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Hire Uml Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire UML Developer

Unified Modeling Language, or UML, is a modelling language created to be a general-purpose development language. The goal of UML is to provide software engineers globally with a standardized way to design software systems.

It was this goal that precipitated the development of UML. Before this, there was no global standard for the notational system and approaches to software design. The international standardization started when the Object Management Group (OMG) adopted UML as the company's standard in 1997. The standardization was cemented when The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published UML in 2005. The ISO has kept up its endorsement by periodically publishing the latest edition of UML.

UML's latest version, UML 2.x, has four main parts to it, namely:

  • The Superstructure - This is used to define the notation and semantics for the UML diagrams. It additionally defines model elements for those UML diagrams.
  • The infrastructure - Is used to define the core metamodel. This is the basis of the Superstructure.
  • The Object Constraint Language (OCL) - Is used to define the rules for the model elements of the infrastructure.
  • The UML Diagram Interchange - Defines how the UML 2.x diagram layouts are exchanged.

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Over here, it becomes crucial to note that UML is not a methodology for creating software. It is a language that is used to design the architectural blueprint. This difference shows the flexibility of use within various projects and companies, allowing it to be adapted to the needs of the developers. UML is used best in conjunction with other programming languages. UML is ideal for designing the overall structure of software. But to use UML to visualize every single component can be overkill especially if the software in question is expansive.

The elements of a software system UML that are advantageous for designing can include:

  • Any activity - a task that is necessary to complete an operation.
  • The individual components of the software system and how each one of these components interacts with other software components.
  • The way that a system will operate.
  • How the interfaces interact with the components of the system.
  • It is handy in designing the external user interface.

The original only object-oriented design documentation that UML was intended for has expanded to include other forms of design documentation over the years. The list above is indicative of that. UML, while not a development method itself, is still compatible with various object-oriented software development methods. Including but not limited to Objectory, OMT, RUP, and the Booch method.

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Important Features of UML

In the modelling space itself, UML can be used to represent two different perspectives of a system model, namely:

  • Structural or statistic view, which highlights the static structure of a system. It focuses on the objects, operations, relationships, and attributes of the system. This view is covered by the composite structure diagram and class diagram.
  • The dynamic or behavioural view focuses on the collaborations among objects and the changes to the internal states of the system objects. This view of the system is covered by the sequence, activity, and state machine diagrams.

A good model for software is essential to the success of a software project. It ensures that every need of the clients and owners is met, the program is primed to successfully scale, the software is robust, there are no security glitches, and much more. A model will also allow you to check for quality control measures before the software goes into implementation. Another perk is being able to pin down the source of any problems when bugs show up; after all, a model is a detailed documentation of all the relationships between components. UML is particularly handy as it has both a dynamic and static view.

UML can be used in many fields, especially those that handle and process large amounts of data and have complex functions. For example, Enterprise Information Systems are intended for providing the functions of large operations. So, they must be capable of Handling large amounts of data and performing complex functions. UML is useful in designing the architecture here. Other fields where UML is practical are where the software needs to handle large amounts of data and perform complex functions. Everything from retail to transport to banking is an area where the software needs to be flexible, versatile, and well designed.

Responsibilities and Skills of UML Developers

  • UML is intended for designing and documenting system software. Any good developer needs to work with multiple different programming languages and have familiarity with the UML diagrams. 
  • UML is an expansive language and is not something beginners can pick up easily without being familiar with at least the basics of software engineering.
  • Creativity and ingenuity for choosing the correct methodology to build a model in a unique and appropriate model for the software system.
  • Understanding several software environments is imperative for being a good UML Developer.

Skills Required

  • Agile Software Development
  • Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • WebLogic
  • Oracle Web
  • Logic Application Server
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Knowledge, in general, of how to adapt to new requirements, understand software architecture and data flow is necessary.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced UML Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for UML Developers

PayScale reports that developers with UML as a skill earn an average of US $92,700 per year in the United States. There is a possibility of earning US $150,000 per year for the more advanced positions and the estimated minimum of US $60,000 per year for entry-level positions.

In the Indian market, PayScale reports a median pay of US $8,400 for developers with UML as a skill. There is a potential to make up to US $40,000 per year for high-level positions. At the same time, the entry-level positions are estimated at US $7,300 per year.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

UML developers can work both long term and short term. There is a freelance opportunity, and contracted work is available at all levels of expertise. This is possible as UML development is the initial blueprint only and works in tandem with other development. Knowledge of other programming languages allows developers to work beyond the blueprint stage.

UML certification

A UML certification can allow you to work in several fields and various kinds of diverse systems globally. It is a great way of opening yourself up to new opportunities all over the world. As an employer, hiring a UML developer ensures that your project has a robust and flexible basis. Additionally, as UML is a global standard, hiring new developers to add to the team and grow the project is made much easier.

A UML certification is even provided by OMG, which maintains UML, on three levels - Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced. That is a world of opportunity for anyone wishing to learn from the ground up!

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