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Hire Teaching Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Teaching Developers

Introduction: About Teaching Developers

Teaching developers are the backbone of the education system and without them, it is impossible to develop learned, capable, and responsible individuals. Online education has become the new norm in the COVID-19 era, and teachers and teaching developers have become the students’ only points of contact to the academic system.

The education system is no longer restricted to rote examinations and evaluations. With technology and its application in real life, education has become more comprehensive and requires students to approach theories and problems logically and rationally. This prepares them to take on new career paths, implement new ideas, and innovate in different fields with all the required leadership and management tools provided by teaching developers.

When institutions wish to hire teaching developers, they not only look for the minimum qualifications but also expect candidates to be subject matter experts with good communication and management skills. Amid constant technological advancements, teaching developers also need to upgrade their skills to meet the industry standards. There is a growing demand for teaching developers who have a holistic skill set to provide lateral education to the students, preparing them for a dynamic future.

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Skills Required for Teaching Developers

With the right approach and tools at hand, teaching developers can leverage the skills of an average student and raise them to exceptional levels. Here’s a look at some important skills a teaching developer needs beyond their subject expertise, that can empower them in the institution.

1. Critical Thinking

Teachers have to expand their horizons in teaching students by using more skills outside the box. They need to have critical thinking skills and come up with innovative ways of engaging students in various activities. Learning has become more holistic and is no longer restricted to the textbook. Analyzing, logical problem solving, and brainstorming have become standard requirements, as they have more practical applications.

2. Subject Matter Expertise

Teaching developers need to have a deep knowledge of their subject of specialization. As mentioned earlier, once they are deeply skilled in the subject, they can bring in effective ways to impart relevant knowledge to students via various mediums. This way, they can also stay abreast of the new changes in the curriculum and effectively educate the students regarding the same.

3. Leadership Skills

Teaching developers are expected not only to lead their students but also the teaching developers’ community in an institution. Leadership skills instill a sense of responsibility among students and can pave the way for their overall development and learning experiences. Teaching developers must have a sense of leadership even outside the classroom, taking up additional roles such as coaching for sports, soft-skill training sessions, or managing the drama and speech centers for students. Teachers with good leadership skills can move swiftly to higher positions within their institute’s hierarchy.

4. Student Engagement Skills

In a class of 30 students, several group dynamics are at play. Students at different age groups have varying, typical tendencies in class, and effectively capturing and retaining their attention is crucial. A skilled teaching developer will have to come up with engagement techniques to get all kinds of students to develop an interest in their subjects. Providing emotional and educational support to students can amp up their learning experience.

5. Communication Skills

Communication between students and teachers is the key aspect of impactful education. Teaching developers need to interact with students, parents, and their fellow teachers every day, and this can only be achieved with strong conversational skills. Effective communication can forge strong relationships between students and teachers and between the teachers themselves. The weight of a concept or a lesson depends on a teaching developer’s ability to break it down and simplify it to every student while accounting for their individual aptitude. This way, the interest in the subject is maintained, and it creates a strong foundation for students’ success in the future.

6. Technology Expertise

Technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years, and it will continue to develop in the coming years owing to its vast range of benefits. Education has become digitized and students in recent years have become reliant on technology for their practice, learning, and other requirements. Teaching developers need to have exceptional computer and technology-based skills and understand the digital tools that are suitable for their students.

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Key Tools for Teaching Developers

  • Twitter: For community building with other educational developers across the world.
  • Pinterest: As a one-stop-shop for ideas, creative projects, and other school programs.
  • Doodly: To create informative and engaging videos to teach students important concepts.
  • Google Meet: To set up virtual classrooms and conduct online sessions for students. 
  • Edcamp: As a virtual setup for educational camps and conferences to assemble students based on their interests. 
  • Scoop.it: A content engine for teachers to create specific boards on various topics. They can also connect to other boards and extract information from them.
  • Feedly: A popular RSS reader that can provide well-assimilated news feeds important for teaching developers to keep themselves updated. 
  • LinkedIn: The primary professional network for teaching developers to collaborate with other developers in the community.

Several tools are essential for teaching developers. To know more, connect with Skuad experts today!

Requirements for Teaching Developers

Hard Skills

  • Proficiency in the key tools in the teaching development industry, including Twitter, Pinterest, Doodly, Google Meet, Edcamp, Scoop.it, Feedly, and LinkedIn
  • Proficiency in Grammarly, Schoology, Kahoot, Flipgrid, and other important technological resources to make school content deliverable
  • Proficiency in the specialization subject and its derived faculties
  • Proficiency in comprehension, vocabulary, print motion, narrative skills, and phonetics
  • Proficiency in classroom management software and grading systems of the curriculum
  • Proficiency in electronic performance evaluation and report generation
  • Proficiency in virtual meeting and setting up of virtual classrooms
  • Proficiency in database management and updating records regularly
  • Proficiency in Excel sheet and Microsoft Office to create reports and design worksheets
  • Proficiency in setting up live worksheets, quizzes online and electronic presentations

Soft Skills

  • Experience in online conduction of class and managing online meetup and technical issues, if any
  • Experience in conducting online examinations, worksheets, and collating numbers and information from students to record their performance
  • Proficiency in creating a learning environment through different mediums in class, via projects, tests, and group activities to engage students more actively and effectively
  • Proficiency in understanding the regulations of the institution and the rules to be followed by the students
  • Efficiency in time management; independence and reliability in adhering to the schedule
  • Proficiency in curriculum development, learning design, and core competencies
  • Proficiency in faculty administration
  • Demonstrated support for including changes, conducting workshops, learning sessions, and interactive exercises for students
  • Proficiency in critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, providing emotional and educational support to students
  • Proficiency in team-building and its processes, conflict resolution, and mediation skills for any unforeseen situations in the classroom
  • Ability to manage disagreements in the classroom; pre-primary and primary students might have conflicts over toys or tools, while secondary students might argue over more subjective issues

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Roles and Responsibilities of Teaching Developers

Today, the functions and duties of a teaching developer are holistic. They must empower their students to imbibe logical, critical, and analytical thinking skills and utilize them in their career paths and subsequent future. Additionally, they may be required to do the following.

  • Create course designs for the subject and implement any changes required, as there are advancements in the subject course details
  • Conduct examinations adhering to the schedule designed in the course curriculum and ensure the correct practices are followed
  • Evaluate examinations and manage the progress reports for students assigned to the teaching developers
  • Conduct maintenance tasks for keeping students’ score records and progress up to date 
  • Complete all mandatory evaluations for individual students and keep the information in the system updated across the platform
  • Conduct interactive sessions for students in class and offline
  • Encourage students to participate in the institute’s events to evaluate their problem areas and strengths
  • Conduct workshops, debates, and projects to encourage students to participate and showcase their creative skills
  • Connect individually with students, parents, administrators, and the community to create healthy communication channels
  • Consult with students educationally and emotionally to address concerns or tackle problem areas for students struggling with the curriculum
  • Take initiative in keeping updated with the new curriculum changes and implementing the design changes to the course
  • Engage in community building at a global level by participating in conferences for teaching developers and brainstorming with other faculty members
  • Apply program development and evaluation strategies, manage projects, track changes, and extract reports
  • Engage with professional learning communities to provide mentoring and coaching for internal growth within the community
  • Aggregate data and analyze it to create reports and evaluations based on the historical performances of students

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Salary Structure

Whether you’re looking for freelance, full-time, or contract teaching developers, we at Skuad can help you hire the best talent tailored to your requirements.

Teaching developer


Avg Annual Salary (USD)

Entry Level

0-3 years


Mid Career

3-5 years


Late Career

5-8 years


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Conclusion: Why Skuad?

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