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Test Driven Development Developers

Hire Test Driven Development Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Test-driven Development Developers

Introduction: About Test-driven Development Developers

Test-driven development is a popular programming approach or practice among developers that use automated tests to identify when and where new code should be written or updated. Test-driven development developers create repetitive and short development cycles to help with this approach. To specify the desired function, the developer initializes it by developing an automated test case. When the test case fails, the developer fixes the problem and tries again. This process is repeated until the code generates the required function. Following this, the developer moves on to the next one.

Over the past few years, test-driven development has evolved rapidly. Though there is an ongoing debate regarding its significance, companies regularly post job openings to hire test-driven development developers. Most developers believe that test-driven development technologies have a substantial influence on software design.

Test-driven development is considered an iterative approach that helps in shaping the ideas into a process by using a fail-pass-refractor approach. This development cycle allows the software to cultivate into producing an elegant solution that won’t take years to develop. Test-driven development is a time-consuming method, but it helps companies to tie loose ends at the beginning itself.

Those who have contemplated doing test-driven development might have, in some way or the other, encountered minute roadblocks, run out of time, or just given up when they realized how difficult it would be to do so properly. Test-driven development has recently gained immense popularity. Further, companies have prepared themselves to put in the time to do it correctly; they are realizing that the test-driven development method has several important advantages. Subsequently, the demand to hire test-driven development developers is also rising.

Despite the arguments regarding its utility, test-driven development guarantees that each part of the code is perfect before going on, rather than focusing on the overall development of the program. Test-driven development is connected to software development principles such as trial programming, which promotes rapid software updates and releases in short development cycles and encourages rigorous code reviews, unit testing, and the addition of features.

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Test-driven Development Tools and Technologies

1) Unit Testing

Unit testing is considered important for test-driven development. Unit testing is a method of testing the smallest amount of code in a system that can be logically separated (also known as a unit). A unit is a function, a subroutine, a method, or a property in most programming languages. Unit tests are written by developers to ensure that their code works accurately. This aids in the detection and prevention of bugs in the future.

2) JUnit

JUnit is a unit testing framework for Java programmers. Unit tests are the simplest parts of the test automation process. The developer may examine the business logic of any class using unit tests. As a result, JUnit is critical in the creation of a test-driven development framework. It is part of the JUnit family of unit testing frameworks, which began with SUnit.

3) csUnit

csUnit is a free, open-source unit testing tool that was designed to incorporate and work for the .NET framework. Unit testing is closely linked to test-driven development, refactoring, and other Agile software development methods such as Extreme Programming and Scrum.

4) PHPUnit

PHPUnit is a PHP programming language unit testing framework. PHPUnit is mostly used for testing. PHPUnit is used by many software testing firms.

5) PyUnit

PyUnit is a well-known Python unit testing framework. As part of your TestComplete project, you may execute Python unit tests and Selenium tests developed with the PyUnit testing framework. You can configure the tests to be executed in the PyUnit Test editor. PyUnit is a Python package that makes it simple to write unit testing scripts and UnitTests.

6) TestNG

TestNG is a Java programming language testing framework. TestNG’s design aim is to cover a broad range of test categories, including unit, functional, end-to-end, and integration, with more powerful and user-friendly capabilities. JUnit’s limitations are overridden by the testing framework.

7) RSpec

RSpec is a Ruby testing tool designed to validate behavior-driven programming. In production applications, it is the most-used Ruby testing library. Although it includes a highly extensive, sophisticated domain-specific language, it is a basic tool that you can get acquainted with fast.

8) DocTest

DocTest is a module in the Python standard library that makes it simple to create tests using output from the standard Python interpreter shell that is cut and pasted into docstrings. The first statement in a Python code object is the docstring. It follows the definition. There cannot be any other sort of expression in the sentence, except a raw string literal.

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Test-driven Development Industries

1) Gaming Industry

The concept behind test-driven development for the gaming industry is to write automated unit tests to ensure that the production code is accurate. Unit tests may cover all aspects of a game, from gameplay to graphics engines, and everything in between.

2) Software Industry

The software industry is a huge sector that always requires test-driven development drivers. Due to the daily production of codes, new advancements in technologies, and other software development, the software development industry needs to run regular tests to determine which code will work efficiently and which one might be a roadblock during the process.

3) Geophysics Laboratory

Geophysics laboratories carry out consistent development, automation, and execution of codes. A test-driven developer uses a test framework for high-level software, application, and embedded systems to run down the codes. The developers need to create automated tests and work with tools to support testing, followed by scrutinizing test results.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Test-driven Development Developers

Test-driven development developers must,

  • Assist in the creation, implementation, and specification of test programs and procedures
  • Assist with the creation and deployment of test automation systems and processes
  • Make test cases and run them
  • Develop manual user interface (UI) test scripts from functional specifications
  • Participate in evaluations of projects and requirements
  • Assist sponsors and other external entities with technical issues 
  • Determine the amount of software and hardware needed for a project
  • Convert manual tests into automated test scripts by using the required framework
  • Enhance the manual scripts by adding user-defined functions
  • Support test frameworks and toolkits that have an influence on studio development, quality, deployment, and productivity
  • Support automation techniques that help development teams in maximizing game testability and test efficiency concerning tools
  • Support engineers’ architecture and technology choices

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Salary Structure

Test-driven developers aid to reduce bug density around 40% to 80%. Considered as one of the highly compensated jobs, an entry-level test designer developer’s yearly salary averages up to USD 74,087.

With a year of experience, the test-driven developers can earn around USD 83,998 per annum.

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Skills Required in Test-driven Development Developers

Hard Skills

Test-driven development developers must,

  • Have software development experience in Python, C++, or another object-oriented language
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, or computer engineering 
  • Know TDD, BDD, Exploratory, and Context-Driven testing approaches
  • Know Robot Framework, Selenium, or other test automation frameworks
  • Have Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) observation and navigation data experience
  • Have the ability to work within a team setting, including software engineers
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Be eligible for access to classified information in the past or present
  • Know how to develop a keyword-based, data-driven framework by using language or frameworks such as Java, Python, PHP for automated test scripts
  • Know how to develop test scripts templates within the testing group
  • Build/architect the frameworks and packages needed to automate the user interface and services
  • Participate in the application and high-level system design and low-level design
  • Have the ability to do Pair Programming by collaborating with development teams
  • Reduce regression testing time using Selenium Grids and Containers
  • Create a problem reporting template to set it as a standard for use of coding within the testing group
  • Have the skills for planning, estimation, development, and execution of automated test scripts for different processes and deployments in numerous environments
  • Provide suitable tools for load testing
  • Provide accurate technologies for feature automation and function test scripts

Soft Skills

Test-driven development developers must,

  • Have good knowledge of programming languages
  • Have the ability and experience in creating test scripts
  • Have hands-on experience in any of these: C#, Python, Java, Perl, SQL, XML, HTML, and CSS coding languages
  • Possess a keen eye for detail and manual testing skills
  • Understand Agile and DevOps for fostering collaborative and iterative working methods
  • Master automation abilities because it imparts greater accuracy
  • Be familiar with online and mobile technologies to comprehend the type of application, its architecture, and scalability and devise an appropriate testing strategy
  • Have a thorough understanding of the SDLC cycle to anticipate application difficulties
  • Be knowledgeable with various testing methodologies and technologies, such as black-box testing, penetration testing, security testing, system testing, and unit testing
  • Have the ability to design, create, assess, and assist the development of big and complex systems

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