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Serverless Developers

Hire Serverless Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Serverless Developers

Serverless is a cloud-based development approach that enables serverless developers to create and operate applications and software without worrying about managing servers. People who aren’t related to this field might confuse serverless with no servers at all. Although servers are still present in serverless architecture, they get separated from the application development process.

Companies hire serverless developers to complete the regular tasks of deploying, maintaining, updating, and scaling the server infrastructure. For deployment, developers may bundle their code in containers. Serverless programs automatically scale up and down in response to demand after they get deployed. Public cloud providers offer serverless solutions that are often regulated on-demand by using an event-driven execution paradigm. As a result, serverless functions do not cost anything while they are not in use.

Serverless functions are event-driven: they get used when a request triggers them. Instead of a set monthly price for operating a real or virtual server, the supplier only charges for the compute time needed by that operation. These functions can be linked to form a processing pipeline or be used as parts of a bigger application, communicating with code running in containers or on traditional servers.

In a serverless architecture, a cloud provider manages actual servers and dynamically allocates resources on behalf of users, allowing them to deploy code directly to production. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud are a few of them. AWS Lambda is the most distinguished of the serverless computing platforms and has had the most time to evolve and mature.

Incoming data streams, chatbots, scheduled tasks, and business logic best fit when we talk about serverless applications. Serverless developers witness increased productivity with serverless computing. In addition, serverless architecture also lowers operating costs. Developers have more time to work on their projects because the routine processes of provisioning and monitoring servers get handled by the dedicated server professional only.

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Serverless Development Technologies

Serverless computing is a growing paradigm that satisfies working without worrying about the hardware or operating system the code runs on. Serverless developers use different frameworks to work on depending on the programming languages. These frameworks help in developing a scalable and user-friendly application that serves the purpose.

Amplify Framework

Amplify framework is a JavaScript library developed for front-end developers who work on the cloud-based web, and mobile apps will find this useful. Within a cloud-based structure, the framework provides a declarative and straightforward administration interface for completing several processes. Amplify is compatible with all JavaScript frameworks, including React Native, which gets used to create modern apps.

Up Framework

Up is another framework that allows developers to create infinitely scalable serverless apps. Up can also be used to deploy static web pages, APIs, and other applications. All of this frees up time to focus on core priorities. To get started, you can choose your favorite frameworks such as Django or Express.

Jets Framework

The Jets framework is ideal for Ruby enthusiasts. The framework comes with all the tools needed to create API structures and deploy them to Lambda. Jets can also be used to create standalone functions used to connect various AWS services and resources. Jets work by converting existing code into functions used with Lambda and other AWS services.


Serverless is one of the most popular frameworks, not only because of its name but also for its functionality. It has over 30,000 stars on GitHub. For example, you can make apps that use microservices to respond to events: Your apps only respond when there is a clear call, and they scale up and down in response to the demand. As a result, developers can save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on maintaining inactive services.


Sigma is a newly designed cloud-based IDE based on the concept of serverless development. It is not just a fancy text editor; it’s a full-featured IDE that allows creating code and publishing it as a live application in real-time. Except for a few features, IDE operates fully in the browser and does not require a back-end service to work. The back-end is necessary to authenticate users and collect analytical data.

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Serverless Development Industries

Whether it is a big industry or a small-scale business, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. And what can be a better way than moving to the cloud and getting over a load of servers and server maintenance? The need to hire a serverless developer increases because big and small industries frequently opt for serverless development.


Netflix heavily relies on Amazon Web Services to serve a billion viewers. The company uses AWS Lambda to seamlessly run tasks, which usually consume an ounce of hours and effort and many computing processes to build.


With over 20 million users, Zalora is one of Asia’s largest fashion retailers. They rely on AWS and AWS Lambda to ensure that all customers have access to the website and apps without worrying about scalability concerns.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola began transitioning to serverless computing in 2016, and they are currently in the process of transferring everything to the cloud. They still utilize traditional servers to support their legacy technology.


Shamrock is a trading corporation with billions of dollars in earnings that focuses on transportation, financial, and technological services. Shamrock can develop tools and software that track fleets and assist drivers with route planning. In 2018, Shamrock decided to go serverless. The firm got rid of legacy programs, automated new tools, and improved the team’s workflow by migrating to a serverless platform.


Figma makes use of a serverless platform so that designers may spend less time managing files and more time working on their projects. In addition to the benefits of serverless technology, Figma allows several individuals to work on the same activity simultaneously.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Serverless Developers

  • Serverless developers need to participate in collaborating, designing and implementing scalable, performant, and secure solutions.
  • Serverless developers must support and contribute to the development process’s improvement.
  • Serverless developers support tier one networks, servers, operating systems, and procedures in the cloud and on-premises.
  • Serverless, Linux, and Windows computer systems are all monitored, managed, and administered by serverless developers.
  • Serverless developers control essential IT operations, such as production, deployment process automation, monitoring, and security.
  • They provide AWS design and operational best practices at the expert level.

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Expertise Required for Serverless Developers

Hard Skills

  • AWS certification
  • Good understanding of serverless cloud-based architecture and AWS services
  • Ability to understand event-driven architectures
  • Experience and expertise in working with SAM templates
  • Experience in local SAM development
  • Experience in debugging serverless components
  • Experience with JSON and REST API
  • Experience with Web Services and XML/XSLT
  • Expertise in using GIT source control
  • Experience in building and optimizing SQL queries and warehoused procedures
  • Experience in Splunk
  • Experience in relational databases such as Oracle or SQL Server
  • Ability to move between activities often and productively
  • Superior debugging abilities
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science
  • Additional certifications or special licenses in serverless development
  • Development of the system’s scope and objectives for specific assignments
  • Extensive knowledge of present-day software engineering standards, techniques, methodologies, tools, and trends
  • Ability to assist with the development, coding, testing, and debugging stages of application and system integration as a technical specialist

Soft Skills

  • Ability to interact with clients and other technical personnel
  • Ability to understand and incorporate complex ideas in a seamless manner.
  • Strong verbal and written skills to communicate with clients and colleagues.
  • Ability to work as a part of a team.
  • Leadership skills and competence in working collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Eagerness to learn new techniques and incorporate them while working on projects.
  • Apart from the day-to-day job, the developer has to stay updated with the latest development and technological trends.
  • Ability to handle complex problems and present an informed solution.
  • Technical and aptitude traits like critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making are a must.
  • Flexibility to work on any task provided by the team manager

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Experience Required for Serverless Developers

  • API development and consumption and microservices architecture
  • Demonstrated “modern” Java experience (versions 9.0 and above, with 11 being the best)
  • Additional database development expertise and experience in SQL, Oracle, and DB2
  • Experience developing software applications in the cloud using serverless architecture
  • Deep understanding of Java and other programming languages (Node JS, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and Python)
  • Expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ability to integrate them into an application
  • Demonstrated experience in a corporate setting using AWS cloud-based platforms
  • Experience developing applications using cloud-first architectures
  • Working knowledge of CI/CD build technologies and DevOps procedures
  • Ability to develop high-performance, high-volume, and highly accessible (24/7/365) settings
  • Agile software engineering experience
  • Experience in UNIX/Linux and Windows systems administration
  • Qualifications in AWS Solutions and AWS Security architecture
  • Extensive knowledge of LAMP systems
  • Experience in MySQL, a relational database management system
  • Continuous integration and delivery experience
  • Experience in moving platforms and services to a serverless infrastructure

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Conclusion: Why Skuad?

Skuad can help you to find serverless developers for your organization. Contact our Skuad experts to find the developer with desired skills, and make them your employee in the most efficient way.

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