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Hire Windows Server Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Windows Server Developers

Windows servers are a series of enterprise-ready server solutions provided by Microsoft. They are uniquely designed for sharing services amongst multiple users and provide administrative access and control with features for data storage, applications, and managing corporate networks.

The windows server is a type of server instance that is installed, operated, and managed by any of the Windows operating systems. The servers are based on the Windows NT (New Technology) Architecture. Windows servers provide huge flexibility to organizations with a wide range of abilities such as hosting of websites, managing users on a network, resource management and storage solutions across various applications, security and authorization focused services.  

The latest Windows server has built-in functionalities for cloud integration with Azure to gain more hybrid capabilities with the Azure cloud service. High dependence on the cloud enables creation of cloud native applications to modernize apps using cloud microservices for organizations to maximize their investments in the technology.

Tools & Developing Technology of Windows Server developer

IT Support Fundamentals

Windows server developers need to possess basic IT fundamentals and display support skills by interacting with other roles. The ability to handle a case from generation of initial receipt for support call followed by developing the solution and case closure.

Windows PowerShell Essentials

Windows PowerShell is an essential tool for accessing and executing commands on the windows server. IT is an integrated scripting environment for writing commands, testing, and debugging scripts, which is enabled in a single windows-based graphical user interface.

Group Policy Administration

The Group Policy is a management technology for Active Directory that provides a centralized solution for managing the configuration settings. It is a recommended technology for domain-joined client services. The server developer can manage group policies in an active directory and obtain troubleshooting data for the same.

Active Directory Administration

The active directory is a service implemented by Microsoft for management of domain networks. The active directory controller can authenticate and authorize all the users and computers within the windows domain network. It syncs all the systems with updated software and is used to prevent unauthorized access to the network by enforcing security policies for all the computers. A schema is used for defining the type of objects stored and their characteristics.

Windows Server Management

The windows server manager is a management dashboard that helps developers to manage the server from their desktop. They can access local as well as remote servers without the need for physical access to the server. It is capable of managing up to 100 servers, depending on the workload. The console features various functionalities like adding remote servers to an existing pool of servers, creating and editing customer server groups, installing services and features of specific local, or remote servers, etc.

Server Maintenance Fundamentals

Server Maintenance aspects include monitoring the health of system servers, keeping track of various aspects like verifying backups, checking data usage, verifying system logs and Operating Systems are updated with the latest security features, and reviewing the logs for potential indications of hardware failure. There is a need to review the server’s CPU, RAM, and storage consumption in order to upgrade by adding resources. Performance monitoring tools are employed to keep track of the server performance.


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Roles and Responsibility of Windows Server Developer

The primary responsibility of a Windows server developer is to establish, maintain, and troubleshoot issues. The developer has to provide end-to-end solutions to the stakeholders. They should have a broad understanding of hardware and software technologies and their application. Adequate suggestions and improvements should be identified based on current implementation and scenarios. They should be in a position to cater to the queries of the client or company and help clients with monitoring, testing, and providing support to clients.

Required Expertise

Requirements - Hard skills

  • Expertise knowledge of Windows File Share Services
  • Understanding of Windows workstation and server file share access
  • Monitoring of operations of central computing resources for performance optimization
  • Perform upgrades on existing server infrastructure and make recommendations for the same based on existing operations
  • Capability to troubleshoot difficulties and determine the fundamental cause
  • Provide technical support to client workstations
  • Create and apply Operating System policies that ensure security and prevent vulnerabilities
  • Capability to understand client architecture and blueprints, system patching, system management, and auditing existing infrastructure
  • Adhering to industry-followed standards for code creation, review, and release
  • Capacity to resolve problems quickly upon going live
  • Regular updates to top technical personnel on any significant issues
  • Collaborate with customers, IT partners, system architects, product managers, and various other teams and provide input as per the query raised
  • A can-do mentality and a positive mindset are essential to assist the project as needed
  • Execute administration tasks in the live server configuration, such as executing programs, examining logs, and managing resource PCs
  • Integrate server automation processes by running custom scripts
  • Development and maintenance of the Windows platform for the server as a host connected with multiple clients
  • Conduct regular hardware and software tests and checks
  • Understanding of data communication concepts like LAN/WAN/VLAN, TCP/IP, and UDP protocols
  • Server Migration knowledge as per client request


The functions and duties of a Windows server developer are not limited to only the technical domain, but also perform some client-side management. Additionally, they may be required to actively participate in duties such as the following:

  • Collaborating with the IT Delivery team and coordinating with clients in order to provide a seamless delivery that meets business needs
  • Analyzing databases and doing intermediate database tuning
  • Optimization of code and identification of possible bugs and faults
  • Assist in the maintenance of the quality and change control processes
  • Collaborating with the project's leaders to ensure the project's continued improvement
  • Assessing the functional and technical viability of the new automated processes and help cater queries of various teams working on multiple projects
  • Collaborating with a business analyst and a subject matter expert to identify processes and conduct feasibility analyses
  • Improve skills, learn from and mentor top-notch engineers and enrich other team members
  • Attend meetings to build processes and identify issues with a solution
  • Outstanding capacity for team leadership
  • Must have excellent communication and negotiating skills and the capacity to deal with stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Capable of overcoming challenging obstacles in the Microsoft server environment
  • Build new features and directly impact the future of our products
  • Work as part of a dynamic team, working in high standards, delivering great quality

Salary Structure

The ongoing pandemic has forced talent and companies to resort to remote working. Whether you’re looking for freelance, full-time, or contract Windows Server Developers, Skuad can help you hire the best talent tailored to your requirements and industry.

Salaries for Windows server developers vary according to their position. Per the market research, the average annual pay in the US is around US $99,808 and can rise up to US $131,500 based on experience. Salary is determined by an individual's job title, location, and experience.

Windows Server Administration Certification

Microsoft offers a Windows Server Administration Certification course on its platform. The course has free self-study and paid instructor-based study options. The course contains all the fundamentals required for understanding and working on a Windows server. The fundamentals include server installation, assigning server roles, active directory concept, clarity on storage and server performance management, and also skills related to server maintenance.

Some Certifications Include:

  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate- server 2016, 2012 (MCSA)

How Can Certification Help?

It is evident that the Microsoft Certification positions the professional well in the windows server employment market. The accreditation not only provides a professional with superior technical advantages but also enables them to easily get employment in the IT industry.

Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Windows server Administrators from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Key Takeaways

  • The windows server is an enterprise solution provided by Microsoft
  • The fundamental technologies and concepts are IT Support Fundamentals, PowerShell Scripting, Group Policy Administration, Active Directory administration, server management, and maintenance
  • As enterprises move towards cloud-based servers, additional knowledge of cloud computing fundamentals will prove to be a strong point from the hiring perspective keeping future demands in mind
  • Certifications enable strengthening fundamentals and becoming industry-ready

Industry Expertise

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