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Hire Relational Database Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Relational Database Developers

Businesses in our Information Age are dealing with data overwhelm. All of this data put together can help further the business and improve decision-making. However, without the right database developer, the information is just clutter.

Database developers help build a relationship between the data and offer newer and improved information to business owners. It allows them to work through the insights and take necessary action.

At this point, database developers are in high demand. Not only is there an increasing demand, but businesses are also investing in training these developers to improve the quality of the outcome.

What is a Database Developer?

Database developers are employed to handle large amounts of data. The idea is to make the database management systems capable of handling large quantities of data without being overwhelmed. They are a part of the software development team, and their main work is to manage and secure pieces of data. They are majorly entrusted with the role of handling and modifying databases. Apart from that, they are also responsible for troubleshooting and designing the databases.


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Importance of Relational Databases

The primary purpose of a relational database is to link the data into the different tables. Thus, it allows you to understand the underlying relationship between the other data and build insights based on your definitions. They can even be clustered into single tables or a table within a table. Then, the reports are generated based on the calculations made for the data and the different clusters.

  • It is the simplest and easiest model to capture complex data and understand it better. You don't need to indulge in hierarchical database structuring or go through tedious processes in this case. It uses MySQL and ensures efficient methods to complete the process.
  • You get easy access to the data and can build better insights from it. The queries can be sent to the databases and fetch the relevant data at any time.

How does a database developer help businesses?

  • These developers are responsible for designing new databases. The idea is to create relational databases that are accurate and efficient and also meet the standards defined by the users.
  • If there are existing databases, the developer needs to redesign or improve the whole process. They will be modifying it piece by piece.
  • They are also responsible for developing the database code. This process can help them in multiple ways. For one, it will help with code extraction. This extraction helps improve analysis and reporting. Secondly, it helps create, delete, extract, and update the data for the particular application.
  • The database is an integral component if your business wants to create an intelligence report.
  • The developer is responsible for defining the technologies and software solutions that the business should be using for database development.
  • The database development projects must be defined with high quality and must be enriching enough for the business. Therefore, every project should be described with completeness.
  • Documentation is an essential aspect of the development process. The developer will be responsible for keeping all stages of development, commenting, and every part of the database document. This will help anyone from the team to analyze and work on the database.
  • The developer will also be responsible for assisting the teams with database-related activities.

How the Database Developer Functions?

  • Once the company data arrives, the relational database developer is responsible for accurately defining the relationship between the data and organizing them with excellent efficiency.
  • They will need to define the indexing procedures for the same. Apart from indexing, they are responsible for the functions and other parameter definitions for the relational database.
  • Apart from this, they are responsible for checking the feasibility and the costs of implementing and documenting the process.
  • The developers are responsible for creating technical aspects that can handle data protection and data integrity. They are also intended to design the user interface and define the guidelines for data backup.
  • The developer is also responsible for creating a complete method for accessing the database. They will be starting the user documentation and user guidelines and taking up the responsibility of training the administrator to use and manage database activities.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The following are the main responsibilities that a relational database developer is expected to fulfill:

  • Ensure that the data is stored correctly, using an intelligent storage place.
  • Easy availability of data for the authorized people within the business.
  • Ensure that all the data within the company is accessible and structured. They should also cut out the noise data from meaningful data.
  • Design user interfaces and add concepts like data integration and data protection.
  • Guidelines for user backup and usage.
  • Install and configure the backup systems.
  • Instruct users on how to use the new systems.
  • Train administrators with the new database management systems.
  • Document processes for future use.

Skills of the Relational Database Developer

  • Data modeling is an essential concept for the database developer. They should be thorough with this aspect. It requires a detailed study of the organization and the needs of the database to prepare the modeling.
  • The database developer should be skilled in the required language. MySQL is one language that every database developer should know. This will help create better and impressive relational databases that prove to be effective for the organization.
  • They should know everything there is to extract, transform and load from the databases. They should also be aware of the data types and sources and know how the database repository differs and how to manage each aspect.
  • They should be well-versed with the technologies used to create, test and deploy the database. They should have expertise in analyzing the different aspects of a database and completing the structure.
  • Unit testing abilities should be tested before hiring a database developer for your business. They should be able to check if the unit codes are working before moving ahead with the other aspects of coding and management.
  • Securing the database is an important aspect. It is essential that the developer finds a way and suggests directions to secure the code and keep it safe.
  • They should be experts in optimizing the code too. They should know how to improve the performance of the database code and what aspects to enrich for the future.
  • It is essential to tune the database performance to match the system.

Soft skills are equally crucial for database developers. It is vital to hire database developers who are good at communicating with the developers, engineers, and project managers. It is not a siloed job and should not be treated as one.

The Average Salary Structure

The salary of the database developer depends a lot on the nature of work and designation. At Skuad, we have been helping businesses get database developers for entry-level positions and senior positions. With the changing work dynamics since the Pandemic, we are also assisting organizations in finding the right fit developer for full-time, freelance, and even part-time or contractual positions. The salary is also very country-specific.

The average salary that a database developer can earn in India ranges between INR 6,05,074 to INR 8,68,781. In the United States, the average salary ranges around $98,924 in Los Angeles, CA.

A freelancer can get anywhere around $60 per hour for their services as a database developer.

How to Find Right-fit Relational Database Developers?

As a business, it becomes impossible to identify the right-fit developer. It would help if you had someone who takes up complete ownership of the task and handles the whole project efficiently. You don't want a developer; you want a complete package who can also work with the teams.

They must be able to communicate and connect with project heads about the development. They should be able to identify the solutions for the roadblocks and manage them efficiently. They should easily channelize every aspect with ease.

Finding your Developer with Skuad

With technology at its core, Skuad’s all-tech HR platform analyzes your requirements, compares them with existing aspects, and identifies the best-fit developer for your needs.

We also help you figure out the average salaries according to the type of job and the country/city, making things easy to handle and more accessible.

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