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TeX Developers

Hire TeX Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire TeX Developers

TeX is a powerful typesetting system created by the author professor Donald Knuth. It is a markup language that is extensively used for typesetting complex mathematical and technical symbols. TeX is quite popular among the academic as well as the book publishing industry due to its use in the production of exceptional quality technical books and papers. Its design is ergonomic, which makes it an easy-to-use markup language. TeX has the intuitive capability to manage complex technical text and mathematical formulas. It can be used for books, papers, poems, documentation, and almost any typesetting.

TeX developers are high in demand as academic papers and books are primarily written with its help. TeX development is crucial in designing and typesetting characters in text format. Currently, TeX developers have become essential as virtually all the published works use TeX and TeX engine in one way or another. TeX offers powerful algorithms and commands to enumerate every detailed aspect to make your documents look enticing.

LaTeX, a document preparation system, uses the TeX typesetting programming language for formatting its output. Since LaTex automates the typesetting of the citations, it is therefore used a lot in academia to format papers and dissertations. LaTeX generally allows you to control the style of both citations and references, and hence the outcome is a perfect bibliography.

TeX controls the layout side, while LaTeX manages the content side for document processing. No doubt, TeX developers are in high demand since LaTex is composed of TeX and is considered one of the most successful and helpful software projects.

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Tools and Developing Technologies of TeX Developers

TeX is commonly delivered in an assembled form of TeX that includes Metafont and other essential fonts, document formats, and related requisites needed to use the typesetting system. Editors are a crucial part of TeX and there are various types of editors designed to work with TeX.

  • TeXMac (is a scientific TeX editor)
  • BaKoMa-TeX (directly alters the source code)
  • Overleaf (provides a cloud-based solution)
  • TeXShop (for Mac OS), TeXworks (for Linux , Mac OS), and WinShell (for Windows)
  • LyX (runs on various platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS)
  • Texmaker
  • TeXstudio (open-source)
  • GNU Emacs

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Roles and Responsibilities of a TeX developer

TeX developers specialize in TeX as well as LaTeX. LaTeX is a collection of Macros on top of TeX to make it convenient. As a TeX developer, some specific roles and responsibilities need to be undertaken, such as,

  • Must be well-versed in preparing high-end typesetting documents using TeX software.
  • Need to have basic knowledge of LaTeX (text, figures, titles, tables).
  • It is vital to understand the complexity of the concepts used by LaTeX, such as floating objects.
  • Should know how to get professional docs using simple text without putting much effort and time.
  • Must be able to use the TeX software programs for academia and engineering projects and know how to publish those projects themselves for free.
  • Should be able to add converted TeX directly into the document.
  • Working with abundant bibliography.
  • Must be able to generate PDF documents with embedded SVG figures.
  • Can be able to typeset old documents and perceive how they were intended to be.
  • Should be able to determine the document structure to use a markup language.

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Required Expertise

As with any development project role, some basic skills like familiarity with the coding environment and elementary programming skills are of great help.

Requirements- Hard skills

An expert TeX developer should possess a set of requisite skills in order to work smoothly and confidently. Let us discuss a few primary hard skills a TeX developer should acquire for an outcome of significant quality.

  • A basic understanding of the complexity of the concepts used by LaTeX, such as floating objects.
  • Ability to compile and check the output of LaTex source code with the help of the TeX editors such as TeXMaker, TeXStudio, etc.
  • A proper idea on how figures placement works in LaTeX and the best location for your document. 
  • Require in-depth understanding of the macros.
  • Proficient in determining the document structure to use a markup language.
  • An ability to perform secondary tasks such as generating PDF documents with embedded SVG figures, managing placement of charts, graphs, tables, etc.
  • Word processing skills might be quite helpful in using TeX.

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Requirements- Soft skills

Unlike hard skills, soft skills are much harder to learn as they cannot be taught. They are basically non-technical skills but have a more significant impact on our work.

  • Creativity plays an important role in typesetting and designing. 
  • Ability to innovate and work on newer and improved code. 
  • Patience is a valuable asset for a developer. 
  • Troubleshooting and debugging skills are a must-have for a job in the IT domain. 
  • Ability to work as a team comfortably. 
  • One must be able to work on multiple projects within time constraints. 
  • To be able to handle feedback and failures in a positive manner is necessary while working as a developer.

The list is not comprehensive by any means. However, this list covers the essential skills that a developer must possess in some form regardless of their specific expertise.

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If you want to write a document or several documents with less effort and no money, then this is just the right choice for you. A TeX developer can help you get professional end results in writing plain text and using markups with TeX software. The most important part is you can get high-quality typesetting documents with their help. We all know, content is the most crucial today and it needs a lot of work. But with LaTeX, the value of the manuscript flares up. To save time during citation entries, LaTeX and BibTex are the best. When you fill the BibTex file with citation entries and use the LaTeX document as a reference, the compiler or TeX accomplishes all the rest of the work. In addition to that, even decent solutions are managed by math formulas that are based on LaTeX. Moreover, if you are considering writing a book or manuscript, etc., and publishing it, hire a TeX developer who can help your raw text transform into a high-quality .epub or .mobi ebook file with LaTeX.

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Salary Structure

A TeX developer can earn a good amount even working at the startup level that usually ranges between USD 70,000 to USD 110,000. As they season their skills and experience, earnings rise accordingly. However, a certified TeX developer expert can expect a much higher salary, at least 25 to 30 percent higher, compared to non-certified professionals. As most modern formal written and printed material is compiled using TeX based technologies (primarily using LaTeX), job prospects and candidates are on the rise.

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TeX Developer Certification

Certification is one of the best ways to become an expert TeX developer. In each published work, there is a need for TeX and TeX developers to make the piece look elegant and stand out among other documents. Hence, hire TeX developers to make your work more accessible along with less time consumption. They also help you intuitively in designing documents and producing a high-quality typesetting document. Almost all the certification courses are predominantly backed up by robust training and the best self-study materials that will help clear all the basics. This program will offer all the necessary skills needed to bring little competitive advantage in the job market.

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Key Takeaways

  • First and foremost, TeX is an open-source typesetting system with a modified BSD license. Thus, one is free to use the software and packages without any restriction issues. 
  • TeX provides efficient and flexible text formatting.
  • TeX focuses on the stability of versions, all the while working to improve the current features. 
  • LaTeX, which uses TeX programming script, is platform-independent.
  • TeX developers enable effortless working with citations and references.
  • They’re responsible for fully automated text formatting with template classes.
  • They primarily help in formatting scientific notations, including formulae and equations.
  • They also make inserting images easier.
  • They create automatic indexing and a table of contents.
  • They are also responsible for running the TeX directly from XML input.

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Industry Expertise

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