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Hire SOA Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

SOA Developer Development Technologies

Programming Languages

Oracle’s SOA utilizes Service Component Architecture (SCA) methodology for assembling the service components that lead to a composite SOA application. These service components are written in different programming languages. These include Java, BPEL, C++, and XSLT, which is a declarative language. Service components of the SCA are akin to the building blocks of the application. 

Within the SCA, SOA developers are responsible for giving instructions for reusable components. These components can then be integrated into any other SCA-compliant application. 

Service Component Architecture

Service Component Architecture facilitates a model for applications to build the solutions based on service-oriented architecture. As a result, the developers are able to extend the previous services development approaches and build with open standards. The SCA format of development describes how to create a composite application. 

The primary goal of using SCA technology here is the reduction of IT development complexity by providing a standardized framework to assemble disparate SOA-based components. As a result, the developers are able to build high-lever composite applications to simplify the development and deployment of enterprises. 

Oracle Service Bus

The purpose of using Oracle Bus Service is to transform complex development architectures into agile and integrated networks. It helps connect and manage the interactions between services and applications. Within the SOA development environment, the Oracle Service Bus offers a cost-effective solution for integration. 

Working with this, the SOA developers are able to build the solutions required with scalability and reliability, which are crucial for every sort of services and application development. 

Oracle Java EE Connectors

The Oracle JEE Connectors is another important part of the SOA environment and assists with web services development and assembly. Besides the SOA developers, system integrators and tools vendors utilize it to create resource adapters. These adapters help get access to the enterprise information systems. 

Because these services are built with Java EE connectors, they can be connected and integrated with any other product built with Java EE. developing a service in SOA requires interoperability of heterogeneous technologies. It is also a precondition of successful development in SOA. 

Oracle JDeveloper

Oracle JDeveloper is an integrated development environment (IDE) used for building applications. Oracle JDeveloper requires using the latest development standards that include Java, XML, and SQL. The purpose of using Oracle JDeveloper is to make developing applications with Java and SOA simpler and quicker. 

It also connects with J2EE and JDK 5.0 to further enhance the development scope by embracing other open-source frameworks and tools. For using this technology to build applications, the developers need to understand the workings of Oracle JDeveloper and SOA. 

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SOA Developers Development Industries

SOA developers build scalable and robust database management systems. As a result, companies that deal with huge amounts of data every day employ this technology to build the right solution. 

1. Online Shopping

eBay is using SOA to manage and control 2 petabytes of data in the form of a software-based integration. Using SOA for such large data systems seems the right choice as it is an efficient technology meant to help businesses streamline their database management systems. 

2. Banking and Finances

Along with being fast and performance-ready, systems built with SOA can also be developed to become highly secure. As a result, Bank of America is also using this technology for its database management and security. Moreover, the banking industry needs to adapt to the changing business needs. SOA helps them stay updated with the database requirements. 

3. Information and Technology

IBM uses SOA development to build component-based web services for managing their internal applications. With its help, the world-famous organization has cut short its repository of 16000 internal applications to only 4000. SOA gives IBM and other IT companies a robust governance and management system to enhance internal functioning. 

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Hard Skills Required for SOA Developers

  • Experience in Oracle SOA Suite along with Oracle Database and SOA web services. 
  • Proficiency in JavaScript programming language. 
  • Knows and understands the principles plus practices of SOA. 
  • Has demonstrable knowledge about SOA architecture. 
  • Extensive experience in creating and curating large-scale SOA implementations with Oracle JDeveloper, SOA Suite, Oracle BAM, Oracle, OSB, and Oracle WebLogic. 
  • Knows how to use the Oracle SOA Suite and integrate it with Oracle ERP for external or legacy systems. 
  • Experience in business analysis and requirements analysis for every SOA project. 
  • Experience of using Java-based XML systems, including DOM, JAXB, XSL, etc. 
  • Strong understanding of service-oriented architecture and technologies associated with the same, including WSDL, XML, XSD, etc. 
  • Has worked extensively with Oracle RDBMS and SQL, PL/SQL. 
  • Knows about Triggers, Functions, Sequences, Views, etc. 
  • A subject matter expert at SOA development and shares the expertise with junior developers. 
  • Understands the concepts associated with web services and how to use them for development purposes. 

Soft Skills Required for SOA Developer

  • Work to bring out the best results for the project by collaborating with the team. 
  • Create effective solutions for the problems faced by the clients. 
  • Handle a team of junior developers and help them learn the best practices of SOA development. 
  • Identify the project requirements and suggest a way forward. 
  • Can work in collaboration with other team members. 
  • Has impressive interpersonal skills and communication skills. 
  • Demonstrates an enthusiastic attitude towards working in a challenging environment. 

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