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Hire Shopify developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024
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Hire and pay dedicated developers in 160+ countries

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Hire Shopify developers

The retail business has changed a lot over the last few years. The growth of e-commerce has been steady, and the ongoing pandemic has given it a further acceleration pushing the brick-and-mortar store to the side. According to Statista, worldwide online sales are expected to hit the $6.5 billion mark by 2023.

So, it is evident that more businesses and merchants will shift their focus to e-commerce platforms. However, building an online store is not easy. You need to take care of the order, setting the price of the products, and keep a check on the inventory. Also, responding to customers' complaints, advertising your products through social media channels, ensuring your store doesn't face too much downtime because downtime can hit your revenue directly. And above all this, you need to build a visually appealing website that is easy to navigate. While there are plenty of e-commerce platforms, Shopify tops the list.

Shopify is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies that come in to solve the problem of small and medium-sized merchants. There are more than 1,000,000 merchants who rely on Shopify to run their businesses. Merchants of all sizes from all parts of the world have made allies with Shopify to grow their business. Shopify offers some cool and out-of-the-box solutions for merchants, however not one size fits all, and neither the requirement of every merchant is the same. Plus, while it is easy to have a store up and running in no time, you may face some obstacles like having more than one currency or one language in place. This is where a Shopify developer comes in handy.

What do Shopify developers do?

Like any website developer, Shopify developers also specialize in website development, but exclusively for the Shopify website. So, a Shopify developer has all the insights that other developers won't have when working with the Shopify website. This includes how Shopify works, how the navigation suits, what payment gateways work best, the checkout logic, inventory systems, etc. If you plan to build a Shopify website, a Shopify developer can help you build the best website on the platform with technical insights that no one else could help you with.

A Shopify developer has extensive knowledge of PHP, JavaScript along with Shopify's API. When hiring a Shopify developer, apart from the hard skills, look for good communication skills. This is important because you want to stay up-to-date regarding the project's progress, and an unresponsive developer won't be of much help. Also, look for a developer with an impressive Shopify-based portfolio, especially with projects done for eCommerce platforms. While reviewing the portfolio, check the website's speed, accessibility features, and functionality.


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Required Expertise

Requirements - hard skills

  • A Shopify developer is responsible for developing the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms website as per the company brand guidelines. Follow design instructions as given by the UI designers.
  • You should be able to create custom-tailored Shopify theme and altering pre-existing Shopify theme.
  • Should be able to deliver optimized, fast loading, and super responsive website
  • Responsibilities would include developing testing plans.
  • Need to troubleshoot
  • Create a unique Shopify experience 
  • Collaborate with all the team members of the development team to better manage the project. 
  • Actively aid the consulting team in different project phases, including problem definition, effort estimation, diagnosis, solution generation, and design and deployment.
  • Should be able to explore and experiment with alternatives to the recommended solutions based on research. You should be familiar with literature surveys, information available in public domains, vendor evaluation information, etc., and build POCs.
  • May require to create requirements that adhere to business requirements and specifications. You should be able to define the process and outline the functional designs based on the requirements given. 
  • You will support configuring solution requirements on the products, understand if any issues, diagnose the root cause of such problems. Your responsibilities will also include getting clarifications, identifying and shortlist the possible solutions. 
  • You may need to contribute both at unit-level and organizational initiatives to provide high-quality value-adding solutions to customers.
  • It is good to have experience working with clients directly and the ability to identify business challenges. You should be able to contribute to client deliverables by refining, analyzing, and structuring relevant data
  • Awareness of latest technologies and trends
  • Logical thinking and problem-solving skills are a plus. Able to collaborate with all the stakeholders is a huge advantage. 
  • You will be a treasure to the company if you can assess the current process and identify areas of improvement with the technology solutions. 
  • Having hands-on experience in customizing Shopify templates is a huge plus. 
  • Develop Shopify Websites, Design Shopify Themes, Upload Products, Add Product, Price/Description, Integrate Payment Gateways, etc.
  • Strong working knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS, and SCSS is a plus.
  • Demonstrate desires to learn new technologies and languages
  • Previous experience of working with Agile methodologies is desirable
  • Have a solid grip on writing and deploying clear, readable, and testable code
  • Experience with other eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce will be preferred.
  • English language proficiency & strong communications skills
  • At least three years of professional services working with Shopify
  • Should be able to work on tight deadlines
  • Experience working with project management tools
  • Close attention to detail and quality assurance
  • Ability to create Shopify apps 
  • You should be knowledgeable about liquid themes.
  •  You should understand the existing systems for site features, backend logistics systems, and product catalog management.
  • Develop and implement new features that the end-user can customize within Shopify using SCSS, Liquid, HTML, jQuery, etc.)
  • Managing and developing custom implementations of various Shopify apps; both frontend and backend
  • You should be able to understand, design, and develop both existing and necessary scripts as needed to support company operations 
  • Design and develop processes around frontend content management to facilitate more efficiency, both for the engineering team and the company.

It's essential to pick the right Shopify developer for the project with the experience you're looking for so be certain to do as much research as you can. Toptal offers a wide range of Shopify freelancers who can help you with your mission-critical software projects. So, if you're searching for Shopify API developers to hire, consider checking them out.


As a junior Shopify developer, you need to be familiar with WordPress, Codeigniter, JavaScript, BootStrap, CSS, HTML5, PHP, MySQL. It is also good to have Magento, Shopify, Joomla, WooCommerce, Angular, React. Junior developers also need to create web applications based on their requirements, develop PoCs, web page designing, customize existing web applications, develop themes from scratch, or modify the current theme. IT is good to follow the Agile development approach, write clean code and follow standard coding conventions as best practices. Some of the desired skills for a junior level Shopify developer:

  • You should have at least two years of Shopify Development experience (HTML5, JS, CSS, Liquid, REST API)
  • Prior experience of working in a fast-paced Agile environment
  •  Familiarity working in an enterprise-level ecosystem is a huge advantage
  • Demonstrated ability to design and develop enterprise-level features for large scale use
  • You should have a strong portfolio of front-end work experience, demonstrating skill in translating a design to production

In addition to the above, senior Shopify developers need to have adequate experience in Shopify Website Development along with general experience building, launching, and maintaining Shopify stores, as well as general knowledge of the Shopify platform

  • Should have In-depth experience with Shopify's Liquid language
  • Demonstrable expertise with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Responsive design 
  • Should be familiar with developing responsive layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • In-depth knowledge of speed optimization of Shopify stores
  • Must have a working knowledge of Javascript libraries like AJAX, JQuery, GSAP, and others 
  • Experience with micro-interactions, transitions, effects, and animations 
  • Experience with implementing/debugging 3rd party Shopify apps as well as creating custom solutions if necessary
  • Thorough testing and debugging skills with browser console and external tools
  • Experience with Shopify's object/properties, API, and Meta fields
  • Experience working with Shopify apps and 3rd party services
  • Excellent communication skills are required, giving proactive feedback to peers and team
  • Excellent organizational skills are required
  • Experience working with handoff tools like Zeplin, Figma, Adobe XD for code
  • Work with engineering teams and come up with new design ideas and deliver new features for e-Commerce clients
  • You may have to collaborate and maintain expectations across all stakeholders
  • Develop integrations with lending platforms
  • Build new user experiences and work on already created stores

Salary Structure

You can hire a Shopify developer for a full-time position, freelance position, or project-based contract position. Remote hiring has become predominant among companies due to the ongoing pandemic. However, experts believe that remote working is here to stay even after the pandemic is over. Whether you're looking for freelance, full-time, or contract Shopify developers, we at Skuad can help you hire the best talent tailored to your requirements and industry.

Experience Avg Salary
Entry Level $110,354
Mid-Career $113,236
Late Career $146,250

We cater to various sectors - Edutech, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics & Transport, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Banking, Media, and more. From selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation, we act as your local HR to manage the day-to-day operations for your overseas employees.

Hire and pay dedicated developers in 160+ countries

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Table of Content

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