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Hire Shell Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Shell Developers

Shell is a command-line interpreter developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories. Shell is the native interface to communicate within the operating systems. It can single-handedly maintain the operating system. It helps the user to interact with the operating system. The script is a collection of commands stored in a file. The Shell can read this file and take action on it as if they were typed on the keyboard, using a combination of simple commands. It can also manage the directory.

It contains the following

  • Different types of commands and scripts can run from the shell.
  • Object handling
  • Object sorting
  • Object manipulation
  • Object formatting
  • Using get-help and find the path to the command.
  • String handling.

The Shell is an extraordinary tool for rapid development. It provides immediate feedback on the logic and code. It usually runs on Linux, Unix, or Mac OS.

A Shell developer is a person who uses Shell programming to develop the products.

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Technical Skills: Important Programming Languages Used by a Shell Developer

1. Unix

Unix is a multitasking computer operating system developed by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan, Douglas McIlroy, and Joe Ossanna at Bell Labs research center. It is portable and can be executed in small sentences. It is multiuser and allows multitasking. It uses high-level language.

It is open-source which can be used by everyone. It has a programming interface.

It can run on microprocessors, mini processors, and also on mainframes. It is easy to maintain and efficient to implement. It has pipes and filters helpful with complex programming.

2. C++

C++ is an extension of C. It is a general-purpose programming language that uses most of the classes of C. It was designed and developed by Bjarne Stroustrup and ISO/IEC JTC1 (Joint Technical Committee 1) / SC22 (Subcommittee 22) / WG21 (Working Group 21). Programmers can write the code fast and portable in C++. Heavy software such as games, photo, and video editing apps, etc, use C++. GUI-based applications also use this language. Most operating systems like Windows, Unix use C++. Popular browsers like internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox use C++ as their programming language.

3. Embedded C

Embedded C is an extension of the C program developed by the C standards Committee. It gets used to support microprocessors, microcontrollers, etc. It uses most of the syntax and semantics of C programs. C is used for desktop computers whereas embedded C gets used for microcontroller applications. It is an easy language. It does not require hardware change since it performs the same task all the time. They are cost-efficient. Embedded C is highly stable and reliable. Also, they are hard to maintain and not durable.

4. Linux

Linux is an open-source Unix-like operating system developed by the Linux Foundation. It is based on the Linux kernel. It is a free and open-source software collaboration. It is also multiuser and multitasking like Unix. It is also open source like Unix. The most important feature of Linux is its security. Linux has two levels of security:

1) System-level security: This level gets managed by the system administrator.

2) File-level security: This is the level controlled by the owner of the file.

It is also Portable like Unix used in popular games and applications like Skype, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2.


PL/SQL is a programming language that is a combination of Structured Query Language and Programming Language. It is a portable language that is OS-independent and can be called from the command line. It is available in Oracle and IBM DB2 that supports object-oriented programming languages. It is integrated with SQL (Structured Query Language). Along with portability, it also provides security. It is used for developing Web pages, servers, etc.

6. Python

It is not that necessary, but a little knowledge would be of greater use. Nothing you learn would be a waste. Python is a widely accepted programming language and helps develop scalable web and mobile apps. The Python Software Foundation developed this programming language. This language is fast, easy to use, easy to deploy, and offers dynamic binding and dynamic typing options.

7. Java

Java was the former official language used by Android for the development of its mobile app. The language is object-oriented and makes your applications flexible, standardized, and extensible.

Java offers the best documentation and community support, and several open-source libraries are readily available for developers to access. Some developers prefer to work on this platform as it is more precise, with no scope for ambiguity.

8. Kotlin

Kotlin is a programming language developed by JetBrains. Since 2019, Kotlin has been the official language for Android app development and is an alternative language to traditional Java. Kotlin and Java are interoperable, and the only sizable difference is that Kotlin removes the superfluous features of Java and is much simpler for beginners. It has many language features to help avoid mistakes. Kotlin is used to build apps and websites.

Kotlin has four different data types, as follows:

  1. Integer Data Type
  2. Floating-point Data Type
  3. Boolean Data Type
  4. Character Data Type

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Job Role and Responsibilities of Shell Developers

Whenever you want to hire a Shell developer, you need to see that the ideal candidate knows all of the aforementioned skills. The prospective candidate understands Java’s latest implementations and how they get used to the development process. It is good to remember that your prospective candidate may not have experience with every technology, but sometimes their attitude is all that matters. The right candidate should be a quick learner and a team player willing to grow and learn with your organization. They should be ready to step up when required and follow when the situation demands. They should be able to find the technical problems and troubleshoot them.

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Skills Required in Shell Developers

Academic Qualifications

Relevant research and analysis skills.

Bachelor’s degree

Master's degree preferred

Certification related to a particular field (not mandatory)

Hard Skills

  • Proficiency in end-to-end implementation
  • Proficiency in Shell scripting
  • Knowledge of modern methodologies
  • Analysis test results
  • Experience in manual testing
  • Proficient in Oracle
  • Proficient in Web Crawling
  • Ability to test all the aspects of the product
  • Proficiency in PL/SQL, Unix, Linux, and C++ is a bonus.
  • Understanding key design principles
  • Experience with responsive and adaptive designs
  • Proficient in Perl and Database Management systems.
  • Ability to maintain brand consistency throughout the design
  • Ability to define how the application works and looks
  • Stay updated with the emerging technologies.
  • Should be comfortable participating in various relevant tasks.

Soft skills

Many people are so involved in learning about the technical side of usability development technologies that they forget how to conduct themselves on the job. However, soft skills play the most vital role in the long-term success of your company. Your ideal candidates,

  • Should be motivated, well organized, inventive, and tenacious
  • Should be able to work confidently and independently
  • Should be able to multitask and juggle several technical responsibilities simultaneously
  • Should have good leadership skills
  • Should have excellent managerial skills
  • Should find creative ways to solve problems
  • Should be invested in creatively building new features and helping in your organization’s success
  • Should work on improving and advancing their skills consistently and stay updated with the emerging technologies
  • Should perform code reviews without prompting
  • Should have good communication skills and no language barrier
  • Should work collaboratively with team members
  • Should be flexible and adapt to all kinds of work
  • Should have excellent problem-solving skills
  • Should follow the organizational work ethic and abide by the company rules and regulations
  • Should be comfortable participating in various relevant tasks

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Salary Structure

Salary gets determined by an individual’s job title, location, and experience.

Note: The values of the salaries are approximate. They keep varying.



Avg Salary/Month


Entry Level

INR 20,000 or USD 250


Mid Career

INR 45,000 or USD 600


Late Career

INR 1,50,000 or USD 2,000

Source: Salary Expert: Talk to Skuad Experts to know more about the salary range

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Conclusion: Why Skuad?

Skuad is a global human resource (HR) platform that enables organizations around the world to hire, pay, and manage globally distributed teams in over 150 countries. We help companies to access the global talent pool and bridge the gap between supply and demand, contracts, compliances, payroll, cross-country payroll, local laws, taxation, and more. 

We enable businesses to set up their teams across geographies without any entity set up. We cater to various sectors such as ed-tech, fintech, healthcare, logistics and transport, retail and e-commerce, travel, banking, and media. From selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation, we act as your local HR to manage the day-to-day operations related to your overseas employees.

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