Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of JS (JavaScript), HTML, and other front-end languages.
  • JavaScript fundamentals including scoping, variables, array, objects, DOM manipulation, and Array functions. 
  • Understanding of JavaScriptXML and Babel and React tools including Webpack, Enzyme, Redux, Flux. 
  • When you hire React developers look for candidates who know how to conduct testing with popular frameworks, including Mocha and Jest. 
  • Knows about Node.Js and NPM to configure and add third-party integrations. 
  • Understands the MVC design pattern and the role of React in the architecture. 
  • The React developer should know how to write clean code. 
  • Has past working experience with PostgreSQL or MySQL. 
  • Experience with modern tooling technologies like GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, etc. 
  • Understanding and practical experience of working with React Hooks. 
  • Knows how to deploy the application interface on the cloud. 
  • Experience in integrating the front-end interface with the back-end with RESTful APIs. 
  • Knows how to create and explain the technical documentation related to product development. 
  • Demonstrable knowledge of CI/CD tools and testing technologies.

Required Soft Skills

As we have said before, when you are out there to hire React developers, don’t just prioritize the techy stuff. While it is essential, some other aspects are equally important and beneficial to prefer while hiring new developers. Here are the soft skills required to hire React developers.

  • Everybody knows this one, every sort of role in an organization requires good communication skills.
  • It is important for a developer to possess problem-solving skills due to the dynamic nature of the development process. 
  • Being accountable for one’s work is another important soft skill you need to check for hiring React developers. 
  • Collaboration is required to conduct discussions with the designers, product managers, and the team. 
  • Manage the team of junior developers, helping them solve day-to-day development issues.

Instead of crawling through a pile of resumes, get in touch with Skuad to hire React developers verified and possessing the technical skills to help companies stay abreast with the latest in UI/UX world. We ensure smooth onboarding, payroll management, and invoicing for your employees in more than 150 countries across the globe.

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