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Hire System Architecture Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Introduction: About System Architecture Developers

IBM’s thought leadership report revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation for 59% of organizations surveyed. The pandemic has forced businesses to look for alternatives to keep their business running. Industry leaders have become more trusting of what technology can do than ever before. The majority of global organizations are rapidly accelerating toward digitization and automation. They are heavily investing in artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and cloud technology. This momentum is only set to pick up after the pandemic.

Organizations are heavily reliant on their information technology (IT) teams due to the increasing dependence on digitization and a rapid need to automate repetitive, mundane tasks. With the increasing complexities and nuances of virtual meetings, companies need strong, knowledgeable, and dynamic team members who can multitask to meet various digitization projects’ front-end and back-end requirements.

A system architect acts as a liaison between the client and different internal heads of the organization. With nearly 64% of the companies shifting to cloud-based business and 60% of businesses accelerating their automation processes, it is no wonder the organizations have made huge investments in system architects and web developers. Together, they meet the full-stack requirements of the clients.

Systems architects work with users, networking and security personnel, web developers, and other divisions to complete projects for their clients. Talk to Skuad experts to know more about how to hire system architecture developers for your company.

Different Types of System Architecture Developers 

  1. Front-end Developers
    These developers are responsible for meeting the front-end needs of the client. They cater to the front end of websites. They develop websites and applications using HTML, CSS, DOM, or JavaScript.
  1. Back-end Developers
    These developers work on the server-side of the development that focuses on website architecture, different databases, and scripting of the code. They use back-end programming languages such as Java and Python.
  1. Full-stack Developers
    They are both front-end and back-end developers who have a wide understanding of how the entire process of web development takes place. Their role is more prominent, as they can look at the bigger picture and ensure a fast transition between client needs and the result.
  1. Mobile Application Developers
    They build mobile applications for devices such as smartphones and tablets. Such applications do not work in the same way as websites. Hence, these developers need to have specialized skills and knowledge about mobile application development.
  1. Game Developers
    Game development has a different set of software and hardware requirements. Further, a separate skillset is required that enables coding to enhance user experience via various graphics, sound effects, and motion sensitivity. Game developers are equipped to code for both console games and mobile games. 
  1. Security Developers
    Security developers lay down the procedures that ensure the safety of websites or programs. They break down any vulnerabilities and build a bulletproof security system. They predict, analyze, and remove any unwarranted threats or risks.

Skuad can guide your hiring process to find the best system architecture developers for your company according to the software development industry needs.


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Required Expertise for System Architecture Developers

Depending on the client’s requirements, different web developers and other stakeholders are monitored by systems architects. To find an able system architecture developer, look out for the following skills.

  1. Hard Skills
  • At least five years of experience in developing software in any of these languages: ASP.Net, MVC, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience in responsive web page design
  • Basic understanding of Agile processes
  • Understanding of technologies, frameworks, and design patterns
  • Expertise in multithreading development practices 
  • Ability to work with complex distribution systems and large-scale data processing and perform performance analysis for the same
  • Understanding of event sourcing 
  • Ability to follow best practices of software engineering to achieve great results
  • Experience in working with both Linux and Windows, with a proper understanding of both the environments
  • Experience in the designing and deployment of web services
  • Testing and tuning experience
  • Front-end mobile and user page experience
  • Good grasp on the e-commerce industry knowledge, warehousing, and inventory management
  • Experience with DevOps, Cloud, and related technologies to drive optimization in software solutions
  • Proven experience developing strategic software architecture plans and modernization of solutions
  • Experience in software solution creation and development
  • Relational and NoSQL database understanding along with practice to create physical and logical data models
  • Practical experience in designing and implementing system architectural solutions in regulated and complex environments
  • Large enterprise-level systems experience
  • Ability to resolve technical issues and identify risks by building consensus among technical stakeholders
  • Ability to explain value propositions, closing opportunities, and business driver models to partners, customers, and teams
  • Good understanding of challenges and sales cycles for an optimum business run
  • Ability to develop and interpret coding guidelines, methodology, and IP architecture
  • Ability to lead code reviews
  • Demonstrated experience developing engineering proposals for customer sales engagement
  1. Soft Skills
  • Excellent cross-organizational collaboration skills
  • Demand and pipeline driving through creative solutions
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and listening skills
  • Ability to work in a team, whether in an office or remote environment
  • Ability to take on leadership roles with great driving skills for smaller teams that require specific direction
  • Oversight of team activities from a technical perspective
  • Ability to work with the team to optimize various processes in a short time
  • Problem-solving skills to come up with excellent and innovative solutions to existing issues 
  • Collaborative nature, customer-friendliness, the timely submission of tasks with disciplined execution of projects
  • Optimistic and winning attitude with great commitment to self-improvement
  • Ability to maintain a strong bond between the team members for smooth operations

Irrespective of your level of experience or seniority, having a complete understanding of the requirements and proficient knowledge is a must. Further, higher levels of seniority demand more leadership and effective communication skills.

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Salary Structure of System Architecture Developer

A system architecture developer’s average salary in the United States is USD 139,545, as of May 27, 2021. However, the range typically falls between USD 125,929 and USD 153,497. This salary may vary, depending upon the number of years, additional skillsets, qualifications, certificates, and location.

As of May 27, 2021, the salary percentile of system architecture developers in the US is as follows.

Percentile Seniority Salary Per Hour (USD) Annual Package (USD)
10th Starting level 35.63 74,147
25th Junior level 39.25 81,636
50th Mid-level 48.88 101,670
75th Senior-level 71.70 149,141
90th Top-level 118.42 246,310

*Salary percentile tells us how much the % of the overall population in a region or a particular industry makes. 

To learn about managing system architecture developers’ payroll and salaries, partner with Skuad experts.

Experience Required for System Architecture Developers

While finding an ideal candidate might be a difficult task, look out for candidates with the following experience.

  • Leadership experience to effectively manages teams of varying sizes
  • Complete experience and knowledge in developing software applications in different programming languages
  • Proven experience in developing strategic plans and analyzing the success or failure of a code
  • Experience in troubleshooting problems and identifying unique and effective solutions
  • Demonstrated experience in understanding and interpreting the needs of the client and communicate the same to their team members
  • Experience in managing the team morale and driving them toward anticipating and solving any issues
  • Experience in informing different stakeholders about any opportunities in or threats to the ongoing process
  • Experience in working at an equal footing on both the technical and stakeholder sides

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Conclusion: Why Skuad? 

Rapid digitization and automation are the way forward for most businesses that don’t bow out in the face of challenges and learn to adapt quickly. Skuad is a global, tech-enriched HR platform that lets you hire professionals from a remote base. What makes us unique and different from our competitors is that we help companies discover exceptional talent while hiring new employees, managing their payroll and taxation, taking care of employment contracts, benefits, compensation, and leaves, and ensuring full compliance with the local laws.

Industry Expertise

We offer the best services to various sectors, as follows.

  • Edutech
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and transport
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Media

To avail yourself of our expert services, book a demo with Skuad today. 

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