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Hire Ruby Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Ruby Developers

Ruby is a programming language often referred to as a beautiful and artful language by the community. Ruby’s introduction in 1995 was the result of a supply and demand gap in the programming world. At the time, procedural programming was making headways in every direction.

Even though Object-Oriented programming was present, it was too complex for the programmers to handle, given the lackadaisical capacity of other OOP languages. When Ruby came into the picture, it appealed to the masses for being a simple and practical language.

Ruby has been evolving since then to become a developer-friendly and flexible language. Hence, when you are out there to hire ruby developers, you must understand the evolution of the language and its characteristics to pick the most qualified person.

What is Ruby

Ruby is an open-source programming language, which means that it is free to use. The philosophy behind Ruby is to make the programmer's life easy and ensure that they are happy working with the language. Its impressive syntax and highly efficient semantics make working with Ruby a breeze, but only for those who understand the language.

As a server-side language, Ruby is used to building the backend structure of the programs written with the language. As it is the core of several frameworks and development technologies, including Ruby on Rails, this programming language holds a strong market position at par with the likes of Java, ASP.NET, PHP, etc.

Ruby’s mass appeal and a plethora of use cases have developed the programming to a large scale. This means that there is a huge network of Ruby developers out there, and any one of them can become your next employee. But hiring a Ruby developer is easier said than done as you have to choose from a cohort of more than 300,000.

Instead of going the traditional way, choose Skuad. We have a ready-to-go list of Ruby developers you can assess and hire as and when required. Skuad has experts in every domain to vet the developer’s hard and soft skills. Working with us means you can substantially reduce the time and cost of hiring a new employee.


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Ruby Developer Development Technologies

Every programming language is strengthened with associative technologies in the form of libraries or tools that support and augment the parent language. This, in turn, enhances the development possibilities powered by the programming languages.

With Ruby, there are a few core technologies that are pivotal for every Ruby developer to know and experience.

  • Code Reusability

    RubyMine is an Integrated Development Environment for Ruby and Rails. Working with RubyMine, the developers can create programs with Ruby as the core programming language. RubyMine helps write high-quality code for Ruby, Rails, JS, CSS, CoffeeScript, and ERB. It helps the programmers find the right resources and methods for the development while helping with implementation and testing.

    As an IDE, RubyMine finetunes the development experience by giving access to customizable elements aimed at enhancing the programmer’s entire experience. It produces a unique look and feel for every project while creating a productive work environment.

    When you hire Ruby developers, asking about RubyMine and the potential candidate’s experience with the same is crucial. Hiring a person with experience in RubyMine will certainly change the bottom line of your development projects based on Ruby.

  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails or RoR is the most important and popular web application development framework. RoR is built on Ruby and represents the collection of tools, pre-written codes, and other integrations helping in delivering the required structure for development purposes.

    With integrated tools to streamline modern web application development processes, RoR makes the entire exercise easier. As it is free to use, using RoR for the development process is cost-effective. A caveat is that you need the right person to work on your projects to harness the full potential of the RoR development framework.

    With Skuad, you will find the best developers who not only have experience working with RoR but we also ensure that they have a future-oriented mindset to upgrade their skills with time. With every new update, RoR brings a lot of great stuff to the table. Ergo, you need developers who can understand the new updates and work accordingly.

  • RubyGems

    RubyGems is another extension of Ruby developed to give developers more control over their development practices. RubyGems works as software, helping developers to install, use, and download Ruy-specific software packages on the system.

    The gem represents a packaged application tasked with extending or enhancing the functionalities of the programs built with Ruby. We can also call RubyGems a library of assets and items that can be used while programming.

    Here again, we want to stress the importance of a Ruby developer knowing the possibilities and use cases of RubyGems. Because a developer’s task is to create the best program in the least amount of time and money, leveraging tools like RubyGems is essential.

  • Sinatra

    Sinatra is also a web application development framework built on Ruby. The purpose of Sinatra is to help developers create performant web applications with minimal effort. Sinatra is a rack-based application stack. Two frameworks based on the Rack can be integrated into each other.

    This means that a Ruby developer can integrate Sinatra with Rails. There are several differences between Sinatra and RoR. But the most important of them all is the ability to design a complete web application. RoR is a full-stack web development framework, but Sinatra is a lightweight technology. This implies, by using Sinatra, the developers can satisfy the bare minimum requirements and create abstractions.

Ruby Developer Development Industries

Ruby is used by some of the biggest brands across the globe. When names like Airbnb, GitHub, Fiverr, Soundcloud, etc., are included in the list, this means that it will not be easy to hire Ruby developers. Mainly because these are the brands that innovate to create the best user experiences with the programming languages.

With Ruby being one of those programming languages, it can be believed that you will have to dig deep to find the best Ruby developer for your organization. Ruby is used in a wide gamut of industries, which only verifies the language’s potential and ability to create the best digital solutions.

  • Recruitment and Hiring

    With websites like Fiverr.com using Ruby, it ascertains the language’s ability to create dynamic web applications for millions of users. Fiverr.com is an online hiring marketplace where users can promote their services and connect with potential employers.

  • Tourism and Hospitality

    With a basic requirement to scale quickly and effectively, the tourism and hospitality industry requires solutions that give them the ability to transform user experiences. Companies like Airbnb and Couchsurfing use Ruby to build their web applications that handle a colossal amount of traffic and build effective online strategies.

  • Marketing

    Accenture uses Ruby and Ruby on Rails to provide and promote its marketing services. It must be noted that Accenture creates marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 companies and has a global appeal. So, when they are using Ruby on Rails, it means that they are doing some serious programming to create attractive experiences for their clients.

Along with these three major industries, companies in social media, software development, online media, and financial services are also using Ruby and its associative technologies for their projects.

Ruby is a natural when it comes to developing performant web applications and other solutions. However, before you hire Ruby developers, ensure that the potential candidates are equally qualified and intelligent to work with this technology.

To help you with the selection process, we have created a list of hard and soft skills that every Ruby developer should possess. However, a smart decision would be not to spend time understanding all the requirements and letting Skuad hire and onboard people for you.

Hard Skills Requirements for Ruby Developer

  • Working experience with SQL and knowledge of databases.
  • Understands how to build, implement, and execute workflows and Git. 
  • Knows RESTful API designing and GraphQL. 
  • Demonstrable experience with Object-Oriented and Modular programming. 
  • Understands and knows about TDD, SOLID, and DDD architectures. 
  • Understanding of backend and frontend technologies for full-stack web development tasks. 
  • Has worked with DevOps principles including CI/CD and containerization. 
  • Can assist with troubleshooting and debugging the digital solutions built on Ruby, RoR, Sinatra, and other related technologies. 
  • Can comprehend the Ruby Syntax. 
  • Has working knowledge of MVC, Mocking, and ORM.

Soft Skills Requirements for Ruby Developer

  • Can easily work in a diverse environment and adapt to the culture.
  • The developer should know how to manage his/her tasks. 
  • If and when required, can manage teams and handle complex tasks. 
  • Possesses appreciable communication skills and helps other team members. 
  • The developer should have an analytical mindset and can solve problems. 
  • Can pay attention to the requirements of the project and create detailed projects. 
  • The candidate must have a passion for upskilling and reskilling according to the requirements.

Industry Expertise

Skuad unified employment solution caters to various sectors — Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics & Transport, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Banking, Media, and more. From selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation, we act as your local HR to manage the day-to-day operations related to your overseas employees.

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