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Visual Basic Developers

Hire Visual Basic Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Visual Basic Developer Development Technologies


VB.NET is the successor to Visual Basic. Hence, any Visual Basic developer has to be familiar with VB.NET and know how to build the required application with this technology. VB.NET came out in 2002, and you can only expect a Visual Basic developer to have understood how everything works here and help you build programs with this technology. 

VB.NET is based on two programming languages, BASIC and Visual Basic. So, knowing BASIC is also customary to completely work with this technology. The high-level programming abilities attached to Visual Basic is further added with automatic code formatting and object-oriented design. 


ASP.NET is the framework used to write the programs and applications with VB.NET. As a server-side technology, ASP.NET is an independent technology, but when used as a framework for ASP.NET, it is used to build web applications and websites. As a framework, ASP.NET extends its capabilities by providing the developers with more tools and libraries to build web applications. 

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is the IDE wherein the developers can build applications with different programming languages, including Visual Basic. This means that by using Visual Studio, the programmers need to limit their creation to only software and applications associated with Microsoft Office. 

They can move beyond that and build web applications, websites, web services, and even mobile applications. For the part where a Visual Basic developer is required, most of the work will remain limited to building additional applications for the Office or other programs, but they can be extended as per the requirements. 


BASIC is one of the old programming languages in the industry and emerged in 1964. Its relevance today is connected to its family of programming technologies that have either succeeded BASIC or have some element of the core language still attached to them. When you hire Visual Basic developers, their understanding of this language can become an important aspect depending on your requirements. 

Beginners will especially like working with BASIC as it helps them to learn the core concepts of programming like emphasizing symbols. As a result, every programmer at some time goes through the dilemma of whether to learn BASIC, even if this is not something they will pursue later. But while hiring Visual Basic developers, you need to ascertain the candidate’s understanding of BASIC as it is imperative for your projects. 

As a programming language transitions from one level to the next one, its developers also need to update themselves in their craft. Identifying a candidate’s ability to learn new concepts is important to consider when you hire Visual Basic developers. From Visual Basic to VB.NET and the inclusion of ASP.NET along with other .NET components, this programming language has several technological constituents attached. 

You must clearly understand your project requirements and create the requisite job descriptions before hiring. As soon as the hiring process is complete, Skuad will step in to take care of managing and establishing a payroll system for the employee. By using our platform, you will access complete employee information from a single portal and take advantage of a fast-performing system. 

Visual Basic Developers Development Industry


The usage of Microsoft Office and its components in the financial industry explains that we need Visual Basic developers to work on creating additional support applications for the main software. As a result, you can easily find people who have experience of working in this industry. 


Data management is a crucial part of the healthcare industry, and to manage everything; organizations use Microsoft Office. As a result, they require Visual Basic developers to help them build additional applications for more efficient management. 


Yet again, we have another industry that relies on effective data management to ensure smooth operations. Not only this, the insurance organizations require additional support to manage their operations according to some specific requirements. They utilize Visual Basic and its related technologies to build systems that can add to their productivity and operational efficiency. 

Logistics and Transportation

Even though there are a wide variety of exclusive software built to manage every specific operation in a logistics company, some organizations still rely on programs like Excel, Word, Access to manage everything. It is for these organizations that you will need a Visual Basic developer to work on adding to the functionality of the existing programs they are using. 

Since a lot of companies can benefit from the development capabilities of VB and its related technologies, you will find it easy to hire Visual Basic developers. While hiring, it is essential to understand your requirements and build a list of expected responsibilities to shortlist the candidates. Along with this, make sure to know the ideal skill set of a Visual Basic Developer. 

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Hard Skills Required for a Visual Basic Developer

  • Extensive experience of working with MS Office applications. 
  • Understanding of how to use Visual Basic to make changes to MS Office applications. 
  • Working experience in Visual Basic, VBA scripting, and Visual Studio. 
  • Preferable experience in .NET, C, and SQL Server. 
  • Understanding of PowerBi. 
  • Intermediate to High-level experience in testing and processing development environment. 
  • Understanding of Python. 
  • Knows about the FAST standards for Excel models. 
  • Holds experience of working with APIs, XML, Database, and Windows Environment. 
  • Working experience in Crystal Reports and RD Reports. 
  • Knows about server-side scripting with JavaScript and CSS. 
  • Experience in working with BASIC, VB.NET, and ASP.NET. 
  • Knows about Entity Framework. 
  • Can write stored procedures in the SQL Server. 
  • Impressive knowledge of OOAD and UML. 
  • Demonstrable knowledge of REST and LDAP. 

Soft Skills Required for Visual Basic Developer

  • Has excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills. 
  • Is a good communicator, team player, and leader. 
  • Can bring proficiency to the team and its working environment. 
  • Is able to lead a team of young developers. 
  • Can work with a sense of calm and posture even during stressful situations. 
  • Has the ability to bring new ideas to the table. 
  • Participates actively in team meetings and discussions. 
  • Possesses good analytical skills. 
  • Has strong communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Shows the eagerness and enthusiasm to learn new things within the company environment. 

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