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RxJS Developers

Hire RxJS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Nowadays, all online applications produce interactive and real-time data in large amounts. All these applications should be capable of responding while making changes during an event. Thus, a reactive paradigm can handle such events and provide real-time updates. RxJS (Reactive Extension for JavaScript) is a highly useful library that makes it easier for modern web apps to respond to events. It can be used when there are many asynchronous tasks. 

RxJS is popular as it can be used to develop any kind of JavaScript app. It is mainly used to create event-based and asynchronous programs with the help of observable sequences. The market demand for RxJS is high because of its efficient solutions for reactive programming. Since it is difficult to utilize JavaScript’s async without extensions, RxJS is a great way to solve this issue. It is also easier to develop apps using RxJS because it reduces effort and speeds up the development process.

Advantages Of Using RxJS 

 There are many advantages to using RxJS, some of which are mentioned below. 

  • Flexibility: RxJS is a powerful and functional tool that can be easily integrated with various frameworks like ReactJS, Nodejs, Angular, and Vue.js. TypeScript and JavaScript efficiently support RxJS. 
  • Enormous and supportive library: RxJS can handle different async tasks like callbacks, asynchronous data cells, and event-based programs. 
  • Easier programming: A wide range of operators in utility, mathematical, error handling, transformation, conditional, and filtering categories are provided by RxJS, making programming easier for RxJS developers. 
  • High-quality APIs: RxJS offers high-quality APIs, as a result of which complex data streams can be accurately and compactly described. RxJS employs a complete kit with standard entities like operators, subjects, and observables to perform complex actions. This simplifies the process and allows the developer to save time and concentrate on the product’s logic. 
  • Good optimization and protection from memory leaks: High-quality optimization makes RxJS a trustworthy option. Issues related to memory leaks have been identified and rectified after a lot of testing, and RxJS is equipped to address this problem. 
  • Concise and small footprint: RxJS has a modular architecture that contains valuable parts for the production bundle.
  • Extensibility: Standard operators are offered by RxJS, but occasionally, ejection of the repeating algorithm is required in new RxJS operators. The extensibility provided by RxJS can attain this. 
  • No dependence on third parties: RxJS has a library entirely independent of third parties. This ensures that the size of a project developed with RxJS is optimal.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of An RxJS Developer

RxJS developers are capable of developing applications and websites, with expertise in different programming languages. They are responsible for the logic behind product development that is possible with the reactive extensions.

RxJS developers provide many benefits to an organization. However, it is critical to first understand their roles and responsibilities before hiring RxJS developers. These include: 

  • Managing the development team and delivering the project on time. 
  • Having flexibility and expertise in managing a variety of projects, and should also be flexible. 
  • Identifying and rectifying errors effortlessly. 
  • Developing an appealing and attractive user interface with high performance. 
  • Working with a team and back-end developers to speed up the workflow. 
  • Fixing bugs and testing. 
  • Working with different programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. 
  • Updating the web and apps. 
  • Being responsible for RESTful API development as well as the data sources. 
  • Developing interactive UX designs in applications.
  • Connecting necessary modules and components through JavaScript in an effective manner. 
  • Adding features with the help of technologies such as Node, CLI, and webpack.

Experience Required

  • 1+ years of work experience with RxJs and Angular JS.
  • Knowledge of unit test-driven development approach and vanilla JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of different programming languages for web and app development. 
  • Knowledge of front-end CSS frameworks.
  • Experience as a front-end JavaScript engineer (2+ years).

Educational qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).
  • Engineering Degree in Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS).
  • Web and App Development Course.

Skills Required

A good RxJS developer ideally possesses the following:

 Hard skills

  • Hands-on experience with reactive extensions for JavaScript.
  • Experience in JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • A good understanding of elementary UI state management.
  • Ability to work with the CSS framework for building an attractive layout in different applications. 
  • Experience in design patterns and architecture for handling composite business requirements with a maintainable and workable code.
  • Understanding of HTTP.
  • Experience with automated unit testing to deal with maintaining and writing tests. 
  • Experience in implementing RxJS solutions in modern Angular frameworks.
  • Skills associated with API development.
  • Knowledge of technologies that enhance the development process, such as Node, CLI, and webpack. 

Soft skills

  • Leadership: The candidate should have the ability to manage a group of people. Inspiring and motivating others in the right direction is essential. Helping and leading people during a difficult situation is a sign of a good leader. 
  • Good communication: The candidate must have strong communication skills. People must understand others’ opinions and work towards their target without any confusion. 
  • Problem-solving: The candidate should be able to identify and resolve problems swiftly. 
  • Teamwork: The candidate should be good at working with others. It is essential to be in harmony for better results. Teamwork also calls for the ability to coordinate, negotiate and, in turn, deliver high-quality work.
  • Ability to work under pressure: The candidate should have the ability to meet deadlines under pressure. Delivering the best should be the aim of the candidate.

Salary Structure

The salary structures of RxJS developers are different in different countries. The average annual salary of RxJS developers ranges from $79,415 per year to $118,550 per year. The candidate’s skill set and relevant work experience also determine their salary structure.

What To Consider When Hiring An RxJS Developer

  • Work experience: Relevant work experience in front-end development of mobile apps and web apps is beneficial. The developer should also have expertise in third-party libraries, RxJS, development frameworks, and front-end technologies. 
  • Knowledge of RxJS and relevant application development skills: Candidates that have worked with RxJS should be preferred. A good understanding of different programming languages, development frameworks, development technologies, and the development industry are plus points. Finally, the candidate must have the skill set to handle the responsibilities specific to the job.
  • Certification and past work samples: Certificates for RxJS for web development, programming languages, and mobile and web app development work in favor of a candidate. It is even better if candidates have work samples to show their experience in relevant industries.

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