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SSRS Developers

Hire SSRS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire SSRS Developers

SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Services is software from Microsoft that generates service-based reports. It belongs to the Microsoft SQL Server Services suite and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), and SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services). It lets you build formatted reports with tables in the form of graphs, charts, data and images. The SSRS service offers an interface into Microsoft Visual Studio that helps the SQL administrators to connect to the SQL databases, and format SQL reports in different ways using SSRS tools. SSRS keep pace with Crystal Reports and other Business Intelligence Tools.

Compared to other tools like Crystal Report, SSRS is more enhanced. Reports on both multidimensional and functional data are processed in a very fast manner. It provides a better decision-making mechanism for the users. The reports can be accessed over the Internet as it provides a World Wide Web connection for deploying the reports. The SSRS Service also provides security features that aids to control whoever can access the report. SSRS developers develop and design database solutions for the companies. They retrieve data from the database, create and maintain reporting processes, resolve IT and data issues, and provide delivery plans and estimates for projects. Many companies hire SSRS developers as the job is in demand and provides an attractive salary package.

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Reporting services were first released as an add-on to SQL Server 2000 in 2004. In 2012, Microsoft support was expanded to mobile platforms for viewing reports. The latest version was released in October 2017 as a part of SQL Server 2017. There are three types of SSRS reporting services. The first one is the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) that integrates data from different sources.

The second one is the Microsoft SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS) which helps in the analysis of the data, and the third one is the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) which provides a visual report of the data. SSRS service is faster and cheaper compared to the other tools, and it does not require any expensive specialist skills. It provides faster reports on relational and cube data, and subscription-based reports are automatically sent to the users.

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Important Features of SSRS

SSRS service is commonly used for creating service-based reports. It can create different types of reports using SSRS tools. There are some features for SQL Server Reports Services. Some of them include: -

  • SSRS offers a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) application and pluggable architecture.
  • Custom reports can be stored and managed.
  • SSRS retrieves data from managed providers, OLE DB and ODBC connections.
  • It provides subscription-based reports and on-demand reports.
  • URL based report access.
  • Gauge and Chart control to display KPI data.
  • Another feature is extensibility. It allows the developers to use SSTS in several ways, from embedded reports to customized reports.
  • It creates ad-hoc reports that can be server saved and have various display formats like free form, tabular form or charts.
  • Report processing extensions help create customized controls.
  • It can embed graphics and images in the reports and also integrate external content using SharePoint.
  • It is relatively fast and cheap compared to the other tools.
  • It also provides a 'Report Builder' tool for less technical users. This helps in formatting SQL reports that have less complexity.

Roles and Responsibilities of SSRS Developers

The scope for an SSRS developer is high at present. SSRS developers usually do a range of duties depending upon their company or organization. There are some roles and responsibilities required for an SSRS developer. Some of them include:

  • Should have in-depth knowledge of the technical field and experience in the field.
  • Should have deep knowledge and should be an expert in SQL Server.
  • Should have good knowledge of Autosys scheduling tools.
  • Should be able to optimize SQL Server queries to efficiently and quickly retrieve data.
  • Should be able to create and develop Warehouse data solutions by using different software and programs like MS SQL Server, Tableau and others.
  • Should maintain a record of different reporting processes.
  • Should be able to provide delivery plans and estimates for projects.
  • He/she should be able to work closely with the clients.

Skills Required

  • Good understanding of databases, architectural patterns, and OOP.
  • Should be familiar with the ELT process, SSIS.
  • Deep understanding of presentations, data, KPIs and dashboards.
  • Should be involved in requirement analysis, testing of SSRS reports and debugging of report related issues.
  • Experience in Browser compatibility, Responsive web and code optimization.
  • Experience in preparing Database design from functional specifications.
  • Reports can be downloaded in various formats, including XML, Excel, PDF and HTML Web Archive.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced SSRS Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of SSRS Developers

An SSRS developer is a highly demanding job in the job market at present. In the United States, the average salary of an SSRS developer is around US$76,600 to US$92,750 per annum. In India, the average salary of a SSRS developer is around US $5,386 to $6,733 (4,00,000 to 5,00,000 lakhs). The salary package may increase depending upon the years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

IT expertise has become an inevitable part of most companies. SSRS developers can work on-premises as well as remotely too. A freelance SSRS developer has got the freedom and flexibility to work according to their convenience. They also can assess their professional growth on their own as they are working independently. Many companies hire SSRS developers on a contractual basis. Contractual works are available in the market and if you are experienced, then you can set an attractive salary package.

SSRS Certification

Updating to the latest is something inevitable in the IT sector. A certification can always upgrade your knowledge to a better level. Certification has other benefits as wells. SSRS is a powerful tool that aids in developing excellent reports. An SSRS certification can give a detailed idea on developing, designing, testing and tuning business intelligence reports. Correctly visualizing data through different graphs, plots, and charts is necessary. It includes the usage and deployment tool for report's creation and management. It also aids the learners to implement graphs, filters while creating an excellent report using the report wizard. The certification can be a plus point, especially in the professional world and can be an extra highlight in the resume. It can also boost your career opportunities. An SSRS developer's scope is broad at present. Therefore, taking a certification program can make you stand different from competitors who help you to boost your opportunities and open new avenues in front of you.

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