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Salesforce Developers

Hire Salesforce Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Salesforce Developers

A Salesforce developer works on the world's largest customer relational management (CRM) software systems, which is none other than Salesforce. As a developer, the person will be responsible for understanding the organization’s requirements and iterating the Salesforce software according to the said requirements.

In doing so, the developer must have the experience and knowledge of development languages and technologies. This includes Object Oriented Programming, MVC design pattern, Java, and .NET. The OOP and MVC are associated technologies, .NET and Java represent the development languages used to build the Salesforce program.

Salesforce is a Platform as a Service tool. This tool is extended to develop other Salesforce applications that fit best with the organization. As a result, when you hire Salesforce developers, they are not expected to modify the source code of the application. But the developers must have extensive knowledge of the platform and use that understanding to customize the platform according to specific needs.

Apart from Java and .NET, there are a few native programming languages created by Salesforce to let developers work on its customizations. Where the primary language is Apex (created by Salesforce), other languages include HTML and JavaScript.

While you can dabble with multiple cover letters and portfolios to find the most suitable candidate for the job, it is not the suggested procedure. As a result, you are looking at wasting your time and efforts on assessing candidates until you find the right one. A healthy substitute would be letting Skuad empower you with hiring and managing the employees. We help you accelerate the hiring process and take care of onboarding, employee and payroll management on your behalf in any country around the globe.

Salesforce Development Development Technologies

Hiring Salesforce developers may seem to be an easy task because all you have to do is assess the candidate on his/her knowledge of the platform. However, that is not it. A Salesforce developer is not just responsible for tweaking the CRM according to your requirements. There are several integrated technologies that have their specific purposes. So, to hire the best Salesforce developer, you must include these technologies that are a part of the Salesforce development ecosystem.


Apex is an enhancer technology that is used to improve the Salesforce platform with coding. In technical terms, it is a strongly typed Object Oriented programming language that a Salesforce developer uses to execute flow and transaction control sequences on the CRM. Apex works in conjunction with the API via the calls sent to the API systems.

Using Apex, a Salesforce developer can change or add to the business logic by modifying the Salesforce platform and adjusting its functionality. They can change the buttons, clicks, data storage properties, record updates, and other aspects. Apex’s syntax is similar to Java. Hence, the developers earlier working with Java will find it easier to work with Apex.


Within the Salesforce development ecosystem, Visualforce represents a framework used to build customized user interfaces. These custom UIs are hosted on the Lightning platform. The programming language associated with this technology is tag-based language with similarities to HTML.

When you hire Salesforce developers, their knowledge and experience in Visualforce is vital. As the developers can control the elements of a user interface in Salesforce, their working ability with Visualforce is crucial to create dedicated pages and interfaces.

Moreover, the developers who understand Visualforce can modify the page sections, lists, and any field. Such aspects are relevant because knowing these will help them create standard Salesforce pages to create their own logic of controllers written in Apex.

Lighting Web Components

Salesforce’s Lightning Web Components LWC is an update on its existing Aura framework. LWC represents a new class of light frameworks built on web standards and used in Salesforce development. We can say that it is a library of components that includes custom elements, modules, and shadow DOM, among other templates to augment UI development.

There are two domains to LWC, Frameworks and Web Standards. The Frameworks helps deliver data services, UI components, component models, and rendering optimization functions. Under the Web Standards, the LWC is adept in providing ECMAScript 5, Events, Standard Elements, Rendering.

As a result, a salesforce developer is able to update the web-standard framework on the Salesforce platform. The programming languages and elements used in this include CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Force.Com (Eclipse)

Force.com or Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment for Salesforce development tasks. When you hire Salesforce developers, their experience with this technology is crucial to finding the right person for the job.

As it is an IDE, the developers can use Force.com to build any kind of application. It is a fairly new concept in building applications without using any software on the Cloud.

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Salesforce Developers Development Industries

Since Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management software, every industry that deals with customers can use this software. It is possible that companies in every industry are using it, and yours is one of them. However, there are a few industries that have the most to gain from the services and functionalities provided by Salesforce. Hence, in these industries, you will find a heavy demand for Salesforce developers.

  • Retail

    By far, one of the most customer-centric industries, the organizations working in the industry need a platform like Salesforce to create seamless customer experiences. However, this also means that you need to hire Salesforce developers who have working experience in this industry. Due to this, the hiring process for retail organizations needs more attention to detail. A good example is Aldo.

  • Financial and Banking

    Another industry that aims to enhance the experiences of their customers, financial and banking organizations, also need a disruptive platform for their customer management. Hence using Salesforce is common in several organizations, including the US Bank.

  • Healthcare

    For healthcare organizations, a core part of their customer management is keeping the records secure and confidential. A salesforce developer can certainly work to strengthen the security requirements for safeguarding the records. Perhaps one of the best examples here would be the American Red Cross Society.

Apart from these three major industries, Government, Communication, Media, Computer engineering, Construction, Software Development are also using Salesforce. Even if yours is an organization in another industry than listed, you can use Salesforce. As a platform, it has the capability to help manage several business operations and not just the customers. However, since Salesforce has industry-specific functionalities, you should consider the same while hiring.

At Skuad, we can help you find the right candidate who not only has experience in your industry but is also a fast learner and adjust accordingly. Skuad’s customized employee management processes are driven by a passion for helping companies across the globe build remote teams and manage them effectively.

Hard Skills Requirements for Salesforce Developer

  • Knows how to use Apex and Apex classes to build Salesforce solutions.
  • Has experience in LWC, Aura, and Visualforce development techniques. 
  • Experience in working with CRM systems, including Salesforce. 
  • Can create, modify, and improve user interfaces. 
  • Understands the integration process of HTTP APIs with REST or GraphQL. 
  • Holds considerable experience in working with CI/CD in Salesforce. 
  • Can craft API, Integrations, and API-based services. 
  • Can design, develop, test, and create documents for business solutions on the Salesforce platform. 
  • Has the knowledge and experience to find errors in the code and improve them according to the requirements. 
  • Understands the requirements of Agile development and can follow the same. 
  • Has experience of working with SQL or PostgreSQL, or MySQL. 
  • Knows about the code versioning tools. 
  • If required, can work with .NET or C#. 
  • Can fully understand the MVC architecture and component-based architecture.

Soft Skills Requirements to Hire Salesforce Developer

  • Can effectively communicate with the team, clients, and other stakeholders.
  • Is ready to put on different hats when required to complete the project. 
  • Can clearly understand the project requirements while sharing the same with junior team members. 
  • Has collaboration and analytical skills with a sound technical background. 
  • Can create the technical documentation for the project clearly and concisely. 
  • Knows the best practices for creating Salesforce components and different iterations. 
  • Is ready to adapt to the work environment and requirements for best results. 
  • Has the passion and the ability to learn and grow with the organization.

Industry Expertise

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