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SAP ABAP developers

Hire SAP ABAP developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Businesses and workers must be adaptable in today's rapidly changing world. Inadequate IT infrastructures or digital procedures may hamper the development of a business.

The need for developers with a strong knowledge of core IT and digitized business processes is growing worldwide with several companies adopting digital solutions for their business requirements. The SAP platform manages business operations and customer relationships via professional-grade software modules for various business processes. The programming language ABAP comes into the picture here.

Advanced Business Application Programming, or ABAP, is a German software company's programming paradigm and object-oriented programming language. It aims to develop corporate software solutions for companies. If your company needs to implement robust platform apps, you may employ an ABAP remote programmer. A skilled SAP ABAP programmer can assist your company in maximizing the platform's efficiency and effectiveness.

How is SAP ABAP Programming Defined?

SAP developed ABAP as a high-level programming language to assist big companies in customizing the SAP ERP. ABAP can customize financial accounting, material management, capital management, and other SAP modules' processes. NetWeaver, SAP's current development platform, also supports ABAP and Java. 

The ABAP is a cross-platform language that runs on Unix, Linux, Solaris, Oracle, Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc. The ABAP code is executed on the SAP database server through GUI, command line, or the call transaction functionality of ABAP. The transaction codes may be activated in a role-based, authority-based, or system-based manner to execute its core function in the system.

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Reasons for using SAP ABAP

  • SAP HANA for ABAP developers offers a unified platform for all business operations, whether on-premises and in the cloud, that enables them to run faster, get better business information, and simplifies the IT ecosystem.
  • It is a flexible platform that may be effectively utilized in bespoke modules of applications that meet your business needs.
  • SAP ABAP is the programming language used by developers to create the SAP R3 Platform.
  • It supports various operating systems and database management systems on the server side.
  • It is a straightforward programming language that is simple to pick up.
  • It provides the option of procedural or object-oriented programming.
  • Additionally, it assists SAP clients in optimizing their SAP-based applications.
  • It enables the creation of customized reports and interfaces.
  • The ABAP programming language is simple to learn. Unfortunately, it is not a suitable tool for non-programmers.

Required Expertise

Requirements - hard skills

The SAP ABAP developer's job entails a variety of tasks, including coding, implementation, planning, testing, and support. When recruiting SAP ABAP developers, employers often seek a breadth of SAP capabilities that businesses can depend on to do business regularly.

Despite this desirable set of skills, the SAP ABAP recruitment market is very competitive. To assist you, we've compiled a list of the top skills in the SAP ABAP developer job description when recruiting.

Proficiency with SAP Tables

This is a critical skill for SAP ABAP consultants. Given that the SAP system stores all data in tables, it becomes necessary for developers to understand which tables have stored data while performing transactions.

This level of expertise with SAP tables helps developers to create functional requirements for technical consultants and to monitor faults and data retrieval activities.

For New Developers: ABAP Debugging

Additionally, recruiters should seek expertise in debugging SAP ABAP programmers. It enables developers to quickly begin experimenting with different methods. The ability to debug a program quickly and effectively is an important talent for every SAP ABAP developer. It allows them to identify mistakes, save companies money, and minimize downtime on SAP systems.

Prior Experience

Another important skill set to look for in ABAP developers is extensive expertise with SAP modules and ABAP programming. This involves a thorough understanding of SAP systems as well as expertise with object-oriented programming and other relevant areas. 

Apart from this, applicants must possess superior analytical and problem-solving abilities to carry out their daily responsibilities successfully. This is critical since they must interact with a variety of individuals regularly, including users, customers, and other developers.

Additionally, SAP ABAP developers should be able to operate smoothly in both an individual and team-based setting, since the organizational structure of ABAP developers differs by company.

Clarity on the ABAP Programming

You must employ an SAP ABAP developer that is a professional who is familiar with ABAP programming best practices. Among them are the following:

Familiarity with and confidence with the ABAP Dictionary, SAP Netweaver, ABAP Workbench, and a variety of other ABAP tools and frameworks.

With a solid grasp of why ABAP Objects is superior to the traditional ABAP programming style, the developer must be able to use the most effective methods to fulfill the client's requirements.

Interface & EDI

When an SAP system communicates with another SAP or non-SAP system, data is sent through EDI or Electronic Data Interchange. Having a thorough understanding of interface technology becomes essential for SAP ABAP developers while working with a client that interacts with many suppliers and customers through electronic data transfer.

Proficiency in Test-Driven Development Using ABAP

Every SAP developer is aware that modifying a program may result in unrelated problems in another part of the program, resulting in significant time loss. That is why understanding test-driven development with ABAP is essential.

It instills confidence in developers as they embark on their next development project since they know they can alter it without ruining all they've created.

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Global Demand for SAP ABAP Developers

SAP ABAP is the world's foremost platform for enterprise resource planning, business management, and analytics software applications, with over 350,000 customers using this feature-rich platform. This growing demand is driving up the SAP ABAP salaries in the market.

SAP ABAP Developer Skills, Qualification, and Experience

As is well known, the SAP platform is an integrated system comprising many modules that address various business activities and procedures. Each module has a somewhat varied need for skills, expertise, and credentials. As a result, it is rather difficult to generalize the abilities, experience, and qualifications required of a specific SAP ABAP developer for each module.




  • At least three to four years of experience in software developing

  • At least two to three years of expertise in SAP ABAP developing

A degree in computer science, computer engineering, or software engineering, SAP ABAP programming, and SAP assessments courses via a recognized SAP training institution or a reputable online source.

  • Should have been involved in several SAP installation projects

  • Extensive knowledge of the Object-Oriented paradigm and hands-on experience with Object-Oriented Design

  • Superior debugging abilities

  • OData Services, IF Process, WM, MM, and SD experience

  • Unit and integration testing experience, performance optimization, and code reviews

  • Knowledge of ERP fundamentals

  • Knowledge of Java programming

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Role & Responsibilities of SAP ABAP Developers

  • Customer needs analysis and assessment
  • Transforming business needs into an outstanding application design
  • Building the ABAP code for the application's components
  • Unit testing, module testing, and integration testing
  • Debugging the code to ensure that it remains of high quality
  • The application's integration and commissioning in the SAP environment
  • Capturing and drafting reports during the development process
  • Updating senior management on the product's suitability for client needs

Salary of SAP ABAP Developers in Different Countries

SAP is a prominent enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is utilized by a large number of businesses and corporations worldwide. Demand for SAP ABAP developers is indeed widespread across the world's more than 180 nations. Consider the following salaries for SAP ABAP developers in the top five countries:

  • USA- $112,744
  • Germany- €53075
  • UK- $59,704
  • France- €43885
  • Ukraine- $30,000

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