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Hire Windows Phone Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Windows Phone Developers Development Technologies

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment used by developers to build mobile and web applications for Windows phones. Within the IDE, the developers can write, test, debug, and deploy the code, ensuring effective performance. For mobile app development, Visual Studio is cloud-connected and can also help build cross-platform applications. 

They also get Azure app service, which proxies as a backend service for mobile app development. The developers working with Visual Studio can incorporate the different elements of this service to speed up the development process. 


C# is one of the major programming languages used by Windows phone developers to write the code for the applications. C# has been used to write some of the most popular mobile applications, including Slack, Pinterest, The World Bank, Foxsports, etc. As it is a popular application writing language, you need to scope out the best Windows phone developers who have the experience and expertise in C#. 

As a programming language, C# has undergone consistent upgrades almost every year, with more rigorous updates coming in the past few years. While hiring developers to work on Windows phone development projects, ascertain their knowledge and understanding of these new additions. 


Microsoft launched a dedicated toolkit to build Windows phone applications on Visual Studio with Visual Basic.NET. Similar to the previous scenario, when you hire Windows phone developers, ensure to identify their experience and knowledge of VB.NET and its usage on Visual Basic. 

Windows Phone SDK

The Windows Phone SDK is a full-featured development environment delegated with the required resources to build applications and games for Windows-powered phones. With the coming of Windows Phone SDK, the developers can get access to a wide range of development features and smart features. 

SDKs are like a one-stop-shop for developers where they can access different varieties of development tools for building applications. 


Silverlight is yet another development tool used by Windows phone developers to complete the application development process. The basic purpose of Silverlight is to help build engaging and interactive UI for mobile and web applications. 

It is powered by .NET, which means that the developers you will choose for your development project must also have experience in .NET. 

These Windows developer tools represent a complete environment for creating, designing, testing, and deploying Windows mobile applications. Microsoft is also releasing updates within the development environment to help create even better applications. 

Some of these updates are meant to enhance Internet Explorer functionality, while others target Wi-Fi connectivity and messaging. To harness the newly added capabilities, you need to find developers who can readily understand these upgrades and implement them within the development environment. 

Hard Skills Required for Windows Phone Developers

  • Clear understanding of Windows phone application development lifecycle. 
  • Understands the MVVM pattern and demonstrates the experience of working with the same. 
  • Knows about MVVM Light Toolkit 
  • Can write efficient, editable, scalable, and reusable code. 
  • Proficiency in C# and VB.NET. 
  • Complete understanding  and experience of Microsoft Visual Studio. 
  • Can leverage the functionality of Silverlight to build user interfaces. 
  • Experience and understanding of working with web services. 
  • Knowledge of XML and JSON. 
  • Can gain a complete understanding of the underlying before starting the development process. 
  • Experience with Scrum or Kanban. 

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Soft Skills Required for Windows Phone Developer

  • Has the ability to work with a team of junior and senior developers while establishing cordial relationships with everyone. 
  • Can manage tasks alone and ensure timely deliverables. 
  • Understands the project requirements and has the ability to share them with other team members. 
  • Can come up with new ideas regarding the project.
  • Understand the perspectives of other team members and can add to them when required. 
  • Is a good communicator. 
  • Can learn new concepts and upgrades quickly along with implementing in the development process. 

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