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Reverse Engineering Developers

Hire Reverse Engineering Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Reverse engineering or back engineering is used to extract knowledge or design information from anything artificial and rebuild or reconstruct something based on the same. In a general sense, it is the act of disassembling something to analyze and perceive its working in detail. This breaking of the system follows specific steps to get an idea of how the pieces work as a whole and how to enhance the object to improve its efficiency. 

There are various ways to perform reverse engineering, from manual measuring techniques to more advanced methods used in CMMs and 3D scanning. Reverse engineering is a vital tool for any software developer. Reverse engineering developers use a decompiling tool to translate machine code into a programming language such as C++ or Java. They are capable of reconstructing the software by replacing old components with new ones. They help identify the bugs that were overlooked during the development process and ensure they are fixed.

Reverse engineering developers help in software designing, testing, and programming. They can also add new features to the existing software, irrespective of the whereabouts of the source code. As virus programmers don’t leave any instructions on how they have written the code, reverse engineering developers can help in decoding the virus and other malware. Since studying and analyzing virus code requires extensive knowledge and experience, hiring a reverse engineering developer can accomplish the task with utmost ease.

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Tools and Reverse Engineering Development Technologies 

Numerous tools are used by reverse engineering developers. Some of them are,

  • CFF Explorer

It is a set of portable executable editing tools that includes a disassembler, resource and import editor, signature scanner, and address converter.

  • IDA Pro, Hex-Rays

IDA Pro is the most popular reverse engineering tool used by developers. It is an interactive disassembler with a built-in command language. It allows changing any component of the data. Some IDA plugins are Hex-rays decompiler, lighthouse, classInformer, Bindiff by zynamix, IDA-function-tagger, and ida-x86emu.

  • API Monitor

It is an intercepting API application and can also display input and output data.

  • Hiew

Hiew is a binary file editor and has an in-built disassembler and assembler. It helps in creating custom plugins.

  • Fiddler

Reverse engineers can use Fiddler to intercept HTTP/HTTPS traffic between the application and the server and then analyze it. It consists of an in-built hex editor that creates requests.

  • Scylla

Scylla is used for dumping a running application and restoring the PE import table. It helps in obtaining a wholly restored PE file.

  • Relocation Section Editor

Primarily used for editing the relocation table in PE files, Relocation Section Editor tools help modify the relocation table. They are often used to remove the table while restoring a protected file.

  • PEiD

PEiD is used for detecting the packer.

  • WinHex

WinHex is used for displaying checksums or code of software files.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Reverse Engineering Developers

Reverse engineering is a job that requires sharp analytical skills and the ability to spot vulnerabilities in a software program. It requires extensive skill in programming languages, binary codes, architectures, and software platforms. Reverse engineers must update the IT industry with the latest and safest security measures. 

  • Examining existing designs and maneuvers
  • Rebuilding an outdated product
  • Introducing cheaper and efficient products to the market
  • Uncovering vulnerabilities of the product
  • Inspiring innovative designs from primitive ideas
  • Creating a general map of the functioning of a complex piece of code
  • Collaborating with other team members and understanding the requirements of clients
  • Multitasking on multiple projects as per demand
  • Improving the security of a product by discovering the exploits

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Expertise Required for Reverse Engineering Developers 

Reverse engineering development demands a thorough grasp of the working and application knowledge of software tools. Expertise in using various reverse engineering tools and suites is a must-have for the real-world application of such skills. 

1. Hard skills

  • A deep insight into the inner workings of source code, executable files, binary files, and hex codes
  • Working knowledge of reverse engineering tools, suites, and debuggers 
  • An understanding of the architecture of the Operating System 
  • Programming skills on a software platform such as .Net for Windows-based systems
  • Awareness of software ethics and software licensing
  • Ability to debug programs and resolve errors in the process
  • A basic understanding of lower-level languages, C, and C#
  • Knowledge of the working of Compilers

2. Soft skills 

  • Ability to analyze a problem through a thorough understanding of its “under-the-hood” workings
  • Multitasking and time management skills
  • Communication and interaction skills as per the global standards 
  • Ability to look at a problem from different perspectives
  • Capability to acknowledge the needs of the clients and other team members 
  • Patience and resilience while attempting to reverse engineer complex pieces of code

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Experience Required for Reverse Engineering Development Industries

Reverse engineering can be a valuable tool to face demanding tasks such as enhancing software security, making software compatible with third-party components, and maintaining legacy code. A knowledge of reverse engineering can help in a variety of ways, such as while using a specific programming language or a certain type of application. 

  • Reverse engineering developers must possess knowledge of and considerable experience in various programming and machine languages that might be required in different types of applications. 
  • Reverse engineering developers should know crypto science, which helps identify users that access a computer network and protects the integrity of the network. 
  • Reverse engineering developers must also have experience in cryptography to transform messages that are hard to decipher.

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Salary Structure for Reserve Engineering Developers

According to research, the average salary of a reverse engineering developer runs around USD 112530 per year, and generally, the salary falls between USD 113,054 and USD 138,609. 

However, it varies depending on factors such as the number of years working in the same domain, educational qualification, certifications, additional skills, and location of the job. 

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Reverse Engineering Development Certification

Certification is essential for getting hired in any subdomain of the IT space. Reverse engineering is no exception to this. Certification as a reverse engineer ensures the development of real-world application skills and adaptability to the latest market trends. 

Big tech companies have invested significantly in reverse engineering technologies and ethical hacking departments since cyber regulation has gained immense popularity in recent years. Certification in reverse engineering development imparts practical and technical excellence to help candidates tread through this highly competitive yet rewarding market space. 

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Key Takeaways

To summarize, reverse engineering developers are, 

  • Responsible for making hardware and software applications affordable and time-efficient
  • In charge of amalgamating software with computer-aided design programs
  • Responsible for using reverse engineering in sectors such as automotive, software development, military projects, space expeditions, architecture, and oil and gas.
  • Instrumental in lowering manufacturing costs and improving product effectiveness

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Conclusion: Why Skuad? 

Industry Expertise 

Skuad allows you to assemble a select group of highly trained and technically skilled reverse engineering developers from a global team of developers. Besides the team building assistance, we manage the legal, financial and compliance-based work. We also take care of payroll, taxes, employment contracts, probation and termination, compensation and benefits, visas, work permits, and other HR tasks.

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We offer the choicest services to various sectors in over 150 countries, as follows:

  • Edu-tech
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  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and transport
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Media

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