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Hire Unit Testing Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Unit Testing Developers

Introduction: About Unit Testing Development

Unit testing is a software testing mechanism wherein each software unit is tested. Every software unit is essential, and unit testing helps find out the function of each of these units. In the 1980s, software testing began to be automated. Since then, automated testing has given immense opportunities for developers to write code and test their programs. Unit testing breaks the programs and tests each piece in isolation. This ensures more effectiveness, as unit tests are small, don’t take up much time, and give reliable results.

Today, most companies look for unit testing developers to identify software bugs, facilitate changes, or simplify integration. It has become a better and more efficient way to handle software testing since it gives the business a more nuanced way of measuring testing-based ambiguities. The decision to hire unit testing developers helps the business save time and effort while finding bugs, which, in turn, helps deliver good outcomes.

Unit testing developers do their tasks at the coding phase of an application. Unit testing also includes some software testing services, such as,

  • User acceptance testing
  • Regression testing
  • System integration testing
  • Functional test automation

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Methodology and Types of Unit Testing

Unit testing is significant because product designers, in some cases, have a tough time doing insignificant unit testing. This is crucial as improper unit testing prompts significant expenses and defects in fixing during system testing, integration testing, and beta testing after the application is constructed. Assuming appropriate unit testing is done in the early turn of events, it saves time and money in the long run.

  • Unit tests help to fix messes from the get-go in the improvement cycle.
  • Unit testing assists the engineers with understanding the testing code base and empowers them to make changes rapidly.
  • Good unit tests fill in as documentation.
  • Unit tests assist with code reuse. To do so,
    • Move both your code and your tests to your new task.
    • Change the code until the tests run once more.

There are two different types of unit testing, namely, manual and automated.

1. Manual Unit Testing

 Unit testing is ordinarily computerized, yet sometimes, it can be performed physically. Programming doesn’t support one over the other; however, mechanization is preferred. A manual way to deal with unit testing may utilize a bit of educational reporting.

2. Automated Unit Testing

An engineer composes a part of the code in the application solely to test the capacity. Later, they eliminate the test code when the application is conveyed.

A designer could likewise disconnect the capacity to test it more thoroughly. This is a more intensive unit testing practice that includes reordering of code to its own testing climate rather than its regular habitat. Separating the code helps in uncovering superfluous conditions between the code being tried and different units or information spaces in the item. These conditions can then be wiped out.

A coder, by and large, uses a unit test framework to foster computerized experiments. Utilizing a mechanization structure, the engineer codes standards into the test to check the rightness of the code. During the execution of the experiments, the system logs bombing experiments. Numerous structures will likewise banner and report, in outline, these bombed experiments. Contingent upon the seriousness of a disappointment, the system may end in testing.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Unit Testing Developers

A standard unit test contains three stages that a unit testing developer must follow.

  • First, a unit is a small piece of an application that requires testing (otherwise called the framework under test, or SUT).
  • At that point, a unit testing developer applies some boost to the framework under test (ordinarily by calling a technique on it). 
  • Finally, a unit testing developer notices the subsequent conduct.

On the off chance that the noticed conduct is predictable with the assumptions, the unit test passes. Otherwise, it fizzles out, showing that there is a difficulty somewhere in the framework under test.

These three unit test stages are called Arrange, Act, and Assert (AAA). The main duties of unit testing developers are,

  • Characterizing the testing exercises for subordinates, that is, analyzers or test engineers 
  • Managing all duties of test arranging 
  • Checking if the group has each of the fundamental assets to execute the testing exercises
  • Verifying if testing is going inseparably with the product advancement in all stages 
  • Setting up the status report of testing exercises

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Skills Required in Unit Testing Developers

Hard Skills

A unit testing developer must,

  • Have testing and validation experience in the open-loop test
  • Possess knowledge about the embedded system, real-time operating system (RTOS), and controller area network (CAN)
  • Know about working with model development guidelines such as MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) and guideline checker tools such as model examiner (MXAM)
  • Have experience in Autosar
  • Have a good knowledge of Cantata and Google Test (GTest)
  • Have a good knowledge of C, C++, and object-oriented programming
  • Be familiar with embedded microcontroller programming basics
  • Possess knowledge about architecture designing
  • Know production code generation with embedded coder
  • Know how to develop applications from software specifications 
  • Review the software design and the system requirements
  • Be familiar with Agile testing
  • Be familiar with Blackbox testing 
  • Have knowledge of Embedded testing

Soft Skills

Your company should hire a unit testing developer with,

  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to solve complex issues through the general use of standard ideas and standards
  • Ability to work under the direction of administrator with autonomous arranging and execution obligations
  • Skill to set targets and achieve those with minimal adversities
  • Ability to adapt to the priorities of the company that evolve with new clients
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Never-give-up attitude

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Salary Structure

Salary structure for unit testing developers vary with the experience and location.


Experience/ Level

Average Salary

Entry level unit testing developer

Less than a year

USD 41,000 per annum

Mid level unit testing developer

5-6 years

USD 80,000 to USD 90,000 per annum

With more experience, enhancement of skills and company, the salary increases. But it is imperative to upskill in the field of software testing.

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Industries that Hire Unit Testing Developers

Unit testing developers are hired across various domains and industries. Some of these industries include healthcare industries, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing industries, retail industries, e-commerce, banking industries, travel and logistics, research and development, IT services, government and defense and many more.

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Conclusion: Why Skuad?

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  • Edutech
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  • Travel
  • Banking 
  • Media

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