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Hire SharePoint 2013 Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Microsoft is known to represent SharePoint which is used as a ‘’business platform for collaboration for different enterprises and the web.” SharePoint is a platform based on the web and is collaborative, and integrates well with Microsoft Office. SharePoint was launched in 2001, and it is primarily sold as a document management and storage system. The SharePoint product is highly configurable, and the usage differs among the different organizations. SharePoint has almost 190 million users and is spread across 20,000 customer organizations.

SharePoint is one such platform from Microsoft that allows businesses to meet their needs in different domains and work efficiently. You also need a license when you want to use SharePoint. Different applications are used in SharePoint, and the feature of SharePoint also makes it one of the most used products in organizations and businesses. SharePoint is an extensible platform which is from Microsoft and manages the content. The person who uses SharePoint should make sure that they are well-versed with using SharePoint in the organization or the business.

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SharePoint 2013 is best used when it comes to businesses that can use it to increase the efficiency of their business processes. The site helps provide the users with the feature of a secure environment that the administrators can configure to provide access to documents and different documents. It is user-friendly with much more flexibility when it comes to customization as well as personalization. There are different editions of SharePoint which have different functions. Listed below are the editions with their functions: -

SharePoint Server

These servers are provided to organizations that seek greater control over the behaviour or design of SharePoint. The product is then installed in the customer's IT infrastructure, and then the updates are received. It has access to a huge set of features and has the capability of customization.

SharePoint Enterprise

Some SharePoint Enterprise features include searching thumbnails and previews for better search results. There is also licensing required and a service fee that must be purchased in addition to the SharePoint Server licensing.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint is bundled in the subscriptions of Microsoft 365 and can also be licensed separately. The main advantage of SharePoint Online is that you do not need to maintain one’s server. Still, at the same time, it also lacks the option of customization of a self-hosted installation of SharePoint.

SharePoint Standard

Certain key areas are included in the SharePoint Standard, which includes sites, communities, content, search, and composites as well. You can license the SharePoint Standard with the help of a cloud model.


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Important features of SharePoint 2013

Keeping in mind the business perspectives of SharePoint, certain features of SharePoint will surely make you want to use it. The features of SharePoint 2013 are listed below:

Content Management

This feature enables the users to share the files, check-in, check out, look after your document ID, and record the declaration. The content is professionally managed in SharePoint.

Social Computing

The SharePoint enables advanced collaboration within the environment of SharePoint. SharePoint also supports Wikis, Blogs, Forums, and meetings through Community Portals.

Business Intelligence

SharePoint helps you manage your organizational goals and build performance through the features of Business Intelligence. It also includes Excel Services, Visio Services, Dashboard, etc.

Identity Management

One of the best features of SharePoint is that the authentication enhancements support the claim-based, server-to-server and app-based authentication mechanisms.

Fast and Easy

SharePoint provides the users with quick creation of sites, document libraries, and lists that save your productivity hours. The platform provides you with existing MS Office skills and enables the automation of repetitive tasks.

Roles and Responsibilities of SharePoint Developer

The candidates who wish to pursue a career in the field of SharePoint should make sure that they should fulfil all the responsibilities associated with the job role. They should also be able to complete the given task within the given deadline. Once the candidates start working in the company as full-time employees, they are entitled to a good salary package. Given below are the responsibilities of SharePoint developer: -

  • They are responsible for submitting different deployment packages to the administrators.
  • The SharePoint Developer should also ensure that they have complete and accurate knowledge of SharePoint out of the box features and programming .NET.
  • The SharePoint Developers are also responsible for running unit tests and memory tests involved in the development.
  • The SharePoint Developers are also responsible for resolving the issues faced by the team members and should make sure that these issues are resolved within the given period.
  • The SharePoint Developers are responsible for monitoring the working of SharePoint and look after the working of the same.

Required Skills

  • The SharePoint developer should develop custom solutions that also involve Web parts, Workflows and Object Models.
  • The SharePoint developer should have an extraordinarily strong background that will help them resolve the issues more easily.
  • The SharePoint developer should have good communication and analytical skills to solve problems.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced SharePoint Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of SharePoint Developers

The basic salary pay of the SharePoint developer is different according to different organizations. Indeed.com, the famous site, indeed.com, shows the average salary for SharePoint Developer jobs is up to US $112,896 in the United States. In India, the pay scale of SharePoint Developers usually depends on the level of work experience that the candidate has in the field.

The companies keep hiring candidates who wish to work in SharePoint as there is a lack of professionals in the field. Having complete and accurate knowledge in SharePoint helps you get hired in the best company. It is also important for the candidates who have appropriate work experience to work in the field accordingly.

Freelancing and Contract-Based Work

Microsoft works with different companies to collaborate with them on an integrated solution that helps enterprises work with freelancers. Different organizations hire SharePoint Developers as freelancers. When you work as a freelancer, you can work with multiple companies and enjoy a rewarding career. The amount of work available is directly proportional to your skills and experience in the field.

SharePoint Developer Certification

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, qualified young individuals are trying their best to get jobs in the field. When it comes to working as a SharePoint Developer in a company, having a certification can be a turning point for your career. Many career opportunities are available in the market, but it is exceedingly difficult for freshers to get a job in the same field of their choice. There are different SharePoint certificate courses and examinations that will help you get qualified for the job role of SharePoint Developer. There is no looking back once you get hired as a SharePoint Developer as it is gaining more and more popularity as it is an essential part of the hybrid solutions. It is totally rewarding and beneficial for the young talents who wish to pursue a career in the field of SharePoint as the field has been flourishing with hybrid solutions. The companies are also hiring candidates who have completed their certificate course in SharePoint as they also get to know that the candidate is adept with SharePoint.

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