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Hire Redux Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Redux Developers

Redux, at its core, is a JavaScript library meant for the creation of a predictable state container for applications written in JavaScript. It is important to note that Redux is not a framework tool. The primary use of Redux is as an architecture tool, or in layman's terms, to help manage the state of apps written in JavaScript. It is often used in conjunction with libraries like Angular and React to construct applications in full. What does this mean, you may ask?

Well, to answer that question, we need to define a few terms first. In programming, the term "predictable" refers to a "state" that is always consistent. Regardless of the system the application is being run on. Conversely, this raises the question of what a "state" is; in this context, the "state" of an application includes every piece of data required for the functioning of an app. The "container", then, is the complete application encased into one.

Learn more about Redux

Redux was created in June 2015 by Dan Abramov. Redux was very similar to Facebook's Flux because it is inspired by it. However, the key difference between the two, which gives Redux an edge, is that Abramov streamlined the system so that Redux had only a single "store" and no dispatchers, unlike Flux. You see, Flux was created to allow Facebook to manage its UI logic and user interactions. The massive up-scaling being done by Facebook made the previous Model-View-Controller system they were using non -functional. Here, the Model is how the app handles data, View is the UI logic, and Controller is the data flow between Model and View. The streamlined process of Redux makes the data flow within the application even more simple and allows for a greater degree of micromanagement of the data.

There have been many rumbles recently that Redux is outdated and ready to be replaced, but this is far from the truth. Countless applications utilize Redux and even more impressively, so do numerous companies. Instagram, Slack, DoorDash, and Patreon are all absolute behemoths who hire Redux developers actively.


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Important features of Redux

If you are using Redux, it is wise to work with the Redux toolkit provided by the creators, but Redux can be used. The fundamental parts of the application are simple, namely - action, reducers, middleware, and store. Redux is just an open-source JavaScript library meant to achieve the singular task of helping you manage any apps written in JavaScript; therefore, it is rather straightforward in use.

It is strongly recommended to use Redux when you start building an application. The reason is this, remember how Facebook's management started failing when it had to scale up? Yeah, that's the reason you need to have a system to manage your data flow. Redux ensures that when an application becomes more complex as the list of its components grows, you have a method of ensuring that the burden of managing the complex state does not become impossible.

Because of Redux's flexibility, it can be used as both frontend and backend software. Redux is a predictable state container - so, it can be used for user interfaces and can be used as a backend software because of its single store, which ensures that the data accessible is the same everywhere.

Where can Redux be used?

Redux can be used in various ways because of how simple it is. This also makes it majorly popular in mobile applications. Some examples of how Redux can be used are:

  • Need to share data between different components? The single store in Redux makes this work like a dream.
  • Have an online multiplayer game and want to ensure that every user witnesses the same world? Redux is it.
  • Have plans to scale up massively but want to start small? Redux ensures you have the tools to do so smoothly.

Roles and responsibilities of a Redux Developer

Being good at Redux opens several doors in the world of app development, especially in mobile app development. This industry has boomed in the post-pandemic world, with user expenditure growing to US $143 billion and advertising expenditure to the whopping US $240 billion in 2020. These numbers are only expected to grow.

To be good at this job, a diverse background in various programming languages coupled with familiarity with choice libraries is necessary; after all, Redux is used in conjunction with other languages.

  • Familiarity with the Redux toolkit is strongly recommended.
  • Redux is JavaScript software. All developers must be familiar with the language and be able to write applications in it. JavaScript-based tools such as Webpack, Babel & npm. Additionally, knowledge of JavaScript-based languages and type systems such as TypeScript, FlowType, Elm, and ReasonML is also recommended.
  • Familiarity with React and Angular libraries is necessary as both are most often used in conjunction with Redux to create a view engine to build a component-based application.
  • In line with the last point, a redux developer must use React to create different kinds of software, including but not limited to Single Page Applications, reusable components, etc., which can be then managed with Redux.
  • Experience building React-based apps & ES6 is also often needed
  • Use Redux to apply the middleware (redux-promise, redux-thunk, and redux-saga) to applications.
  • A Redux developer must use the software to further maintain, debug, monitor, and connect the application state to the UI layer.

Skills Required

  • For backend development experience, building server-side apps using NodeJS is useful.
  • Redux is used in both backend and frontend programming; thus, familiarity with developing and implementing internal and client-facing APIs is necessary.
  • A good grip on functional programming design patterns, TDD, and writing sophisticated test cases.
  • To work with the normal libraries used with Redux, knowledge of HTML and CSS is also essential.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Redux Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary structure for a Redux Developer

The boom in the application development industry has led to a very lucrative state for React-Redux Developers. Talent reports an average salary of US $61.5 an hour or US $120,000 a year for full-time job holders in this field! With entry-level positions starting at US $100,000 a year. However, the job is less lucrative in the United Kingdom, where the average annual pay is closer to US $80,000. In India, PayScale reports an average of US $10,000 a year but it does to keep in mind that the pay varies widely on the developer's profile.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

Jobs as a Redux developer are contracted and on-site. Though there are opportunities for Redux developers to work remotely and part-time, those are much more limited and are likely to be only available once you are experienced. Entry and mid-level positions are full-time and contracted. Similarly, Freelance positions are available on a project by project basis and are likely to me longer gigs.

Opportunities for Redux developers are expected to become more lucrative and aplenty within the next year as the app market grows. The money invested in it increases as a part of the post-pandemic boom trends of investing in technology and software.

Redux Certification

The easy scalability of Redux-based architecture of the data flow with other JavaScript-based web technologies such as Angular and Ember makes for robust demand for Redux developers. Redux software makes for an excellent alternative to the traditional MVC setup of app management and provides a great competitor to Facebook's Flux architecture. Anyone familiar with the Redux software also has an additional familiarity and skill with other languages and libraries, making for a particularly skilled individual. This coupled with the use of the software in both the frontend and backend of application development and management, makes Redux an excellent software to know.

The software makes its use evident in app development from web applications, Single Page Applications, social media to eCommerce applications. Hiring a Redux developer is to benefit any app development team, and training to become a Redux developer is to your benefit! This also gives any developer an edge with learning new software due to their diverse background and experience becoming a Redux developer. Because of these benefits, there are plenty of resources and courses available for someone to learn Redux development. As well as several pieces of readymade tools and software to aid in using Redux.

There is a world of opportunities available for anyone familiar with Redux! The value is in the sheer variety of industries where Redux could be invaluable and the employment opportunities it provides for good with it.

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