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SSIS developers

Hire SSIS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

SSIS Developer Development Technologies


SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio is another one of the impressive platforms built by Microsoft. As a data-specific IDE, the SSBIDS is built to augment Microsoft Visual Studio. The main purpose of SSBIDS is to help developers create data and database migration services plus scripts with drag and drop features. 

In addition to this, it also offers other services, including Analysis, Integration, Master Data, and Reporting. As SSBIDS is an integral part of the database solutions development, every SSIS developer must have the required knowledge of working with the platform. 


SQL or Structured Query Language is used to program and design systems for data handling. Microsoft’s SQL Server database is a software that can be used to build systems to perform data migration tasks. SSIS is based on SQL, and it is one of the many technologies built on this domain-specific language. 

Any SSIS developer should and must have experience working with SQL. Besides SSIS, several other systems are built with SQL, which are connected to SSIS. At some point, the SSIS developers have to use them to complete the development process. 

SQL Server Data Tools

SQL Server Data Tools or SSDT is another one of the development tools associated with SSIS. SSDT helps build relational databases for SQL server. Along with this, it is also an effective tool for creating databases in Azure SQL, Analysis Services data models, Integration, plus Reporting services. 

More importantly, SSDT helps design, create, and deploy server content that can be used in SQL. SSDT is considered the future of SSIS, and you must hire people who are aware of this tool and can learn it for the future. 

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is also an IDE that helps build websites, applications, and software with more than 36 programming languages. Within the Visual Studio environment, there is a platform called Dev Essentials, which becomes the focal point of connection between SSIS and Visual Studio. 

Experience of working with Microsoft Visual Studio is imperative to connect both the platforms and leverage each other’s capabilities. 

When you hire SSIS developers, always pay attention to their understanding of ETL packages and services. ETL refers to Extract, Transform and Load and implementing them is at the core of an SSIS developer’s skill set. ETL packages and their functioning are imperative to building a database solution, but if a developer uses the SSDT along with SSIS, everything becomes easier and more streamlined. 

You have to dig deeper into the hole if you want to find the most efficient SSIS developers. Even if you are hiring to fill a junior developer position, identifying the candidate’s potential to work in your organization is essential. 

Instead of struggling with the long recruitment process, you can take our help to acquire the top industry talent. At Skuad, we have the dream team of HR specialists and tax experts to manage the employees and ensure effective financial management specific to the country they are working from. 

SSIS Developers Development Industries


Insurance companies have a huge amount of data that needs to be managed efficiently and accurately. As a result, these companies hire SSIS developers to help them build database solutions for handling and managing the entire data organization data. For instance, National General Insurance is using SSIS for these and several other purposes. 


Healthcare institutions also need a robust data management system to maintain the records. Besides the patient data, managing hospital and inventory data also pose a challenge. However, SSIS developers can help them overcome any challenge by creating an effective solution. For example, UnitedHealth Group leverages SSIS to build, manage, and deploy database management solutions. 


In every financial organization, data is omnipresent. Moreover, they need efficient and dynamic database management solutions so that it aligns with the changes in the financial environment. The companies require a solution to store and load data, which can be delivered by SSIS developers. The likes of Fiserv are using SSIS IDE to build their financial database management solutions.  

Not only these, but data has become the core part of every type of organization. Companies need effective database management systems for effective business management. 

In a scenario when your organization requires the assistance of the most qualified persons to build the database solutions, competition among the SSIS developers makes things even more difficult. Fierce competition and scant talent is not the ideal combination that any company would want to face. 

For all such issues related to sourcing and managing your company’s workforce, Skuad has the perfect solution. Working with us means you can kick start or speed up your SSIS-based projects in record time. 

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Hard Skills Requirements for SSIS Developers

  • Has experience of working with ETL tools. 
  • Has worked on Workflow automation in ETL to build and maintain ETL processes. 
  • Design, coordinate and develop ETL systems with SSIS. 
  • Has worked on developer data links and data loading scripts. 
  • Knows how to optimize ETL loads with the help of precise SSIS transformations. 
  • Deploy ETL packages from within the SSIS development environment and production environments. 
  • Has a strong understanding of SQL Server and PL SQL programming. 
  • Knows how to create an SSISDB catalog for assisting and supporting SSIS with package deployments. 
  • Testing the ETL packages according to business requirements. 
  • Has designed scripts for custom ETL systems and solutions with different programming languages. 
  • Has expertise in query writing and utilizing advanced techniques. 
  • Experience in Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Business Intelligence. 
  • Has analytical skills to make sense of data and how to build an efficient system for managing it. 
  • Must have experience in data warehousing. 
  • Can easily streamline a process flow with accuracy ensuring effective solution development. 
  • Understands Linux and Shell scripting. 

Soft Skills Requirements for SSIS Developers

  • Can easily interact with the business analyst to understand the project requirements. 
  • Is able to handle a team of SSIS and other developers for creating the best outcome. 
  • Builds a good understanding with the business people for product designing and implementation. 
  • Impressive interpersonal and communication skills. 
  • Feels comfortable in interacting with the clients and helping them understand the project outcome. 
  • Is able to work in a fast-paced environment and follows a proactive approach. 

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