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Visual Studio Developers

Hire Visual Studio Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Visual Studio Developers

Visual Studio represents an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created by Microsoft. As an IDE, it helps Visual Studio developers with code management, designing, building programs, websites, web applications, web services, and mobile applications. In addition, the Visual Studio developers work with a myriad of tools and services, including Visual Basic, VSTS, and other developer-friendly tools. 

The work of a Visual Studio developer is highly fragmented and dependent on the project requirements. However, developers who know their way around the platform are always preferred, especially in companies that use Microsoft Visual Studio for their development tasks. The developers can work with various programming languages within the environment, including C++, .NET, Visual Basic, C#, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, and C. 

A Visual Studio developer, at times, may have to wear different hats and absorb the knowledge of different aspects of development. Since Visual Studio is not limited to a single language or tool, finding an ideal developer won’t be as easy as it looks. Finding the right mix of capabilities to hire Visual Studio developers can sometimes get cumbersome for your hiring team. 

However, you won’t have to deal with such issues while working with Skuad. Our team of recruiters has a per-verified list of Visual Studio developers from across the globe. Our platform is your one-stop solution to cover every aspect of hiring a new professional for team expansion. Despite the developers already on the roster, we can also help you find the best person for the job according to your requirements. 

Visual Studio Developers Development Technologies

Microsoft Visual Studio is akin to a world of tools and functions beneficial for every type of developer. A comprehensive IDE that supports 36 programming languages will certainly be helpful for every organization into making things easier. When you hire Visual Basic developers, look for the candidate’s knowledge and experience in some of the technologies that are a part of the environment.

Programming Languages

Microsoft Visual Studio is compatible with 36 programming languages. This means that any developer can use this product and is referred to as a Visual Studio developer. Some of the most common languages on Visual Studio are C#, ASP.NET, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, Python, C++, F#, and many more. Not only the languages, but Visual Studio supports that specific tools meant to augment the languages too. 

For instance, the developers can work with Razor, which is an ASP.NET product and allows inlining C# directly to views. For the .NET compiler, the developers can work with Roslyn. For JavaScript, it supports EcmaScript6, which is an IntelliSense code completion tool. Similarly, there are specific tools and supportive features for the languages supported by Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a code editor and used for development tasks that include but are not limited to debugging, task running, and version control, etc. The Visual Studio developers use this tool to code, build, and debug the applications with speed and efficiency. Therefore, while hiring Visual Studio developers, check that every candidate should have experience of working with Visual Studio Code. 

As this is a basic editing and debugging tool, developers require Visual Studio code and its associated features for accurate scripting and creating the program. Further adding to its scope of potentialities, Visual Studio Code can also be extended with compatible extensions that help add new languages, themes, and debuggers.


IntelliSense is an integral part of Visual Studio and highly regarded as a developer-friendly tool, especially for beginners who are still learning to code. IntelliSense helps with code completion, gives quick info, member lists, and much more. 

As a code hinting tool, the developers who know how to work with IntelliSense find themselves taking less time in writing and completing the code. It supports a wide gamut of languages, and the developers can also add others with the help of extensions. 

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a programming language created and maintained by Microsoft, and it forms the core of Visual Studio. Visual Basic is widely popular for its component object model programming model. Visual Basic or VB is also the implementation of the VB.NET language, and its associated tools and languages services are based on this programming language too. 

When you hire Visual Studio developers, ensure to enquire about the candidate’s knowledge and experience of Visual Studio Class Designer, Forms Designer, and Data Designer. 

Visual Studio developers use the IDE and its supported libraries and tools to design, build, develop, and maintain a wide range of solutions or products. Since there are several languages supported by the platform, you can get any type of developer to work on your project, with a caveat that they can use Visual Studio. 

Out of all the versions available for Microsoft Visual Studio, Version 7 is the most used platform and is widely acclaimed for its features and functionality. In addition, 87.2% of the websites which use Microsoft Visual Studio are using Version 7 for their development works. As a result, we find that it is a popular tool for developers and organizations alike. 

Hiring a Visual Studio developer is driven by your company’s project needs. However, if you are an organization specializing in building video games, then Visual Studio is one of the best platforms to use for the development part. 

As a tool with a global audience and widespread popularity, hiring Visual Studio developers is easier said than done. There is a lot of variation in terms of the expected salary, skill set, experience, and knowledge of the tools supported by the platform. 

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Visual Studio Developer Development Industries

As an IDE, Visual Studio has applications in almost every industry. Because it covers various programming languages and their associated platforms, Visual Studio’s extensibility is one of the best factors about working with this platform. 

  • Gaming and Entertainment

Game development companies find refuge in Visual Studio because it helps build any type of game without having to switch between development tools too often. Visual Studio offers a comprehensive environment of building video games of all genres. Unity is a game development company, and it uses Visual Studio for their development work. 

  • Aviation

Alaska Airlines uses Visual Studio to manage its websites and platforms. Airline companies have multiple platforms dedicated to different segments of their business operations. From a customer’s portal to booking systems and general informational websites, there are different grounds to cover. That is why they utilize the capabilities of Visual Studio to help developers take care of all the platforms from one place. Apart from Alaska Airlines, British Airways and Hawaiian Airlines also use Visual Studio. 

  • Information Technology

IT-based companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise also have different departments and operations to address, for which they need individual platforms. As Visual Studio is a complete packaged solution that helps them build programs, websites, and applications, it is probably a better choice for them as it addresses all their concerns in one place. 

Today, every industry needs digital solutions, and Microsoft Visual Studio has the right tools and features to create them. However, to build them, you need to hire Visual Studio developers who are masters of their specific skills and can also work with Visual Studio to build the perfect solution. 

When it comes to hiring Visual Studio developers, your requirements will be our primary concern, and we will customize our hiring process accordingly. As a result, Skuad can help you connect with qualified and professional developers who are masters of their skills.

Hard Skills Requirements for Visual Studio Developers

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Python, etc. 
  • Can efficiently utilize the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE for development purposes. 
  • Can handle multiple project requirements while working with Visual Studio. 
  • Develop software, applications, or websites according to the specifications. 
  • Understanding of PHP and HTML.
  • Ability to work in an agile development environment while understanding the process. 
  • Design software solutions according to the requirements. 
  • Maintain sync between the software design elements to code modules. 
  • Has experience with VB.NET programming 
  • Basic knowledge of relational database designing with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc. 
  • Can learn and maintain the skills required to work on upcoming projects related to Visual Studio. 
  • Understanding of the integrated tools and functionalities of Microsoft Visual Studio. 

Soft Skills Required for Visual Studio Developers

  • Can wear different hats as and when required to complete a project based on Microsoft Visual Studio. 
  • Is able to handle tight deadlines and work challenges arising due to the project and its management. 
  • Can easily interpret the project requirements and convey the same with the junior team members. 
  • Has management and leadership skills to take care of the project and the team. 
  • Helps in creating the technical documentation. 
  • Work as a team player, participate in brainstorming sessions, and bring innovative ideas to the table. 
  • Has effective communication and interpersonal skills. 

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