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Hire TCL Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Tcl Developers

Tool Command Language or Tickle, commonly abbreviated as “Tcl,” is a simple but impactful language that can be aligned with more than one programming paradigm, whether object-oriented, procedural, functional, or imperative. A critical feature of the programming language is that it sculpts everything into a single command. It is used for scripted applications, Graphical Users Interfaces (GUIs), rapid prototyping, and testing due to its general-purpose nature.

Tcl interpreters are compatible with numerous operating systems (OSs), making it a widely-used programming language as both a standalone and an aiding language. Tcl is combined with the extension Tk to build GUIs; together, they are referred to as Tcl/Tk. This combination is also available as a Python installation called Tkinter.

Tcl can also be used for digital logic simulators, VHDL, and other low machine-level programming needs. In essence, Tcl is a very dynamic and powerful programming and scripting language that can fulfill a host of your requirements. Therefore, when you hire Tcl developers, you open up unlimited scope for your development team and clients. Talk to Skuad experts to know more about how to hire Tcl developers for your company.

Tools and Tcl Development Technology

Tcl is an open-source language, and it has a large community of contributors who are constantly providing solutions to further improve it. It is a widely used language but is remarkably simple. The Tcl community offers great sources for developers who are beginning their journey in the software development industry. Tcl developers can get acquainted with the Tcl community at www.tcl.tk. Skuad can guide your hiring process to find the best Tcl developers for your company according to the software development industry needs.


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Benefits of Using Tcl

Tcl offers many benefits to programmers. Some of the major benefits of using Tcl are listed below.

  • t is a compact language, as all its operations, including language structures, are commands.
  • It is an extensible language with the help of other popular programming languages, such as C, C++, Python, and Java.
  • It was the base programming language for the popular Apache HTTP Server, allowing developers to create dynamic web applications.
  • It is a fully dynamic language supporting multiple programming paradigms: object-oriented, functional, imperative, and procedural.
  • Tcl has cross-platform support on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix Operating Systems.
  • It allows developers to write programs that can communicate with programs written in other programming languages and can act as an embedded interpreter for them.
  • Tcl has a large library of networking functions, as it can easily work with the TCP/IP suite protocols.
  • It can be used for writing simple scripts to effectively replace complex shell scripts.
  • Tcl/Tk is a powerful combo used to create robust yet simple GUIs applications and components.
  • Tcl’s database access interface supports access to database drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases and all other data sources via ODBC.
  • Tcl offers complete Unicode and cross-platform usage, where data types and source code could be manipulated as text strings.
  • It has an event-driven interface to sockets and contains files for monitoring activity on them.
  • With additional extensions, Tcl can be used for terminal-based application automation, GUI development, and database access.

If you are looking for a Tcl developer, you can contact Skuad. We can help you to find the right candidate for your organization. To know more, get in touch with Skuad experts.

Tcl Developer: Roles and Responsibilities

As the language supports a large number of operations, an experienced Tcl developer is required to carry out multiple roles and responsibilities, including the following.

  • Working through all stages of the software development life cycle, from requirements, development, and testing to releasing it using Agile methodologies
  • Developing and maintaining super-efficient dynamic web applications that can run on Tcl Web Server, a purely Tcl-based HTTP server, or popular web servers such as Apache or Tomcat, using Apache rivet
  •  Interfacing with C by providing a syntactic front-end to commands written in C
  • Performing unit testing and integration testing in collaboration with other developers
  • Using a scripting interface for simulating Verilog, VHDL, and SystemVerilog hardware languages with digital logic simulators
  • Using the Tk toolkit to develop rich, lightweight, and robust GUI applications, using its GUI library for cross-platform use
  • Using the Tile/Ttk widget collection for styles and theming and replacing the non-native widgets in Tk with stylish themes for the host OS
  • Using Expect to successfully automate telnet, ssh, and serial sessions
  • Successfully deploying and using Tix to expand the capabilities of Tcl/Tk and Python GUI applications
  • Maintaining comprehensive application documentation and revision control history
  • Contributing to multiple projects simultaneously and playing the role of an expert in building test strategies
  • Successfully using the tDOM, a Tcl extension for parsing XML, to allow seamless data transmission between applications developed in different technologies
  • Using the Tcl Database Connectivity to provide a common database access interface for Tcl applications with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases and ODBC data sources
  • Automating, developing, and supporting infrastructure
  • Contributing toward the development of the generic solutions, requirements elicitation, evaluating open-source technologies and components, and developing a solution in short iterations

Book a demo with Skuad experts to hire the best Tcl developers in the country of your choice.

Educational Qualifications Required for Tcl Developers

Candidates must have a graduate or postgraduate degree in the field of computer science engineering or a related field, such as software development. Skuad can take care of your recruitment process for hiring Tcl developers! Talk to our experts to learn more.

Skills Required for Tcl Developers

Hard Skills

  • Working knowledge of Tcl/Tk
  • Knowledge of Python/PERL scripts 
  • Working knowledge of networking protocols such as IP, TCP, and UDP
  • Expertise in different operating systems, such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix
  • Experience with object-oriented programming in addition to basic knowledge of other paradigms
  • Ability to do manual, automated, and performance testing of the developed software modules
  • Ability to do bug tracking and debugging to maintain the code quality
  • Working knowledge of integrating components into an existing functional software system
  • Familiarity with Agile (tools such as JIRA and Confluence) and Waterfall methodologies
  • Knowledge of C, C++, and Python libraries
  • Ability to lead the development starting from documentation to end-to-end delivery, keeping up with the required changes
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git and GitLab
  • Understanding of logic design concepts in addition to Verilog
  • Basic knowledge of VMWare
  • Web app experience using HTML, TOMCAT, JavaScript, and J2EE technologies

Soft Skills

  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams to understand requirements and develop the software component following the same
  • Willingness to learn new skills, if the technical landscape of a business requirement demands
  • Keeping up with the latest technological advancements and best coding practices
  • Ability to take ownership of the software deployment process from beginning to end
  • Drive to evaluate and improvise implementations by performing code reviews
  • Good problem-solving skills and an analytical approach 
  • Ability to consistently develop critical functionalities on time
  • Willingness to provide and receive feedback to and from teammates, respectively
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and collaborative environment, requiring strong team and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to drive projects and teams with success and minimal supervision and guidance

Skuad can find, vet, and hire the best Tcl developers for your company. Book a demo with Skuad experts to learn more.

Salary Structure of Tcl Developers

The salary depends on the experience, industry vertical, role, and knowledge of other tools and languages. It is also impacted by the candidate’s location and professional certifications.

  • The average annual salary of an experienced Tcl developer is in the range of USD 85,000 to USD 105,000 in the USA. 
  • The starting annual average salary for a Tcl developer is USD 45,000.
  • The highest annual salary goes up to USD 130,000.

To learn about managing Tcl developers’ payroll and salaries, partner with Skuad experts.

Key Takeaways

  • Tcl is a dynamic and high-performance-driven programming language that can interact with hardware and other programming languages.
  • A Tcl developer can design, create, optimize, and automate code for a wide range of applications, such as web applications, system monitors, networked applications.
  • Tcl developers can work in hardware design, GUI application development, web development, and database-driven development roles.
  • They must be proficient in the use of Tcl and its multiple extensions to fully exploit the power of the language and its services.
  • Tcl developers need to collaborate with the entire team of project developers, as their skills are required by all of them.

To avail yourself of our expert services, book a demo with Skuad today.

Industry Expertise

Tcl is a powerful yet niche programming language, making the ecosystem of professional and experienced Tcl developers limited in size. Though Tcl developers are in high demand in competitive industries such as CAD, CAM, hardware design, cross-platform application development, they are hard to find.

Therefore, when it comes to expert Tcl developers, Skuad can hire the best Tcl developers with years of experience in multiple roles and industry verticals. Our team of highly experienced and skilled industry experts can take care of all your hiring needs.

Whether you wish to hire Tcl developers or outsource your work, we are proud of our consistent and timely delivery of bespoke HR solutions to our clients of all sizes, whether small, medium, and large enterprises. Our industry domains include,

  • Edutech
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and transport
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Media

Skuad acts as your local Employer of Record service to manage the day-to-day operations related to your overseas employees, from selecting to onboarding, invoicing, compliances, and taxation. Talk to Skuad experts to know more about how to hire Tcl developers for your company.

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