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Hire SAS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire SAS Developers

SAS is popularly known as Statistical Analysis System. SAS is software known to mine, alter, manage, and retrieve data from different sources and perform statistical analysis on it. Different SAS programs have DATA steps to retrieve and manipulate the data and analyze the same. Different steps consist of a series of statements. Different components are included in SAS and work according to the different software. SAS was developed and used for business intelligence, predictive analysis, descriptive and prescriptive analysis, data management, etc.

As a SAS programmer, you are an IT professional who focuses on collecting data and data analysis. The SAS programmers are the ones who aggregate data, manipulate the data for analysis of the current projects and its productivity, and predict future trends and needs. The data that SAS provides can be published in HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, and other formats with the help of different systems. Developers use SAS to develop new software. With the new inventions in the technology, many believe that SAS seems to be trailing behind. SAS has the largest set of products for its customers. SAS is known to be the largest market shareholder in "advanced analytics", according to the IDC. Many different organizations are hiring candidates who are willing to work as SAS developers.

Learn about SAS developers

There are only 4 types of software in the SAS, making SAS one of the most used software for its scalability and tunable consistency. The software systems are as follows: -

  • SAS for Windows: The SAS for Windows enables you to modernize your SAS environment by enabling the processing of the grid, prioritizing programs and users, and taking advantage of your entire available infrastructure. It helps in taking advantage of sources and processing the big data with ultimate flexibility. It has fewer software integration points which help in simplifying installation, maintenance, and support.
  • SAS Enterprise Guide (EG): The SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) is more like a GUI-like IDE with wizards, which helps in assisting with writing codes for different procedures and helps with the unfamiliar steps, and helps in removing some of the problems for the seasoned programmers. There are different features of the SAS software.
  • SAS Enterprise Miner (EM): The SAS Enterprise Miner is an analytics tool at an advanced level that is developed to help the users quickly develop models that are descriptive and predictive through data mining. There are various features such as it has high-performance capabilities, fast, easy, and self-sufficient way for the business users to generate models and many other features that come with the SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • SAS STAT Software: This SAS software is used for the processes that are statistical and have a huge range of features such as analysis of variance, distribution and analysis, descriptive statistics, and regression.

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Important Features of SAS

SAS is the best-known originator in data analytics because of the features which are beneficial for the people who are using it. Many features make SAS the best for business analytics. SAS works in the same manner on all the platforms except for Windows, which are interactive. Some of the features of SAS are given below: -

  • Strong Data Analysis Abilities: The first and foremost feature of SAS is strong data analysis abilities. SAS is the best package and is also complete for the section of data analytics. The analysis then ranges from simple figures to advanced levels.
  • Flexible 4 Generation Programming Language (4GL): SAS is known to have a 4GL programming language, which is one of the essential features as it has a syntax that is easy to learn. The inbuilt libraries are used to reduce coding, which is for applications that are common and give opportunities to people to modularize jobs.
  • SAS Studio: The SAS studio feature is very instructive that enables us to access the SAS studio easily from any of the devices and with the help of any of the web browsers. It helps us create and add snippets with personalized codes and add them in the snippets library.
  • Support for Various Data Format: Another feature of SAS is that it enables you to have support for different data formats. It makes sure that the programmers can read the data from another file or any other format. SQL is also supported by SAS and has full support for the languages that are used commonly.
  • Management: Management of SAS is one of the most significant features of the SAS Software. It helps in managing the environment of analytics and alerts if there is anything wrong with the file.
  • Report Output Format: SAS can display the results in the analytics and also report different options. It helps you create the reports in standardized formats in formats such as RTF, PowerPoint, and pdf. You can save them in the format of eBooks and refer to them whenever you wish to refer to them.
  • Data Encryption Algorithms: SAS makes sure that the security of the software is very strict and should only provide access to the security feature called SAS/SECURE.

Roles and responsibilities of SAS developers

The programmers convert the raw data into usable data and then create a statistical table that shows information. Different businesses in different industries hire SAS programmers who most commonly work as full-time employees in the office and work primarily during daytime business hours. The SAS developers also help candidates to work from home or also can work as independent contractors. Given below are some of the roles and responsibilities of SAS developers: -

  • The SAS developers are responsible for importing and exporting raw data to include the information and remove information from the other databases.  
  • The SAS developers also help in managing and maintaining the databases, which also contain information from different sources. The SAS developer's responsibility is to back up the data and compile it into statistics that show specifics.
  • The SAS developers also help design and write programs to create different sets of data, including tables, lists, and graphs, which showcases accurate and specific information.  
  • The SAS developers also help analyze the data and statistics to understand the trends in the market and discover the breakdowns that are demographic and then look for relevant business information.
  • The job of the SAS developer is to create operation reports daily, which helps in presenting accurate data to all the different levels of management. SAS developers are also known as statistical analysis systems.

Skill Requirements

  • Technical Skills - expertise with SAS and programming languages
  • Communication Skills
  • Workload management
  • Team working skills

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced SAS Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary structure of SAS developers

The pay scale of SAS developers differs from one organization to another. The SAS developers provide salaries anonymously by employees. The salaries of the SAS developers in the US is between US $65,400 and US $76,900 and differs accordingly. The pay scale is different based on different factors and the roles and responsibilities associated with the job role. The salaries for the employees working in India as SAS developers is US $10,000 and keeps changing based on different factors such as their promotion, allowances, and other benefits.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

The companies have started posting jobs for the employees who are willing to work as SAS developers as there is a need for SAS developers. Therefore, the salaries of the employees who are working as SAS developers keep changing accordingly. Companies hire freelancers and contractual workers as well. There are many websites where you can sign up and set your hourly rate.

SAS Developers Certification

As qualified and talented young individuals struggle to find jobs in different fields, having a SAS certification helps you find an appropriate job that suits your credibility. The companies hiring employees for the role of SAS developers look for candidates who have a complete certification course in SAS.

Different companies are hiring employees to work as SAS developers as there is a need for SAS developers. SAS certification is recognized globally and having this skill on your resume shows that you have received in-depth training in SAS from experts in the industry. SAS certification helps employees develop the basics and gives them the best knowledge required to start a career in data analytics.

Having a certification in SAS helps you in having different skills in many different departments. SAS certification is incredibly helpful for candidates who want to pursue their careers as SAS developers. And once you get SAS certification, you can go for the advanced techniques to excel in your career. Therefore, the SAS certification helps you get better job opportunities that help you progress more in your career.

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